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The Wisdom of Principled Action in Time of Humiliation and Persecution

Updated on April 4, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The Christian virtue of love of your enemy (Matthew 5:43-44)... let them persecute you for the love of god will always be with you may have important meaning for the sinners to be the lamb of sacrifice by this verse in the scripture .You have to know that the peace of your heart and soul is always connected by your principled action that even humiliation and persecution will never prevail as the blessing of the Lord will always be there with you.

When you are going to persecute somebody remember that you must only give lesson in the moral and ethical values in life. You pray for the god blessings that they are being enlightened by their evil actions as their moral conscience redeemed by what they are doing. However, be prepared as the temptation on the wrath of evil may exorcise their wisdom consequently love to persecute and humiliate you to bring down your human spirit by their frightened subjects (poor and ordinary people) in their authority and power.

There are times in our life that we are in conflict to our colleagues, friends, neighbors and even office mates including political opponents. These are personal terms of human conflict arise from grave of evil thought and wisdom about the social phenomena of revenge and humiliation, motive and interest, jealousy and envy, distrust and suspicion, arrogance and pride ,and greed and vanity.

Let me give you two connective mechanisms of retaliatory social conflicts based on those who controlled power, influence and authority in the established institutions. Remember, that the superior officers are given in great power and authority to control and influence by the fate of the subordinates by your organization. Likewise, It depends to natural character of the superior officers to show human compassion for the subordinates but when vengeance and vindictiveness prevail in their sane wisdom then oppression brings human pain in any organization. The subordinates have only god-given rights on human freedom and dignity based by sovereign rights of jurisprudence to protect the poor from the vengeance of bad faith of the superior officers. Sometimes, the judicial system is corrupted by influence of those being cloth by rule of authority at the mercy of the poor.

It is here that the wisdom of heaven protects those who are being persecuted particularly those poor employees and people who never have the privilege to enjoy the social contract by the rule of law. I always feel so much pain for those poor people being exploited with excruciating humiliation within the mercy of those cloth with power and authority. However, in the eyes of the judicial system even corrupt judges may not succeed to dismiss cases of the poor people as the effective mechanism for appeal until to the higher court always end in the classic tale of victory for those who are being persecuted by the rule of authority of the superior officer.

The Connective Mechanisms of Retaliatory Social Conflicts

1. Those with legitimate power and authority controls the enormous social support dictated as an instrument of huge machinery to bring those who are meek and powerless.

The managers, heads of offices, chief executives and other top management positions have all the vast resources to control the rights and privileges for the employees. They are in better position to bring down their enemy particularly those who are in the rank and file. Supposedly, they are the social protector of those who are in need but if they are completely different from personal desire and want the tendency is to leave them behind.

2. Those with no legitimate power and authority control nothing except their personal grievance and its advocacy of the god-given rights of human freedom and dignity.

The ordinary and poor employees are always the victim of the rule of authority and power by the superior officers. They have no means to protect the human rights and privileges as the social influence of the bureaucratic rule. The perversion of political powers and the rule of the superior officers have been the social cancer by the established institutions.

With the blessings of the Almighty the protector of heaven and earth ,the prosecution of the poor and weak must be protected by all caused to give important lessons in life for those who abused their power and authority in the established institution. The scripture gives us important lesson in life by none of us can follow about the heavenly wisdom of “love your enemy.” We are all sinners we can never love our enemy…. Again all of us may not follow by this heavenly wisdom. However, I find simple truth beyond this message.

You must love you enemy as you are being persecuted… This is the best way to act even though you are a sinner ...It is on sincere prayer that may enlightened by their evil actions against you. You must deeply pray for they must be awakened by their evils acts. When you continue to stand by your principled action you must give them important lessons in life as the consequence of what they are doing in bad faith. When you persecute people you must always find your heart and soul for the amicable settlement of your social conflict with your enemy.

However, when they will stand their with no reconciliation because of egocentricity , vanity and greed then you will only say “AMEN” as you deeply pray for the redemption of their conscience.

Sometimes, it is good to pursue the term “activism” it is the best way to act as the gladiator of the contemporary time supporting the grievance of the weak and the poor. This word has always the meaning of the “leftist” by not following certain norms in the society . The word “Unionism” implies so much the same dictum as fighting back those who suppresses the “labor rights and privileges” of the employees.

Again , in the midst of suppression and persecution the god almighty will always be there in your side as your PRINCIPLED ACTION is being done when you are fighting for TRUTH, FREEDOM , JUSTICE and EQUALITY to those who are victims of OPPRESSION. You can never attain social victory when the battle begins by the established institution as you will be persecuted when you are depending the SOCIAL CONTRACT of the POOR. It is only in the eyes of God to learn the DIVINE TRUTH as your only SAVIOR in this world.


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