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Quotes from Benson Idahosa

Updated on September 22, 2015
  • Many things can be cancelled in life, not God’s calendar.
  • Talents and skills are good, but only commitment and consistency records the successful.
  • Where there is no doubt, there is a clout.
  • Any time you concentrate on the obstacle, you don’t see the miracle.
  • If you have no convert, you are not converted.
  • An evil ambition can destroy your calling.
  • A life of patience ends with comfort.
  • Commitment is observable; you see commitment, you do not talk about your commitment.
  • If a man is in-charge, he should take charge and don’t get what people say take charge over him.
  • How can a man say: I’m more than conqueror when”, he has conquered nothing.
  • Condemnation does not build men up.
  • Add tearful prayer to your cheerful laughter.
  • Cleverness can take you up, but only integrity keeps you there.
  • Be a wind that can not be comprehended for apprehension by the enemy.
  • A condemner of the condemned is a participator in the condemnation of a person.
  • If no man gives you hope, only God can give you confidence.
  • In waiting for your due season, do not complain but comply.
  • Creation is a sufficient preacher.
  • Never stay content without seeking progress or development.
  • Disciples are told where to go, they do not choose where they should go.
  • When you lose your bearing you begin to look for supportive views and backsliders will become your advisers because you cannot seek counsel from a man full of the Holy Ghost.
  • Jesus came to tame even the vilest criminal.
  • A man should never serve god at his convenience.
  • God is not concerned about how to start; he is more concerned with how you are going to end.
  • Where there is contentment, there is no controversy.
  • Take yourself out of conflict and put yourself in confidence.
  • If god called you, no one can stop you.
  • It is easier to drop than to climb.

There is a house for the worship of God in every town or city, but not every town has a church because a church must have the lord Jesus Christ inside.

  • A church may not be one even if people meet there and it is called a church.
  • Your life’s calendar can not be altered by man.
  • Outside Christ is crisis.
  • No matter how perilous your life has been, I have one soothing consolation for you, god has not finished yet.
  • Your commitment may be tested, but resolve to be consistent; see it as a life style.
  • You who seek to contend with god, how strong are you.
  • There is obvious effrontery in holding one’s head up high, and maintaining self dignity and respect in captivity and before your captors.
  • God is more concerned about what you need than yourself.
  • Some people are interested in their color instead of their calling.
  • Commitment and consistency brings about success.
  • There are so many roads you take to carelessness, but god takes you out of trouble by wisdom.
  • For the fact that god has credibility, you also have creativity
  • If i taught you how to cast out the devil, i did not teach you to follow the devil.
  • One of the greatest problems we have in the ministry today is casting out the devil when he is not around.
  • The lord does not, sympathies with people. He demonstrated compassion.
  • In Jesus, we are conquerors before one sets out.
  • Life is full of choices, but faith affects them all.
  • Conversion is the entrance to a long pilgrimage.
  • You are in the spiritual constituency of the king of kings.
  • Don’t look at the crowd, look for Jesus.
  • Disappoint weakness by imagining correctly.
  • When you are a champion, you will not be tolerated, but celebrated.

  • If Christ came that you might have life more abundantly, don’t accept poverty.
  • A vision that is not captioned is auctioned.
  • Do not abhor challenges when you are doing the right thing; people challenge you because they want to be like you.
  • Sincere believers are good achievers.
  • Absolute faith in God brings absolute result.
  • God is not only a timer but God of time appoint also.
  • Apply prayer to your incurable situation and God will hear you.
  • When man disappoints you, God appoints you.
  • Jesus will not come except you ask him for help.
  • Christians are at advantage in all things.
  • Government do not answer prayers, God does.
  • If the Almighty God does not give up, we should not give up.
  • Some times, the Lord does not come to our aid when we can still help ourselves.
  • Hell may be angry with you but Heaven will rejoice for your life.
  • Nobody can improve on what you believe in.
  • Be a kind giver and an expensive beggar.
  • God is not looking for braggarts but servants.
  • Being inferior is not what people know you to be, but your behavior.
  • Where Christianity stands high above, other beliefs are beneath.
  • You must learn to give to God what is due to Him and He will release your share of His blessings upon your life.
  • If you are a believer, a healer, then you pay less for advertisement because people will want to come and see your God.
  • The greatest enemy of the good is the best.
  • A big head with and empty brain is a big load to the neck.
  • God can make you a burden to those who have what you need.
  • God’s blessings are our birthrights.
  • We must not only carry Bible, but believe in the contents of the Bible, so that goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our life.
  • Time has come when you must not boast of God in the church, but boast of Him in the place of fire.
  • When you are busy for God, He will be busy for you.
  • God see better than man does.
  • The nation God backs, no nation can bark against it.
  • If you have no sleep, read the Bible.
  • It takes the same energy to go forward as it takes to go backwards.
  • Disciples say “Here am I, send me” Multides said I will write you when I get there. Bye-bye.
  • Remember to always strike a blow for victory.
  • It is better you were not born than to die and go to hell.
  • Do not attempt to grow bigger than the king who reigns in this world.
  • Do not bow to burn.
  • Every religion in the world believes in god, but not everyone believes in Christ.
  • Backsliders have no language of faith.
  • Many people think I am a billionaire. No i am a believernaires. Billionaires worked hard for their money but believernaires believes god for their supply.
  • Testimony is “see what god has done”, but boast is what you say did without god.
  • If you were physically born with a destiny that will go no where, by your second birth, you now have destiny that can go places unhindered.
  • See beyond the surface.
  • Pray less, believe more.
  • A gift backed can bark.
  • No sin is too big for the blood to penetrate.
  • Problems are not barriers but stepping stones.
  • The hotter the battle the more glorious the victory.
  • We have a balm of Gilead; we are the antidote for fear.
  • Our Gods is good, but learn to say my god is better.
  • When you don’t lose the battle inside of you, you can not lose the outside.
  • You are the bone of his bones and the spirit of his spirit.
  • Do not make a model of backsliders, and those that are not making it in the world.
  • Your language can hinder you from receiving from the lord.
  • Prosperity was part of creation. Blessing started after you were created.
  • Wealth is inside you, give birth to it.
  • Be a builder and not a destroyer.
  • Learn not to borrow gifts that will not last.
  • Be a builder and not a destroyer.
  • If you don’t move with time, time leaves you behind.
  • A king is supposed to be a builder and not a killer.
  • No matter how far a person has gone in a life of sin, he can still come back.
  • The church is the only place you can win your battles without fighting
  • You may have excellent physical vision, yet be spiritually blind.
  • Do not try t stand a lone when He is here as our burden bearer.
  • Faith is like a body shaking, yet standing
  • With God, there is something better than what you are looking for.
  • When you are not busy doing what you are called to do, how do you expect to be promoted.
  • When you believe what you are hearing, and you believe what you are preaching, it works.

  • Build yourself into a “never give up” spirit and a success consciousness in all endeavours.
  • Chastisements are not designed to destroy you, but to bring you back to a position of fellowship with God.
  • Love your calling rather than your expected tithes.
  • You don’t need power to stop sin, you just need Christ.
  • If you can communicate, you are a congregation.
  • Do not pursue addition and expect the, commission to follow.
  • The calendar does not determine the year.
  • You will not fall when you are climbing high, because you are backed by Christ; and you can’t fall when you are down.
  • Do not put on a clerical collar if you have no calling.
  • If the caller has not given you a calling do not wear a collar.
  • God never gives you covenant without making you committed
  • Religious people criticize you for what you did not do well enough; Christians congratulate you on your accomplishments, and offer suggestions for possible improvement.
  • Don’t cancel your vision because of harassment and problems.
  • When your language changes, your condition changes.
  • You may lose your coat, but not your dream.
  • People sometimes tell where they are coming from. But can’t tell where they are going.
  • Dead hens do not hatch fresh egg. You can not get life from a dead church.
  • God does not deal with conglomeration.
  • You must ask the Lord for the ability to believe an know that your crises are growth classes.
  • Crying does not move god. Faith does.
  • The hand of god not only upholds but cares.
  • No sickness is too serious for god not to cure.
  • Christ is our point of contact for the best.
  • Don’t have dream that is sweet, and a character that is ugly.
  • There is a difference between having a concert and a prayer meeting.
  • Billionaires are afraid that their money will soon finish, but believernaires are confident that he who began a good thing will finish it.
  • Our tears for his cheers.
  • Solution finders are not complainants.

  • Creating solutions changes things.
  • Your colour must not deprive you of your calling.
  • Belief in Christ is what makes Christianity life where all others are religion.
  • Faith never suffers shame. We must have faith to confront our problems in prayers.
  • Cowards never go forward.
  • God does not need our help but our co-operation.
  • God has given us the ability to change our situation.
  • If you know your calling, you will pay the price to fulfill it.
  • Condemnation does not build men up.
  • It is easier to crash land than to climb.
  • The bank of the red sea is not a place of panic, but a crossing line for greatest things to come.
  • We must not only bring people to church, we must turn them to god.
  • When Jesus arrives at any place things change.
  • If you are a lizard in your home, you can not be a crocodile outside your home.
  • The day you accept that you are cursed, you kill yourself.
  • There is no turn of events that gets god confused.
  • Christianity is not by name but by life.
  • Create events to change events.
  • You will be in demand when you have a knowing for a going.
  • No matter the situation, there is always a well in the desert.
  • Men who are informed are not deformed.
  • Let the words of your mouth encourage the discouraged.
  • Big fishes do not swim in shallow waters
  • God never changes your dew to heat.
  • Dictate what you detest.
  • Multitudes prostitute while disciples distribute.
  • Out of the infinite came the definite.
  • God will give us doubles for our troubles.
  • Ambition without direction is destruction.
  • The change of destiny starts when you change from the artificial to the natural.
  • No long delays can kill faith reserves.
  • You are a decider of your destiny.
  • If you must needs wade through floods, go through the waters, maintain your dignity and self-respect.
  • No one can defeat the timing of god.
  • To practice faith, the first person you must defeat is yourself.
  • “What am I not doing well that others are doing better” this should be the self-query of a man who desires success.
  • Your destiny will give. You a new name and take you to a new place.
  • A dunce can become a don if he perseveres.
  • Do what is said to be too hard.
  • God is not looking for deeds, but devotion and dedication.
  • Distraction can cause a man to lose his commission and direction and when you lose direction you have many choices.
  • When evil seems near, cancel your appointment with any demon.
  • The church must not be a broom in the hand of the devil.
  • When your enemy say die, never say die.


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    • Stephen Kalu profile imageAUTHOR

      stephen kalu 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      this quotes keep me running from time to time. i love this.


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