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Psychic Desire

Updated on May 4, 2016

Psychological Desire is a learning curriculum founded and popularized by Steve G. Jones, a world renowned clinical hypnotherapist who claimed that hypnotizing everyone is possible and that everyone can learn how to self-hypnotize. The Psychic Desire series offers six modules that include the history of psychic power, two phases of enhancing your psychic abilities, learning the art of clairvoyance, mastery at a mid-level expertise, and essential readings for psychological materials.

Steve G. Jones is highly sought after because he does not only offer his services to ordinary individuals. In fact, he also leads seminars for people in the hypnotherapy industry, including people like a love psychic or a medium psychic.

Supernatural Desire for Making Smart Choices

Steve Jones believe that we can hypnotize ourselves to help us make better choices and unlock the Law of Attraction, which is similar to the Abraham-Hicks meditation in which you are taught principles of freedom, being one with the universe through psychic connect, and harnessing spiritual power. The Psychic Desire provides self-help lessons to improve yourself and the choices you make on a daily basis that will eventually lead to happiness and self-fulfillment. It will also teach you how to deal with the psychic vampire, a person who is emotionally immature and consistently drains energy from you.

At the heart of the lesson, you will find that the goal is to hypnotize yourself enough, though not in a trance-like state, to make yourself vulnerable to positive suggestions, including positive thoughts and focus on fruitful and meaningful activities rather than ruminating on evil thoughts. It will also teach you not to put off something, a habit that makes most people not achieve their dreams.

The process of Psychic Desire leans heavily towards self-talk, which is similar to meditation in which you make yourself more confident as you draw positive vibes towards you. You will fill more attractive, and you will start acting or executing what is in your head rather than just thinking about them.

Psychic Desire for Maximum Results

When you enrol or participate in this program, you may have a chance to get a free psychic reading. Nonetheless, you will be purchasing CDs or audio books that you will listen to in phases. If you do not have a clear objective, it is best to consult a physic medium from his team so you can determine the best CDs to subscribe. You can meet you're psychic online, too, during your sessions and ask questions about terminologies like what is a clairvoyant, what is hypnosis, alpha state, beta state, and more.

For optimum results, it is highly recommended that you listen to each CD or each phase for at least three weeks. It helps prevent a psychic attack, a phenomenon in which negative energy pours into your life, either because someone else is doing it or you are inflicting it on yourself.

The recordings are also designed to be listened to at night because there are suggestions at the end of the records before you sleep and before you wake up. If you work the graveyard shift, listen to the recordings before you sleep in the morning. Keep in mind that not all recordings are not possible to play at any time you want. There are recordings for jogging, exercising, driving, and accurate records that you should only listen to when in bed.

In summary, Psychic Desire is highly recommended for people who are looking for fulfilment, motivation, happiness, and confidence through the power of the brain and through the energy that flows in the universe. Most importantly, it aims to make participants free of their self-doubts and fears that they have learned in life. It focuses on the positive energy and results that the human mind can unlock for any individual.


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