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part 2Man's Fall from Perfection,God's Plan for mankind Revealed

Updated on May 27, 2014

God's Plan for Mankind

The previous article touched on the subject of the other tree in the Garden of Eden, the tree of Life; the question was raised that even though the tree of knowledge of good and evil has been spoken of at great length, WHY is the tree of LIFE never taught, Preached, or discussed in church?

As always, it is the goal of Truth explain the word of God in a way that regardless of your educational background, your knowledge of the Bible etc, you can get a clear and accurate understanding of exactly what God has for us to know. So I encourage you one and all to follow closely as God's Plan for mankind is explained in clear detail for your edification...

Turn with me to Genesis chapter 3, verses 22-24:"and the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever..."; let's look at that :

Like any good parent, God never intended for man to be exposed to evil, but rather wanted them only to know the goodness of him and all that HE provides. Once man had rebelled and partook of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, GOD had to keep his word to Adam that the day he would eat of that tree he would surely die. God is NOT a liar; and thus he drove Adam out of the garden of Eden and away from access to the tree of Life.

What was so special about that tree of Life? Think about it, when we get cut, we heal and have a scar, when we break a bone, it mends. When God brought Eve to Adam, we have to recall that He spoke to Adam about everything, He taught him, explained things to him; it would follow that He also told Adam where He got Eve from, which would explain why Adam said: "Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh"; he undoubtedly felt the slight scar where the rib was taken that Eve was formed with; the difference being that Adam was perfect and would heal far faster than we today, and also he had access to the tree of Life which gave eternal life. That tree, it's properties, were such that it would speed healing, rejuvenate, and replenish organs, broken bones, etc.; it would keep the human brain operating at 100% whereas we today use less that one third of one third of our brains capacity.(big difference)

But after Adam's sin, God removed him from the Garden of Eden where he would no longer have access to that tree, thus on that very day he began to lose eternal life, God removed him from access to that sustaining tree, he began the process of dying.As verse 22 says, God himself stated that if Adam got to eat that fruit again it would allow him to live forever; but HE could not allow Adam to do that; WHY?

Once Adam had disobeyed GOD, he became burdened with SIN, he no longer was perfect. Had GOD allowed him to eat of that fruit it would corrupt the tree's purpose, which was to sustain the life of an obedient and perfect mankind eternally. We know that it took a perfect man(Jesus) to atone for that sin, so letting Adam eat of that fruit would given life eternal to a corrupted man, something GOD would NEVER do.

Let's move to verse 24 of Genesis Chapter 3:"So HE drove out the man; and HE placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims(Cherubs-Mighty angels), and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life..."

This is very interesting indeed; WHY would GOD place two of the mightiest angels in heaven AND a flaming sword at the entrance of the garden? Think about that...

GOD could use the least of all the angels in heaven to stop Adam and Eve from getting back into the garden and eating that tree; so WHO was HE meaning to block entry to?

Who else was there? Satan of course, and any other rogue angel as GOD would know the heart and thoughts of all those in heaven just as HE knows that of all us on earth don't you think? Cherubs are like "enforcers", guardians.
You have to remember that when Adam sinned, GOD knew immediately what would be required to undo and/or remedy the situation in order to set things aright and restore his intended plan for mankind. That is why HE foretold the coming of Jesus right there in the garden(Genesis 3:15) he later rebellion of those angels that took on the form of men and took human wives in the days of Noah surely came as no surprise to him.

Now we have to ask: Is GOD a failure? Did HE give up on his initial plan for mankind? If that was the case then why would HE allow Jesus to take on human form and suffer greatly for our benefit? Does HE not say at Isaiah 55:11:"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall accomplish that which I please, and it will prosper in the thing whereto I sent it"? Did HE not declare for man to fill the earth and subdue it, and with that declaration was the intent that perfect humans be the ones to do this?

That brings us to why the tree of life is not taught or preached in churches. to do so would have to admit that the church has taught untruths for centuries, as for centuries the church has taught that we had pre existing souls or souls that will leave our bodies and then ascend to heaven. But ask yourself: WHY would GOD want us in heaven when HE went through all the trouble of creating the earth to sustain human life eternally?Why would'nt HE simply create us in heaven to start with? Now I know some dyed in the wool fanatics will respond that that is the "mystery that is GOD" or some other double talk nonsense; but allow me to give you a more sensible explanation...Truth Is...

GOD does'nt want us in heaven. HE does have a place for a certain group and limited number as spoken of at Revelation 7:4, but as Psalms 115:16 says:" the heaven even the heavens,are the Lord's, but the earth HE has given to the children of men.."; then again here's one to ask your pastor to explain:

Isaiah 45:18:"For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; GOD HIMSELF that formed the earth and made it; He hath established it, HE created it not in vain, HE formed it to be inhabited..."

Now this is GOD talking about GOD and GOD's purpose for the earth, and WHY did HE create the earth? For man!There's NOTHING your pastor or any other can say to counter what GOD says, and woe unto them that try to dispute it!

What does this mean? It means GID has a plan to restore man to the same state that man began in: Perfection. That is why Jesus came ,suffered and died also. First, he came to vindicate GOD's name in heaven, once he,Jesus, the number two in heaven lowered himself and TRUSTED GOD even to the point of death(Phillipians2:6-8) it established two things: 1) that ALL in heaven should submit to GOD, even Jesus(1Corinthians 15:24-28) and thus when Jesus ascended to heaven, Satan and all like him were cast out of heaven and down to the earth; GOD's kingdom was firmly established in heaven again. and 2)Jesus proved that a perfect MAN could and would remain faithful to GOD. This opened the way for the establishment of the kingdom on earth which Jesus instructed us to pray for:"Let thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven".

That's why Jesus performed miracles of healing and even the resurrection of Lazarus. He deliberately allowed Lazarus, his dear friend to die and waited three days before coming to see about him; read the account at Luke 11:17-44. You'll see that he told Lazarus' sister Mary:"Thy brother shall rise again" and in verse 24 she replied:"I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection AT THE LAST DAY". Now, if these people knew this, were taught this, and believed it thousands of years ago, WHY aren't the churches teaching it today? Why are they telling you that you will die and immediately going to heaven?!!! How many folks say when a loved one dies:"I know they're watching over me from heaven"! NOT TRUE!!!

But when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus had already begun decomposing and "stinking" as they'd stated. When Jesus caled him from the tomb, Lazarus had the same body, memories, personality, everything! Jesus did that to demonstrate FOR US TODAY what it would be like in our very near future.

The saddest thing is most of you will continue to attend and support the church that teaches what these scriptures tell you is not true...Truth Is...

But for those who are the SHEEP that GOD has begun separating from the goats, remember that the separation takes place in the congregation, not the world. The sheep are the ones who just like literal sheep follow the shepherd, wherever he leads them, and they TRUST him. He may lead them where they've never been, have them eat where they've never eaten. The goats are the one who stubbornly do what they wan to do, hold on to worshipping God the way they want to or have been even when GOD shows them that it's wrong(Think the Pharisees and hard-line Jews that rejected Jesus when he taught what they weren't used to and didn't want to hear) Goats eat what they want to eat(2Timothy 4:3,4)

At the beginning of this year(2011) I warned many that this is a year of revelation, where GOD will reveal that most of what we have been taught all our lives in church is wrong, and you will be given a chance to accept what HE has for you now, or to continue as you are: fated for death.

Moreover, according to the plan GOD has for man, thanks to Jesus remaining faithful til death as a perfect human, it opens the way for as the bible tells us, for an earth full of perfect humans to have the same chance Adam had: To be perfect and then be given a choice of whether or not they'll stay faithful and obedient to GOD. That's why we are told in Revelation 20:7-10 that Satan will be let loose to tempt the nations that are at the FOUR QUARTERS OF THE EARTH, not heaven. HMMM...

That should give you quite a bit to meditate upon, AND PRAY ABOUT!

I leave you with one more thing from God's word: Revelation 22:2,14...

I am but a humble messenger of our Lord


Truth Is...


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      4 years ago

      This article is comprised of biblical information that has been semi-taught in some churches. Take a close look, read and pray for God to grant understanding.


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