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Paranormal Activities Research Team (PART)

Updated on May 10, 2011




National Association of Nanotechnology and Ultra-science (NANU) has launched its special operation from 2011/1/1 which is totally new concept in the country like Nepal. Paranormal Activities Research Team (PART) is  a special operation conducted by NANU under its NANU ACT 2010 as a research material with a special qualified team along with very special equipments.This team tries to research and solve quest about the most controversial question of the world about paranormal activities. Superstition is embedded in blood of Nepalese people from ancient time to till now. PART is introduced as key factor inorder to know actual fact and scientific phenomenon about this superstition. NANU believes that superstition is one of the main hurdle in development of nation and tries to help in developing nation by smoothly operating its special operation “PART “ throughout the nation. If the problem persists bigger than expected then special team will be brought from different countries of the world to get in depth about paranormal activities.

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