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Paranormal Activity and Ghostly Images Captured on Camera in Cemetery

Updated on November 11, 2014
Spirit Orbs at graveyard
Spirit Orbs at graveyard

Ghosts, Apparitions, and Spirit Orbs - Spirit Photography

Since the arrival of digital cameras, there has been an increasing amount of chatter about ghosts, spirit orbs, apparitions, and paranormal activity. Spirit photography has become an exciting field of investigation for paranormal researchers and fringe-scientists. In fact anybody could literally pick up a camera and head off to take a few snaps at psychic hotspots, or so I thought. The ghostly and rather haunting images presented here were snapped on a Kodak Z740 digital camera, after dark at an old cemetery in Hamilton, New Zealand. Notice the spirit orbs in the upper right.

More Spirit Orbs
More Spirit Orbs

A Trip to the Cemetery

Spirit photography at Hamilton Cemetery, New Zealand

The incredible light sensitivity of CCD arrays that form the image detector in a digital camera can detect light well beyond the range that is visible to the human eye. Most cameras filter the majority of this non-visible light but some frequencies manage to penetrate the filter and form a small part of the overall image that the camera records.

Many paranormal investigators have reported orb-like images in their photos that were not present to the naked eye. Some reported unexpected and subtle images of ghosts and other apparitions within the photos they had taken. This phenomena was not something that only occurred to paranormal investigators. All around the world, more and more ordinary people are noticing unexpected inclusions when reviewing their snapshots. Most common are orbs, or spirit-orbs as they are sometimes referred.

Being a curious type, I decided to take some photos myself and see what comes along to the party. At the time, a cemetery seemed the natural place to find spirits. In hindsight, the type of spirits that haunt a cemetery are probably not the nicest kind and so I'd probably do any future investigations at other places less associated with morbidity.

Sometime in the Spring months of 2008, I forget the exact date, I took my partner in tow to the Hamilton Cemetery to take photos in the darkness of the night. It was overcast but not raining nor was it cold. Using a flash, we wandered the paths around the graveyards, taking snapshots in all directions as we walked. In all it was uneventful. That is, until we returned home to review the images.

Inspection of the photos revealed some exciting images that were definitely not seen when the photos were taken. They revealed spirit orbs in many shots, along with a large dense mist in another, and others that seemed to portray the image of some kind of flying dinosaur. The most striking for me was one shot that had a red serpent like creature, possibly with wings and legs, and at the end of a long twisting neck could be seen the image of a face. Closeup of the face almost looks like it has horns. And if that aint scary enough, standing behind it in the distance appeared to be a giant winged creature towering over it.

Examining the photos enlarged, adjusting the contrast, in fact everything I did just improved the clarity of the ghost or spirit forms. They seemed to be objects with three dimensional form.

Spirit condensing to form flying creature with skeletal structure
Spirit condensing to form flying creature with skeletal structure

Flying Creature

Spirit entity flying away from camera

The object at the top right of this photo looks like it has a head similar to that of a dinosaur (top right heading away). At the base of the object are legs with a bone or skeletal like density to it, as if taken by x-ray. Protruding at the rear of the object is what appears to be a tail. When enlarged, this image shows a finer structure and I was left with an overwhelming realization that we may have captured a living entity on camera as it passed us by.

Dense Cloud Forming Directly in Front of Us
Dense Cloud Forming Directly in Front of Us

Dense Cloud Formation

Paranormal cloud forming around us

A very dense cloud formed directly in front of me at about head height. I should have been immersed in this vaporous mass but it was not visible to either of us. We continued to take photos, oblivious to the cloud's presence.

Angel looking down at the red serpent. Three entities here - Angel, Red Dragon, and Insectoid to left of dragon.
Angel looking down at the red serpent. Three entities here - Angel, Red Dragon, and Insectoid to left of dragon.

Red Serpent Spirit

Spirit photograph of a red serpent creature and large angel-like creature towering over it

The size reduction in this image doesn't do it justice. The blue object towering in the background appears to have outstretched wings. It's left wing (right side of the photo) has a hand with fingers, similar to that of a bat. A claw is clearly seen. In front of this there is a red serpent-like creature. A head with a clear face and horns is attached at the end of a long coiling neck and body. It is looking directly at the photographer... me!

The red dragon. Clearly visible are wings, face and head with horns, right limb and body.
The red dragon. Clearly visible are wings, face and head with horns, right limb and body.

Red Serpent Closeup

Spirit forming in the shape of a red dragon or red serpent

The face of the red dragon is at the lower right. It's attached to a snake-like body that arches backward toward the lower center of the picture. Faint wings can be distinguished from the arched body and seem to be extended. The head in the right corner has a face that is staring directly toward the camera. There is an outline resembling horns at the top of the head. This is a very curious image. If I have photographed a real ghost or real supernatural entity, one has to ask.... what the hell is it? A friend saw this and said that if its red, it means danger. Maybe they're right? Who would know!

Face of the supernatural entity
Face of the supernatural entity

Face of Supernatural Being

The face of the spiritual entity we named the Red Serpent

This is the cropped face of the red dragon. Notice the two stems from the top of the head. Could these be the horns? Although the head has similarities in shape to that of a person, the overall length of the face might imply something else. Notice the rounded pupils in the eyes.

Body and wings out-stretched. Is this the red dragon photographed earlier or is it another supernatural entity forming before us?
Body and wings out-stretched. Is this the red dragon photographed earlier or is it another supernatural entity forming before us?

What could this be?

Are ghosts real?

I have no idea about this image. It doesn't resemble anything that I can recognize. Maybe you can see something in it. Despite that, it shouldn't have been there. It does appear to be another flying entity of some sort. Or maybe we have simply captured the same ghost in different forms of manifestation. Most of the images captured that night were of cloudy masses that sometimes formed into distinguishable shapes. Some with finer detail like bone and limbs. Spirit orbs were abundant. For our first attempt at capturing digital images of ghosts and paranormal or supernatural entities, I think we did reasonably well.

We Live in A Spiritual World

All around us at any time of the day or night, there is so much paranormal activity to see if only we could tune-in.

Our world is more than just what we know with our senses. Technology is helping us discover a new world that lives with us. A world that is teaming with living creatures of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Some of these are so far beyond what we can imagine. Others resemble the creatures of myth and folklore. The dragon presented in our photographs is evidence of the existence of a world that our ancestors knew very well. In time, I sincerely hope that our modern world will re-discover these amazing creatures and the aetheric world where they reside. Time will tell!

Tell us what you think?

Please leave a comment. Do I have a wild imagination or do you see supernatural entities in the above images? What have you experienced in your life that cannot be explained?

Don't forget to follow. More ghost hunting images, videos and stories coming soon.

© 2010 mbezzla

Have you experienced ghosts or paranormal events in your life? - I'd love to hear your comments

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      hi my name is izeak talkin and cing these pics im excited,if youv heard of fever hospital in wellington ven you knw its an excitng place full of the paranormal,

      i saw a face in the nurses station and got yell get out,

      part from that iv smelt burning fire yah knw as it smell when you put water apon it,anywaz sunday nites are especially active for some reason,i an a friend both walked up ther as we lived close anyway as we stood at the opening drivway we smelt the burning wet fire an heard erie footsteps next to us in the woods,i been curious investigated and used my cell fone as a recorder,

      anywaz i didn se anythng ther but the sense of another watchin you is real,

      iv been ther many tyms an hav alwaz been excitied afftrewards,thou you do feel your been followed as you leav so i just told vem you hav to stay behind an not follow

      i had a spirit attach its self to me for a short tym as i left,my friends wont go bak but me i love the paranormal an im lucky to see spirits at tyms,

      heads up doors at fever ar locked a windows may not be(but window near the driveway near the rite side as you in the courtyard dnt enter as i found ver ar alarms in vat part only,

      if you want an exciting nite at a truly erie very haunted location ven youl love it,

      im keen to find haunted locations in hamilton as iv just mopved here so any ideas other then the gravyard pleas email me at thanz:)

      happy ghost huntin