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Prosperity Art for the Kitchen

Updated on November 7, 2014

Can an Image turn your Life around?

How would you feel if you sat drinking your morning coffee and directly in eye shot was a poster of a barren tree, tear laced face or written in big print, You Are A Loser? Not a great start to the day that's for sure!

Pictures are powerful influencers of mood and behaviour with plenty of scientific evidence to back this up.

Let's take a look at a few of the great images available for the kitchen that can lift you up the Success and 'feel good' ladder first thing in the morning. Sprinkled with a few what not to puts which are real examples from houses I visited on my Feng Shui 'rounds' over the years. Just think, you may have secretly programmed yourself for failure and not even been aware of it!

Feng Shui Power Paintings

Here's me featured in the International Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine... in action! Yes, I'm a visual artist too so can't help myself eyeing up interior walls for any telltale signs of detrimental programming.

A Tale of the Sewing Room Saboteur

I popped in the house of an old school friend and listened with sadness as she spun her tale of woe. Just a few weeks away was the date of her foreclosure/repo and she was at her wits end with worry. With my mindful eye, searching for clues to her demise in her surroundings (everything in a house tells me a story), I couldn't quite work out where the Feng Shui problem lay.

Everything downstairs looked in order, her wealth area was fine with no major issues there. So what was the culprit? I knew she had a curtain making business so asked where she did her work, as this room would have a powerful effect on programming her. She explained that it was upstairs and she did spend most of her days in there beavering away at the machine. I couldn't help myself, the curiosity was killing me! I asked if I could go and have a look in the room.

Lo and behold, on opening the door I was confronted with a stack of battered brown boxes almost touching the ceiling and in GREAT BIG LETTERS on the centre box was LOST PROPERTY. I asked how long it had been there and it was placed exactly the same time as when her finances started to dwindle and mortgage payments unmet. Every day she was entering that room and the 'main message' she was being programmed with ultimately came to be. Of all positions in the room the central back point if looking inwards from the entrance is the most powerful.

This is just one example ... I could write a book on this subject alone! The Power of Words to Program is huge especially if you are seeing them repeatedly on a daily basis.

Program yourself with the Right Words

Wall quotes are the latest craze and come complete with easy to stick up instructions. What a great way to read a positive quote every day!

Prosperity Fairy in the Kitchen book

Do you have a spare weekend? Make prosperous changes today!

This is an easy to apply handbook I've written on how to create more prosperity in your life by focusing on the grand importance of your kitchen. It's abundant with ancient prosperity methods to assist you:

Bringing more cash in your life,

Rekindling romance

Enhance your health

Raise your contentment and 'feel good' levels

And how to create a golden heart in your home that keeps thumping out prosperity!

La Cuisine d'Or is so easy to apply... you'll love her golden wisdom.

Choose Blossom not Barren... !

I was asked to visit a gentleman's house to try to help get his business back on track. When checking his 'power point', (the first image he saw upon waking and going to sleep at night), I was greeted with a grim and sad sight! How can you expect a business to blossom when you are programmed with a large poster of a grey desolate waste land with one lonely leafless snarly old tree. He thought it was contemporary and artistic... I thought it was THE POVERTY PROGRAMMING CULPRIT. Remember... Surround yourself with images of overflowing abundance if that's what you want in life!

Lavender Field, Fragrant ...

Loft Art

Buy From

Full Overflowing Images Attract Abundance!

There's a myriad of great colourful imagery you can use in the kitchen to attract abundance into your life. Think FRUIT, SPICES, VEGETABLES piled high or tumbling full from baskets or hedgerows. Utilise this space to its best advantage... cover your walls with imagery that shouts out I AM ABUNDANT!

Spice Shop, Marrakech, Mo...


Buy From

Beady Eye Images tripled their Money and kept Thieves at bay

Last year I heard an interesting story how an experiment in Newcastle University coffee room tripled their honesty box takings! An image of eyes pinned up on the kitchen cabinet was definitely the cause as people paid nearly three times as much for their drinks when eyes were displayed rather than a control image. They were so pleased with their findings that the psychologists thought they would introduce it to the campus cycle parking area where thefts had risen drastically. Hey presto, it actually worked and cycle theft was reduced by a third too.

If you have any midnight snackers, (I'm on a diet honestly) dieters, ravenous teenager's (plus equally ravenous friends) who are notorious for eating you out of house and home ... try popping a pair of beady eyes on the door!

Golden Calendula... Why you should Marry gold

An Extract from La Cuisine d'Or e-book (See above)

Now for a little touch of ancient fleur magic! The earliest mention of this garden gem was in Central America where her sacred roots were entwined with an Aztec Love Goddess. The Spanish brought her to European shores and her divinity spread all around, just like her concentric rows of sunny florets.

In India, the Buddhists adopted her for their sacred ceremonies and the Christians named her Marygold because she was placed at the foot of the statue Virgin Mary and known to have magical properties that averted evil influences. There is no doubt she is a very special fleur. Her majestic golden presence, commands attention and she has a whole list of awe-inspiring names to her legacy, Bride of the Sun, Golden flower of Mary, Shining Herb, to name just a few. Her healing ability is par excellence with a golden string of ailments that she can treat.

Her rich regal journey continued, with her namesake Marigold, even used as a slang term for one million pounds in Victorian times in England. Can you imagine the value that would be today! There are so many mystical legends and tales about the Marigold, she really is a rich gracious lady and one that you should invite into your Golden Kitchen. Her invisible secrets will flow gold into your aura which will protect you, bring harmony and attract Wealth.

Celebration Posters

I love champagne... it's clear, crisp, bubbly and fun! Just one look at an image of 'champagne' and a stream of memorable life celebrations flood my mind. Weddings, New Years eve, graduation ceremonies, Birthdays... Bring some party time all year round into your home with a fun luxurious 'champagne' image!

Prosperity Symbols - The Tree of Life

The 'Tree of Life has been an important symbol used in many religions, myths and ancient folklore dating back thousands of years. It's mentioned in the Bible... where an angel showed the way to the tree of life because of its healing abilities. In Chinese mythology the tree of life grows a peach which if eaten gives eternal life. The symbol is one of wisdom, love, healing and growth... perfect to help program yourself for prosperity!

Reach the World..!

If you have a business with an internet and social media presence, it would serve you well to see a world map on view everyday! Think big and program yourself for inter-global relationships.

Love Cups... drink in the one!

I recently saw a cup with the slogan 'Romance is Boring' on... Yikes! If you're after a soulmate to sweep you off your feet this is not what you want to be drinking out of. Remember to choose a 'love cup' with a positive, romantic loving message!

Tune into Hay House... Radio for your soul!

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    • profile image

      Miyuki 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      estherdanmeri 5 years ago

      Ooh, love this lens and the simplicity of it and inspiration of such wonderful abundant images. Thank you for sharing.

    • knitstricken profile image

      knitstricken 5 years ago

      Love the lavender fields mural! This is a great lens. I've learned new things I look forward to implementing. Off to seek out some Full Overflowing Images to Attract Abundance! Namaste!

    • profile image

      MyBabyBoo 5 years ago

      Great lens, thanks for sharing!

    • ProsperityFairy profile image

      ProsperityFairy 5 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Love it Susan... thanks for dropping by!

    • ProsperityFairy profile image

      ProsperityFairy 5 years ago

      @Beth Buckley: Thank you for visiting Beth... !

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Prosperity. Got it!

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 5 years ago from Portland, OR

      Kewl lens ~ Thanks for sharing!


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