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"WHY" ??

Updated on March 5, 2013


In this world we come to Know

To Learn new lessons , to let the Spirit grow.....

For this life we made a plan ,remembered only briefly , sifted away like sand .

We anger , we sorrow , just wondering why? Why ''we'' chose a life of this ?

Still we don't remember we picked this place

To struggle and puzzle , now ...''ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY"

Through this life we muddle along , we live , we learn ,and time goes on .

Every experience a lesson , the soul on tour .

We question our existance and sometimes we cry ,

As we search for answers , turning over every stone ,

We pray ,we seek,but still we wonder and try--

What is the purpose and...why is the sky so high?

So many questions,so few true answers--

Events unexplainable,no words could describe

What good could be extracted from all the horror displayed.

Lessons to be learned,from all these terrible things.

No earthly explanation-now ''ONLY THE SPIRIT KNOWS WHY''

The further we grow, the more we know,the souls only mission,

is to be like our maker.

To love without judgement,to have true faith,

Enlighten the soul,so the spirit can fly.

To feel worthy of looking, ''GOD'' in the eye !

To be the image, from which we were molded.

We quest to live up to the glory,of the stories unfolded,

To meet our maker,proud and true.

All for the sake of proclaiming,



Written by Tim Sutterby August 3,2011 '' Just inspired , no reason why ''

Footsteps from Heaven

Coming soon !


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