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Possession IV

Updated on July 17, 2017

Let us now look at another variant of the possession phenomenon that is equally challenging where the victims acquire the ability to receive intimation of future events and are able to speak in languages that are previously unknown to them.

In 1906 a young orphan at St. Michael’s Mission in Natal, South Africa was recorded as being possessed but unlike the previous two cases of possession that we have already mentioned, Clara Germana Cele, a 16-year-old girl of native African origin became the sudden recipient of gifts that could at best be only described as extraordinary.

The child was suddenly able to speak and understand several languages, which she had no prior knowledge of and she could see into the future especially with events pertaining to the people around her.

Before I go any further I’d like to point out that the ability to speak in tongues or speak in languages that the speaker has no prior knowledge of and the ability to see into the future is also common among those who are extremely pious.

The apostles for example could speak in other languages and the Book of Corinthians tells us of people with special skills who are not only able to speak in languages that are unknown to them but are also able to interpreted what others have said in languages that they are unfamiliar with.

Likewise, the dream that Bishop Lanyi had prior to the Sarajevo murders also clearly tells us that people who are devoted to their faith do receive intimations of future events with regards or reference to others who are close to them.

Based on the two exceptional gifts that the 16-year-old Clara Germana Cele had displayed it is impossible to ascertain whether she was possessed or otherwise and if anything, she seemed to display outward signs of having acquired talents or abilities that belonged solely within the pages of a bible.

Therefore, it is not a phenomenon that is novel or unheard of but the question all researchers must ask themselves is where does the ability come or stem from? Is it from a source that we perceive to be divine or is from a source that one would call or consider unwholesome.

I must also throw into the equation the fact that normal people have in the past suddenly displayed the ability to not only speak but to also write in languages that they have no prior knowledge of under the influence of a hypnotist as in the case of T.E. and Delores – two cases that we have touched on earlier.

As paranormal researchers, we cannot come to the conclusion that someone is possessed based on the fact that they have suddenly acquired the ability to speak in different languages or receive intimation of future events because there may be other factors that we are unaware of that has helped them acquire their abilities.

There were however some other disturbing facts in case that led those around her to conclude that Clara was indeed possessed. Firstly, she began to resent all forms of religious artifacts or suffered from a sudden bout of religiophobia and secondly she responded violently to the priests who attended to her. In addition to that she was also able to levitate or float up in the air without the aid of any mechanical contraptions.

None of the facts on their own would lead us to the conclusion that the child was possessed but if we look at it as a whole, assuming that Clara had acquired the skills at the same time that she started resenting priests and avoiding religious artifacts, it can lead investigators to the conclusion that the child had indeed acquired her sudden abilities as a result of diabolical possession.

Would the situation have been any different if the child did not display any form of resentment towards her religion and religious artifacts? I think the answer would be in the affirmative.

Fortunately, Clara was not subjected to prolonged periods of exorcism and her sessions were over within a matter of days and she was back to her normal self once the sessions were concluded. According to the priests who performed the exorcism the possession was triggered when the child made a pact with satan.

In more recent times a woman named “Julia” began displaying the same symptoms as Clara Germana Cele. Julia had a history of being involved with satanic groups and because it occurred less than a decade ago (2008), there appears to be irrefutable evidence to suggest that all of the above can and did occur.

Julia was observed by a team of priests, assistants, laymen and qualified psychiatrists who in addition to witnessing all the symptoms in the case of Clara Germana Cele, also witnessed books, dishes and other items flying around the room when the alternate personalities appeared. It eventually led them to the conclusion that Julia was indeed demonically possessed.

I must add however that Julia had never been in favor of the church and this is made amply evident by her involvement with satanic groups, prior to her being diagnosed as suffering from possession and therefore her resentment towards priests and other religious artifacts should not be factored into the equation.

The other point I’d like to raise with reference to diabolical possessions is, if we do start recognizing diabolical possession as something that occurs naturally without conducting more research on the subject, what happens when it is raised as a defense say for example in a homicide?

© 2016 Kathiresan Ramachanderam and Dyarne Jessica Ward


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