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Extrasensory Perception, Psychic Readings and Death Premonition

Updated on October 25, 2018
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The contents of this hub are primarily the personal experiences of my wife, Macrine Nieva Jambalos Katague.


Extrasensory perception and premonition of death

I am a believer in extrasensory perception (ESP) or the sixth sense. I do not have it, but I believe my wife has. My wife also practice the psedu science of numerology; Three incidents in our married life showed my wife's death premonition of her mother, uncle and brother in the Philippines. Besides the feeling of a cold hand on her body, my wife hears relatives calling her in her dreams.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and Death Premonition

I am a believer in Extrasensory Perception (ESP). I do not have it, but I believe my wife has the sixth sense.

There were several cases in our married life, when my wife (Macrine) would confide to me about something she just felt or dreamt about the night before. The first case was in the mid-1960s when I was still in graduate school at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

She told me one night that her mother was calling for her in her dreams. Her dream was so vivid that when she woke up, she was insistent on calling the Philippines just to check. I told her to go ahead even though it was 2 a.m. in Chicago. To our surprise, we found out that her mother was sent to the hospital due a minor heart attack that moment when she heard her calling her name.

The next day, my wife wanted to go home to the Philippines. I gave her permission in spite of the financial burden in our budget. She stayed in the Philippines for two weeks taking care of her mother. On the third week, my wife's sister also flew from US to relieve Macrine of her duties. The next day, Macrine was back in Chicago, resuming her motherly duties to our two young kids.

One week after her return, she saw her mother's apparition and felt a cold chill on her whole body. She called the Philippines and found out her Mom passed away at about the same time as she saw her mom's apparition in our apartment.

The second case happened in the mid 1990s. We were residing in Colesville, Maryland at that time. I was at work when Macrine called me and she was in a panic. She heard her uncle calling and asking for help. When I arrived from work, we received a call from her cousin in California, informing us her Dad died just a couple of hours ago. The time of her uncle's death was exactly the time when Macrine heard her uncle calling for help.

The last case of Macrine's ESP and premonition of death experiences was about 10 years ago. It was around 11 p.m. while Macrine was watching the late night news. She felt a cold hand touching her. It lasted for a few seconds. In Macrine's mind, someone in the family had died. She had already forgotten the episode when we received a call from the Philippines the next day. One of Macrine's brothers died that night, again almost at the same time as Macrine felt the cold and freezing hand touching her.

ESP according to Wikipedia

"Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind. The term was coined by Frederic Myers, and adopted by Duke University psychologist J. B. Rhine to denote psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, and their trans-temporal operation as precognition or retrocognition.

Psychic Readings


Palmistry and Psychics Reading

I am not a believer in psychics and palmistry. However, several incidents in my life from the 1950s and 1980s convinced me that the pseudo science of palmistry may have merits and must be listened to.

In the early 1950s when I was in college, my late mother consulted a local psychic and had her palm read. My mother at that time was concerned with the future of her seven children especially her oldest son—that’s me. She was only 45 years old at that time, but was very curious of the future of her seven children. My mother at that time wanted me to be a priest or a doctor. To please her I enrolled as a pre-medical student at the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City.

However, one day after she consulted the local psychic my mother was very unhappy. The psychic informed her that not one of her seven children would either become a priest or a doctor of medicine, but all will have successful professions. In addition, the palm reader told her that a few of her children will live far away in other continents and she will be very happy with their accomplishments. My mother was not pleased to hear that a few of her children would not be residing near her in her old age.

A year later I changed my pre-medicine course to chemistry. A couple of years later, with the constant nagging of my mother, my younger brother entered seminary school for Catholic priesthood in the Diocese of Jaro, Iloilo. My mother was delighted that one of her dreams would now be fulfilled. However, one year before his ordination, my brother quit seminary school and got married. The psychic prophecy that a few of us will live in far away oceans and other continents became a reality when, in 1960, I immigrated to the US. Two years later, my younger brother emigrated to Australia. Then in 1970, my younger sister emigrated also to the US. This was followed just five years ago, when my other sister emigrated to Canada. The psychic prediction that all of us would have a profession was also realized.

I am not a believer of psychics and palmistry, but an incident in my married life in the early 1980s, made me believe that the pseudo science of palmistry may be true. There was a local psychic residing not too far from our residence in Pinole, California. This psychic was not well known, until a local newspaper published an article that this psychic was instrumental in helping the police locate the body of a murdered child in our area.

The appointment calendar of this psychic was so busy that my wife had to wait for six months to have a one hour consultation with her. My wife was curious of my future job in the pesticide business as well as our future here in the US. At that time, we were contemplating going back to the Philippines, since it is much cheaper to send our children to college there than in the US.

The psychic one hour session allows you to tape record her readings and to pose three questions for her to answer. She will also read the future of a love one if you bring her a picture. My wife brought my picture, because I did not want to go. I felt it was a waste of money, since the reading for one hour cost my wife $200 (big money at that time). After the session, my wife felt the $200 fee was worth it. The psychic advised her not to relocate to the Philippines. She said however, there was to be a big move in our future. The psychic also saw something happening and dark in my stomach area. There were several other things that the psychic mentioned.

All of the psychic prediction happened. Six months after the psychic reading, I had a gallstone operation. Three years after the reading we relocated to the East Coast, when I lost my job at Chevron Chemical Company in Richmond, California. Our decision to stay in the US was the best decision we have ever made in our life. Thanks to the psychic advice!

Sleepwalking and Talking


Psychic Readings. Palmistry and Numerology

Have you ever had a Psychic Reading ?

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Somniloquy and Somnambulism

Sleep talking (somniloquy) and/or sleep walking (sonambulism) are sleep disorders and are usually harmless. However in a few cases, particularly sonambulism, it could be serious thus needing medical attention.

Are you suffering from Somniloquy and/or Somnambulism?

Macrine my beloved spouse of 54 years talks while sleeping. Sometimes she even sings, laugh or just screams. Most of the time she just mumbles. There are times, when her sentences are clear. Since I am a light sleeper, I often engage her in a conversation while she is asleep. In the morning, I ask if she remembers our conversation and she has no idea of what happened that previous night. If she mumbles, I do not disturb her, but if she screams or starts shouting, I touch her so she can wake up. Macrine is suffering from Somniloquy – that is sleep talking.

What is somniloquy? According to sleep-talking is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud in one’s sleep.

Macrine’s talks can be quite loud, ranging from simple sounds to long speeches, and occur many times during her sleep. Most of the time I can not understand what she is saying. There are times however when she will hit me while mumbling angry words and phrases in Filipino.

According to a recent report from a sleep magazine, Sleep-talking is very common and is reported in 50% of young children, with most of them outgrowing it by puberty, although it may persist into adulthood (about 4% of adults are reported to talk in their sleep). It appears to run in families. This explains why my sister-in-law according to her husband also talks in her sleep.

Macrine’s sleep-talking by itself is harmless, however, it wakes me up and that also disturbs my sleep. I have monitored her sleep talking using an audio recording device.

Another article on sleep talking reported that although most nighttime chatters are harmless, others could be graphic, even R rated. Sometimes, listeners find the content offensive or vulgar. Sleep talkers normally speak for no more than 30 seconds per episode, but some people sleep talk many times during a night. Talking while asleep is not serious, but It could lead to sleep walking, a more serious disorder (Somnambulism).

Do you have a member of your family that has somniloquy?

Extra Sensory Perception

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