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What is a Priest?

Updated on August 24, 2010

A priest is a religious leader who conducts formal worship, especially the offering of sacrifices. In the earliest and most simple societies such functions were generally carried out by the father of the family and the shaman, or religious and often political leader of the community. Gradually, as such societies as the Hindu, Mesopotamian, Jewish, Egyptian, and Maya became settled and more complex, they developed organized religions led by priests. Priests acted as intermediaries between the gods, considered mighty, and man, considered weak. The priests formed a distinct social class that was often hereditary. They were set apart from laymen by years of religious study in special schools, a ceremony of ordination or induction, distinctive clothing, and sometimes special living quarters. Their chief work was sacrifice by burning animals and agricultural products or by pouring libations of wine, all to the accompaniment of elaborate hymns and prayers. In addition, priests often made charms, presided at such rites of passage as marriages and funerals, taught priestly candidates, and foretold the future. Hindu priests also taught religious truths to laymen, as they have continued to do. Ancient Hebrew priests also taught laymen and kept historical records. However, since the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in the 1st century b.c. and the end of sacrifices, Jewish religious leaders have been rabbis, or teachers, rather than priests. They still perform some priestly functions.

Early Christian priests modified ancient forms and concepts of sacrifice into those now followed by the Roman Catholic, Orthodox Eastern, and Anglican churches. They hold that Christ is the one true priest, who sacrificed Himself for man's sake. Other priests derive from Him their power to repeat that sacrifice, in a symbolic way, in the Eucharist. Because Protestants do not regard the Eucharist as a sacrifice, they call their religious leaders pastors or ministers, rather than priests. All Christian religious leaders, however, may conduct worship, preach, teach, and counsel.

Buddhist religious leaders are properly called monks, but they may perform the same functions as a priest, except for sacrifices. Islam has no sacrifices and therefore no priests. Prayers are led by an imam, and the Friday sermon is given by a khatib. Both are laymen.


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    • ALL4JESUS profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Great Hub! Would love to see some of the typical "uniforms". The Catholic and the other "othodox" wear the collars, the monks and their harsh wool robes. And the hats that the Rabbi's wear. In Islam - no priests at all led completely by laymen? No designation? Interesting...


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