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People Are Awesome

Updated on June 27, 2014

You Are Awesome. Yes You.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, people are really awesome? I love people? I did today. I've thought it other times, but today, it hit me smack dab in a love fest of appreciation. People really are awesome. The impetus for this particular revelation was a marvelous picture on Facebook. A row of super heroes washing windows at a children's hospital. How fantastic is that? Batman, Superman, Captain America, and Spiderman, all washing windows! I mean, really. It's a simple little thing, a gesture. And it brought delight and sunshine to the lives of children facing their day in a hospital room. Random act of silliness brings world of good. What makes me giddy when I think of this is, it's just a beginning. There's so much untapped potential goodness out there that it's mind boggling. It's not just the huge over the top's the small, little things that make people so awesome.

Today I want to offer a tribute to people. You included. You are awesome. You are amazing. You inspire me. You touch me.

I don't watch the news because it's typically filled with messiness and ick. I prefer to fill my mind and spirit with beauty and love. And today, I'd rather be part of a wave of goodness. Goodness gone viral. Will you join me? Please, when you see something amazing, when you hear a story of random acts of kindness or do something good yourself, share it! I'll post things that you let me know about to this page. Let's see how good it can get!

Image courtesy of Akron Children's Hospital website: Superhero Window Washers

Super Fantastic Awesome People - Don't they just brighten your day?

People being super awesome
People being super awesome

To see the original article and even more awesome photos of these superhero window washers,

click here.

Photo by James Knox - Tribune Review

Credit also goes to Edward Matuizek, owner of Allegheny Window Cleaning who's wife's idea made all of this possible.

Police Officer Offers Shoes - Random Act of Kindness

Image courtesy of Jennifer Foster (via NYPD facebook). The image depicts a New York City police officer giving a homeless man a pair of shoes.
Image courtesy of Jennifer Foster (via NYPD facebook). The image depicts a New York City police officer giving a homeless man a pair of shoes.

What Makes People So Amazing?

Is it our ability to feel, to empathize?

There is something that sets humanity apart from other species (well, I can't speak of alien species because they may have similar traits. I haven't met any, so I wouldn't know). We can reason. We can think logically of cause and effect, consequences. But that's not what I'm getting at here. Oh, and before I get too far, I love animals. I really love them. And I believe they can display bouts of affection and compassion even. I believe that animals show loyalty and sadness and a host other feelings. Some animals do show a large depth of emotion. But often the things we feel about animals are reflections of our own human emotions. While they can be amazing and even healing creatures, I think, maybe we can agree that there is a difference between animal and human. Agreed?

Agreed. There is a difference. And let's get back to what makes us so awesome. (and yes, I believe animals are awesome too but this is a lens titled people are awesome, not animals are awesome. Maybe I'll work on an that some other time. Stick with me now).

Here's what I felt when I saw the picture of the superheroes dangling from the sky for all the children to see. There's something beautiful about a group of people uniting together to make other people (particularly the littles among us) feel good. We as humans care. People care. I know, some people have temporarily lost their caring faculties and yes, I know there are people that act in hideously horrible ways. This isn't about that either. Because I believe that fundamentally, people are good and want to do good. People want to share and contribute and connect with others. We come into this world wanting to live our lives fully. That's our agenda. And even when we have forgotten our way, it still smolders inside.

People are funny, crazy, inspiring, motivating, wonderous, full of love and laughter and light. What if we let that light out on a global scale and refused to let the darkness overcome us? What if we poured out all our fabulous humanness in small and wonderful ways? What would happen to our world? I want to find out!

There are people doing amazing things on their own, great feats of athleticism and physical prowess.

There are people that do amazing things as a team.

Then there are people that do good things for other people.

Random acts of kindness. Simple acts of silliness. People forgetting their own foibles and fears and strutting their inner superhero for someone else.

That's when we are at our greatest. When we slip outside of our inner stories and dialogues and we act purely for someone else. That's where we shine.

I love people. I love our capacity for feeling sad, happy, amazed, enraged and a million other things. We are such a complex web of emotions and they are what make us uniquely qualified to connect with each other. We feel each other. We feel and we want to lift others up to feeling better. And I love that in the depths of all kinds of doom and gloom, we still find ways to shine our inner light.

Doesn't that inspire you?

More Evidence of The Awesomeness of People

My son being Awesome - He's my own energizer bunny

Wouldn't you like to bottle some of his energy?

Awesome Music

Party Rock Anthem [feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock]
Party Rock Anthem [feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock]

This is the music my son dances his heart out to in the video. It always makes me tap my feet and just feel awesome!


And tell me when you hear of a great story that simply must be linked to.

Share Your Awesomeness! - Toot Your Own Horn or Share Something Great About Someone Else

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    • profile image

      redleafloans 4 years ago

      Now that's awesome! Thanks for sharing this...

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @PastorCher: Thanks for the idea! Hadn't thought of it! And thanks for visiting and commenting. Have a great day!

    • PastorCher profile image

      Pastor Cher 4 years ago from United States

      It's true we are amazing - "wonderfully created" by God. I agree ... if we could bottle their energy the shelves would be empty. You should sell the song he's moving to here. Kids and adults like it and it gets them moving. Our community used it last year for trunk-or-treat and all ages enjoyed it.

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @Brandi Bush: Thanks! : ) I think you're awesome!

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @Mrcoolguy LM: you're awesome too! Thanks!

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @debra-cornelius: Thank you! I'm so glad! You're awesome!

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @lbrummer: Thanks so much! you made my day awesome! : )

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 4 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      I've just read the most awesome lens. Blessed!!

    • debra-cornelius profile image

      debra-cornelius 4 years ago

      What an awesome idea for a lens! You did indeed bring a smile to my face today!! Thanks!

    • Mrcoolguy LM profile image

      Mrcoolguy LM 4 years ago

      Awesome lens on awesomeness :)

    • Brandi Bush profile image

      Brandi 4 years ago from Maryland

      I love the super hero photo...people ARE awesome! :)

    • Laurabpeterson profile image

      Laurabpeterson 4 years ago

      @casquid: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting and thanks for the like and blessing! I appreciate it!

    • casquid profile image

      casquid 4 years ago

      It's refreshing to read an article with so much love for human "beings". Yes, it's easy to find things to complain about, just turn on the news on any day of the week. Uncovering the brighter side of life is what "living" is all about, I agree with you.

      Keep writing!!

      Angel Blessings!!