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Great Pictures With Quotes To Remember - Much Better Than Words Alone

Updated on April 30, 2013

A Selection Of Quotes With Pictures That Will Please The Eye And Enrich The Mind

If you're typing in picture quotes, pictures with quotes, quotes pictures or photos and quotes into a search engine box, then I'm willing to bet that you're not searching for words of wisdom about photography or picture frames. You're looking for cool pictures that has good quotes as a part of the overall image. That's what this lens is all about.

This lens is going to have lots of different kinds of quotes in it. You'll find everything from inspirational quotes to quotes on success to quotes about dogs or death. My goal is to showcase lots of wonderful images and lots of great quotes with links scattered about that go to more specific quotation lenses for those that just want words of wisdom on a specific subject.

Great quotes are so much more fun to read when paired with a good photograph, and even better when paired with a relevant one. That is what I strive for whenever I try to match up an image and saying. I hope you find my decisions fulfilling and hopefully you'll leave this lens with a new appreciation for quotes and pictures. Enjoy.

Above image by JOCELYN, yo. / flickr.

A Few Good Quotes For Pictures - That I eventually plan on taking advantage of.

  • Sometimes you have to push your way through the competition to get what you want. ~YellowHammer
  • Make my enemy brave and strong, so that if defeated, I will not be ashamed. ~American Indian Saying
  • A strong foundation is the best safety net you can ever hope to own. ~M. Morrow
  • The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness. ~Old Chinese Saying
  • I will either find a way, or make one. ~Hannibal


Image by Jesper Hauge / flickr.

Inspirational Quotes To Live By
The process of finding inspirational quotes to live by to help guide you through tough times can get a bit tedious unless you narrow your focus on what...


Picture by seemann / morguefile.

Dog Quotes - Wonderful Sayings About Man's Best Friend
If you have any friends that own dogs, then you need to always have some good dog quotes lying around the house (or at least bookmarked on the Internet). Why...


Photo by Eric Petruno / flickr.

Great Quotes About Food And Cooking
Great quotes about food and cooking in general can always be heard if you work long enough in the business. I worked as a cook for about 7 years and I can...

Pictures With Quotes Require 3 Things - One Of Them Is A Photograph - To get a good photo you need a camera.

Even though every photo in this lens hasn't been taken by me, I do love going out and finding compelling images to capture. I find that time passes quite quickly and hours go by fast. It is a zen experience for me. Any kind of camera can be used to get good shots under the right circumstances, but the better camera you have, the better your overall photos. It's an enjoyable hobby that I hope to keep up for the rest of my life.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens (discontinued by manufacturer)
Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens (discontinued by manufacturer)
I won't go into specifics about this camera, as you can easily get them on the Amazon product page. The one benefit of getting a higher end DSLR camera is because low light pictures come out much better than with a traditional point and shoot. I like the night too much to not take pictures of it, so that's why I went with an SLR. Prices vary widely, but this is a decent starter camera.

Photo by gladtobeout / morguefile.

Horror's Most Famous Movie Quotes
Pay attention whenever you hear horror movie quotes spoken by someone, for you are in the presence of a true horror movie fan. For over a century, horror films have...


Photography by aspheric lens / flickr.

My Favorite Quotes About Strength, Courage And Not Giving Up
Whenever some people hear the words "favorite quotes about strength" they automatically associate it with muscle, but if you sit and think for a moment...


Image courtesy of Britney Lindsay / flickr.

Great Quotes About Art, Imagination and Creativity
If you walk into my home, you're going to find quotes about art and all things art related all over my walls. Some of them are framed, some simply wrote on a...

Pictures With Quotes Or Quotes Only?

Which do you prefer?

See results

Photo by sasastro / flickr.

Quotes About Death
When pen is put to paper to write down quotes about death there is always a small part of you that feels creeped out - and then you actually start to read the...

Have A Place To Put Your Own Favorite Quotes - Then you can pair them with photos at your leisure.

The easiest way to start collecting quotes is by putting them in a notebook. You want to choose one that you like, but built reasonably well. After all you want it to last a very long time. Try to choose one with a heavier stock of paper (no bleed through) and acid-free paper. Binding is also very important.

After I filled my first notebook, I got a second and began to draw pictures with my favorite quotes. It's a very enjoyable experience for me to draw a picture with colored pencils, but putting a relevant quote with it seems to finish it off well. Maybe you want to try it?

Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined
Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined
I fell in love with this notebook the minute I saw it. It holds up well under my heavy use and all indications point to a long life. I have 3 that are completely full and a fourth that will be full soon. If you're not a fan of dragonflies, I'm sure you'll be able to find a notebook to your liking. There are plenty of choices out there.

Picture by Lin Pernille Photography / flickr.

Writing Quotes About, For and By Writers
Are you one of those people that have a selection of writing quotes stuck up on your wall. If you like to write in the least little bit, then I'm betting the...


Photograph courtesy of tcatcarson / morguefile.

Interesting Quotes About Revenge, Anger and Self-Destruction
My interest in putting together a list of quotes about revenge was for one reason and one reason only - as a writer I needed some for an intro to my book...


Artwork courtesy of ppdigital / morguefile.

My Favorite Quotes About Happiness
The best quotes about happiness make you feel like happiness is not only possible, but that you have a good chance of attaining it. There's nothing more inspiring...


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