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Prayer and Supplication

Updated on January 1, 2015

Why Should We Pray?


God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of His precious children. Some people live their entire lives without discovering this purpose. They live by guess work. They try one thing, if it doesn’t work out, they move onto another. They live their lives based on trials and error. However, this kind of trial and error approach to life does not guarantee the kind of success that God promised in His word for His precious children

One way to connect with God’s divine plan is through prayer. Prayer is the door way to the spiritual realm. Most of us live our lives without realizing that there is a spiritual realm of existence which controls and determines the events which occurs in the natural realm. This unseen world created the seen world that we live in. If we want to make an impact in the natural, physical and seen world, we would first need to instigate the process of change in the unseen, spiritual realm of existence through the instrumentality of prayer.

If you live by what you see alone you will always be at the mercy of circumstance and events. But if you tap into the supernatural power of God through prayer, you can determine what goes on into your live. It is only what you allow in the place of prayer that eventually manifests in your life and strategically positions you to divine purpose.

Prayer generates power which strengthens us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It keeps us physically alert. You will always be aware of spiritual environment and all that goes on around you as long as you pray. Some people are unaware of what goes on in the environment. They live with negative spiritual forces which hinder them from making the kind of progress they desire in their lives, yet they do nothing about it because they are unaware. Curses, spells enchantments and all other negative forces hold sway in their lives because they are ignorant and spiritually blind. But God wants our eyes to open so we can have complete dominion over our environment and beyond. God want us to live in dominion, to be in control of our lives and environment. We have been given the authority to subdue and rule the environment. If you are not in dominion, you are not utilizing your God given authority.

Prayer keeps us in touch with the reality of our earthly assignment. This assignment is your God ordained purpose for living. When we have a grasp of this assignment and pursue it, we will be fulfilled in our innermost being. The reason why people are confused about their lives is that they are unclear about their reason for living. They stumble through life like a blind man in a maze. Science says that we can live for about seven days without food. We can live three days without water but we cannot live for a second without hope. We cannot live without a sense of purpose for our lives. Prayer gives you a strong sense of purpose for living. Also in the place of prayer you receive the direction you require to fulfill this purpose. Prayer opens your eyes to possibilities and opportunities which exist all around us.

You should realize that not all that glitters is gold. You should therefore pray about every business deal, decision or proposition you want to make. Pray before you agree to go out on a date with a beautiful woman or man you admire so much. Pray before you commit yourself to any project. There are many things we don’t see physically but in the place of prayer, God reveals the traps and snares the enemy has set in our paths and delivers us from them. Prayer empowers you to live your life the way God intended you to live: in dominion.


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    • dodonet profile image

      Dorothy Godier 3 years ago from LONDON

      Yes Bernard Levine. Prayer brings us to that secret pavilion with our Heavenly Father, where no eye of the enemy can see us. Prayer is the gateway through which we can bring our Love and our thanksgiving to our God.

      I had stopped writing hubs, now I am back and I can`t wait to start writing again.

      God bless you Bernard Levine.

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      There is no greater joy

      than loving God in prayer

      There are no riches more rewarding

      than the eternal treasures you'll receive

      Prayer brings powerful help into your life

      Prayer changes circumstances

      What a wonderful privilege we have

      to give our heart to our Father in prayer.

      © Bernard Levine