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"Oh My Lord!'' & The Real Phases of Life

Updated on August 8, 2016

Oh My Goodness!

Oh my Goodness. Let us dig deep here. You know about stuff that makes everyone a little uneasy when the word is brought up. The kind of stuff that makes you leave rooms when people start talking about it. Let us talk about religion. When did it become so wrong to believe in God? When did it become so cool to do all of the commandments say not to do. Does everyone just go through a phase?

I believe there are three phases to Christianity and to be honest I am only at the beginning of my third, or maybe it is the end of my second. But here are the three phases that I have dealt with and also have observed.

Phase I, ages 5-16

This is what I would like to call the, “Have to go to church because my parents make me but I kind of like going to see all my friends, and Oh! Praise Jesus because thats what everyone does!” Do not get me wrong, this is the foundation of my beliefs. I would not trade anything for my Small Group times with my best friends and our leader, Mr. Pat. He was a true mentor. What I am saying is that is you are to naive to know what you really believe in. I have seen great people go to church and I have seen the worst. This is the phase where you go because there is a cute girl that would really LOVE to see you at church is going. Everyone starts somewhere right? You have to figure out what you really believe, what is real and what isn't. I will contradict myself a smidgen here and say that not every single person falls into this category. This is just an observation, an opinion of mine. There are boys and girls that this does not apply to. Tip of the hat to you.

Phase 2 ages 16-until you hit Phase 3

Here is the juicy one, the one that you really do not want to believe that you were apart of. This is what I like to call the, “I am literally rebelling against anything I know and have learned and I miiiiiiight go to church on Sunday, only if I am not too hungover, or if it is Christmas or Easter.” The hungover part does not apply until you are 21, wink wink. I think there is a lot of bargaining with God during this time. You know like, “God if you get me out of this situation I promise to be at church every Sunday.” Or, “Just one more time”, or my favorite, “All sins are the same, I'll just repent tomorrow.” Uncomfortable? Me too. Everyone does bad stuff, some worse than others, but everyone has done something they are not proud of. Maybe a lot of things they are not proud of. I am on the latter half of that. Have I lied to get ahead? Sure, ask my parents. Have I cut some corners? A couple, who is counting? Have I had regrets on the way I have treated people? You bet. There were dark times during this phase. A lot of weak excuses to justify my actions. My Grandma died? Yes, everyones Grandma is going to die though. My shoulder was torn up? Ok, look at the Veterans without arms and or legs. There is no justifying sin with the man upstairs. Luckily for most this is just a phase and one that I can honestly say I am on the climb out of. Geez, it is a big mountain though. I would say I am a child in Phase 3, like the don't touch the stove because it will burn you, but you still touch it part of childhood. The touch signifies phase 2 if I lost you there.

Phases 3, ages unknown until Death

I'll start out by saying once you get to Phase 3 it is not just peaches once you get there. You have to work harder than ever to be the best man or woman you can be. Phase 2 is always knocking for you to come back with open arms. That being said this is the, “Oh my Lord, I have been so wrong for many years and my parents were right! I should have listened more!”

To me Phase 3 is when you have finally figured most of “It” all out. This is where you figure out that God is actually a real thing. Not just a story written thousands of years ago. Where you actually know for a fact where you are gonna go when you die. The phase where you truly try to be a great person and a man of faith every day. It hurts me to say that I questioned God, but I did. And I will forever ask for his forgiveness on my daily faults. Phase 3 is a cool thing though. This is where you really start growing in life. Your word is you word, your work is you work, and your faith is your faith. Like I said though I am a child in this process. I do not go to church every Sunday. I do not do everything perfect. I still question his plans sometimes. But I do pray, and maybe not as much as much as I should, but way more than I used to. And not for meaningless things, actual prayer for forgiveness and knowledge. For the safety of others, and for the well being of my family and everyone else. Phase 3 is hard, but anything worth having should not be easy. I know I will fail him daily and I know that I will sin again, but I will never question his plan and reasoning for everything.

In conclusion, the Phases, like I said, do not apply to everyone. This is just a simple observation and opinion. This is a real life critique of my life. Than again, I could be completely wrong about everything that I just wrote.

Ok Alex, we get it. Thats enough for one post don't you think? I agree.


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    • Alex Shermer profile image

      Alex Shermer 20 months ago from Mississippi, USA

      Thank you! No kids yet so you know better than me.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 20 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think this is very accurate for the norm. I also think that having children of your own throws you into phase 3 real quick. When I was young I loved the social aspect of youth groups. Now that is way down on the reasons for attending.

      Well done and great food for thought.