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A Ladder to Heaven

Updated on July 26, 2017

A real stairway to heavenly dimensions?

Hidden in an out of the way, abandoned space, it would be available only to those who stumbled upon it and had the vision to see it.

The ladder would be out of focus, just beyond normal vision, and not part of the material world. It would have higher dimensional properties just beyond third-dimensional, material existence.

How would we find it and what would happen to us if we did?

Join me while I fantasize about reaching upward, beyond the physical, using a photograph I took as the foundation of this lens.

Photo is owned by aha-creative, albuquerque. Permission required to use this image.

This is a personal fantasy lens created by SmartChica.

Requirements for Access

There is only one requirement you must fulfill before you can see the ladder and that is you must have an open heart.

Your heart must be over halfway open which means you:

  • Have little to no judgement of others.
  • Accept all aspects of yourself--good and bad.
You might occasionally be able to see glimpses of the ladder depending upon how much judgement you are holding on to in any one moment.

Keep in mind, if you step forward and begin to ascend there is no return to the old way of thinking or being.

How to Open Your Heart

Live with the understanding that we are all one.

This means treating others as if they were part of you and allowing them to be whatever and wherever they are.

How does that work? It sounds impossible.

It means you have to give up long held beliefs about who is right and who is wrong. This requires constant monitoring of your thoughts and reactions while being kind to yourself and others.

The longer you practice this way of being, the clearer the glimpses of the ladder become.

Photo owned by aha-creative, albuquerque. Permission required to use this image.

Twist #1

Not judging another does not mean you agree with anyone else or their actions.

It simply means you see what occurred and accept that it occurred. When you rush to judgement, you run the risk of harboring the event inside your mind and body and it could keep recurring over and over.

A Recommendation

This book gives four, simple steps to follow when beginning the journey toward finding the ladder leading to heavenly dimensions.

The steps are easy to recognize and follow during our daily journey called life. Incorporating these four agreements into your life may provide mental and emotional relief from any burdens you may carry.

Leave the Way Open

Photo owned by aha-creative, albuquerque. Permission required to use this image.

Leave the way open for others to follow. It's safe because they can't climb or even see the ladder unless their heart is open.

Once the heart is open, it can only attract those with open hearts and others who truly want their hearts to open.

Twist #2

Truly helping others is not about giving away parts of yourself.

It's about truly being yourself--the self you were born to be.

Support for Climbing the Ladder

  • An extra ladder is always available or may materialize should more than one person arrive to ascend at the same time.
  • Mattresses are stacked nearby for a soft landing if you must abandon your climb for some reason.
  • Plenty of fresh air exists for those moments of hyperventilation or overwhelm.
  • Always ask for help if you need to--ask and you shall receive.
  • You are always welcome to start the climb again if you find you have lost your way upward.

Consider How Vast the Universe Is

You are your own customer support. - How would you treat yourself on this ascent?

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    • TLStahling profile image

      TL Stahling 

      6 years ago from US

      I had my staircase painted I'd have a "golden stairway to heaven."

    • ismeedee profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens, very creative approach to a super important subject. We all need to listen to our hearts instead of our emotional responses to the world. May your ladder lead ever upwards and beyond!

    • siobhanryan profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice article--I would tread carefully and have plenty of mattresses


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