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Planetary Planting

Updated on October 7, 2017

Lunar Agriculture

For many centuries people have been using lunar cycles to help plan their gardens. There are certain astrological signs which are thought to be more fruitful than others. These signs are used to produce a better garden. Planting in sync with the lunar cycles is thought to yield better crops. Signs like Libra help flowers bloom more beautifully and produce a better fragrance. A sign like Taurus helps plants grow in terms of hardiness.

Planning your garden based on the moon is an ancient tradition. Many cultures have done this. This is as old as gardening itself. Back in the ancient times people were more aware of these cycles. Their lives depended upon the cycles of nature. They used this to determine many things. The cycles of nature were measured by the placement of the wandering stars in the zodiac. Wandering stars are planets.

When the moon is full it has a greater impact on life on earth. The moon pulls the tides. We know that plants are constituted with water. They require water to survive. This is the theory behind lunar agriculture. Planting on a full moon is thought to be best. Otherwise planting your garden is best done on a waxing moon in the appropriate astrological sign. A waning moon is best for planting that which grows under the earth. A widely available publication called The Farmer's Almanac will tell you the correct lunar phase by the current calendar.

The Moon is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. It is actually a luminary when we are more specific. It transits each zodiacal sign for approximately 2 and a half days. This leaves us a small window to plant in. Thankfully many signs are fruitful. If we miss a particular time frame we will have another opportunity. However, we only have 2 weeks to plant most crops. It is best to look ahead and plan things out.

Signs Of The Zodiac




-good for weeding


-good for planting potatoes


-very productive


-killing unwanted plants

-harvesting fruit and root crops

-mowing lawns to slow down the growth


-extremely fruitful

-good time to plant most crops

-good time for irrigation


-most dry and barren of signs

-killing weeds

-destroying roots


-moist, but barren

-not recommended for planting vegetables

-good for planting flowers which you want in abundance


-fairly fruitful

-good time to plant flowers for beauty and fragrance

-produces much pulp growth


-good for irrigation

-good for planting vegetables

-one of the better moon phases for planting



-good time to plant onions

-good for harvesting fruit and root crops


-flowers for hardiness

-similar to Taurus, but drier

-fairly productive sign for crops


-somewhat barren

-good for removing pests

-good for harvesting fruit and root crops


-very productive sign for planting

-plant flowers for abundance

-plant vegetables

Planetary Correspondences For Plants

I have ordered many seeds for my garden which are traditional witchcraft herbs. These plants are all governed by a different planets. Most plants have a planetary correspondence. These will differ from one person to the next. Many planets have attributes which crossover. There are 7 planets in traditional astrology. In modern astrology there are 10 planets. It is very rare that you will find any plants attributed to Uranus, Pluto, or Neptune. These planets were discovered in the modern age. It is not as common to do astrological correspondences in this current time. Some websites will come up with their own attributions for some of the modern plants. Below I have listed out some of the seeds I have for my garden along with the planetary correspondences.

Belladonna - Saturn

Black Nightshade - Saturn

Black Mandrake - Saturn

Clary Sage - Moon

Cucumber - Moon

Dill - Mercury

Elfwort - Sun/Mercury

Elka/Crone - Moon

Henbane - Saturn

Hyssop - Jupiter

Mugwort - Moon

Onion - Mars

Organic Sage - Jupiter/Moon/Earth

Parsnip - Mercury

Purple Foxgolve - Saturn

Rowan Tree - Mercury

Rue - Mars

Sunflower - Sun

Vervain - Mercury

White Sage - Jupiter

Wolfsbane - Saturn

Wormwood - Mars

Yarrow - Venus

How Planetary Attributes Are Determined

Each planet has different attributes. These are used to determine how to classify different plants. I will list below some of the criteria used to classify plants under planetary governance. I will list out the attributes of 8 of the planets. There are not enough resources available for me to list out the attributes of Uranus and Neptune.


-plants which resemble the sun

-medicinal plants affecting the heart

-plants which open to the sun


-plants affecting the emotions

-plants with a high water content

-plants that live near the water


-plants affecting the mind and nervous system

-herbs which rapidly grow

-plants with leaves which look like feathers


-flowers with a pleasant scent

-plants with cosmetic purposes

-plants with a red fruit


-plants with thorns

-spicy flavor

-plants with heating qualities


-plants which promote optimism

-plants which heal the liver

-plants which grow very tall


-plants which produce a lot of seeds

-slow growing plants

-plants that like shade


-poisonous plants

-plants with deep roots

-plants with hidden qualities

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