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prophet muhammad was black

Updated on December 16, 2010

who was he?

He was described as 2 colors, asmar and white. The thing is he is also described as white but it is not the same color by their classification it has meaning different from the european meaning. In fact its not much color its a characteristic meaning clean or flawless. If it is used as a color it means black or brown with light brown overtones. Now for asmar, Arabs will lie and say it means tan but this is wrong. Tan in arabic is "Mm'lowen" or colored. Asmar means dark brown, how is it known? study and know the root of the words. Asmar comes from Samar, Samar means night or darkness (light) so how can Asmar mean tan. That word is used in Arabic language constantly. Next is his hair was neither curly (include waving) nor straight (include close to it), which means it was either shaggy or like sheep. His nose was flat but sloped, which can look like the noses of many ethiopians, Somalis, Yemenis that is skinny nose bridge that comes straight down like a check sign and flat on the ball/tip in front view. Plus he hid in Coptic Christian Ethiopia so the pagan forces of Mecca couldn't find him. We all know what Ethiopians look like so how can a tan Arab hide there. But if he is didn't he make fun of a servant who was black, saying "raisin head"? Can't confirm because that is in Hadiths which many are not true and some were made up hundreds of years later. One of his son in-law's was a Ethiopian Copt so he had no issue with being dark nor Christian. He and his tribe did take issue with pale skin, it was not liked. Even some tan and/or light Arabs take issue with it too ironically. He was against the Christian forces of Roman influence the Byzantines not Egypt nor Ethiopia, he treated them like family.


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      Ali 4 years ago

      Brother, are you joking?

      "Can't confirm because that is in Hadiths which many are not true and some were made up hundreds of years later. "

      The funny thing is, EVERYTHING you said before that is from Hadith itself. There is no Ethiopia migration, nor Raisin joke if the Hadith were false. Ironic isn't it.

      I don't know where you got the definition of 'white' from. Asmar means dark-browned skin, a perfect match for the Arabs of north Yemen(of whom hadith say he is descended!)

      He fought the Romans AND Persians, this has nothing to do with skin color. Umar sent Ibn Al Aas to Egypt and forced them to convert, he didn't care about their color. LOllll,