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quotes from benson idahosa 3

Updated on September 14, 2015
  • When you are on the floor you don’t fall.
  • Worship God and your enemy will flee.
  • Signs can only follow a preacher of the gospel who is on the move for God.
  • There are some disciples who go-fishing instead of going-a preaching.
  • The ability of one’s brain cannot carry one as grace would have.
  • If God is grooming you, don’t let the devil doom you.
  • Jesus never causes a man to lose. He causes him to gain.
  • If you want to live fine, grow and increase; add to what you already have.
  • A glad heart is a medicine to a man’s wellbeing.
  • God often uses simple people for great things.
  • Let others gain from your pain.
  • If God can go with you, don’t without God.
  • God cannot give you what you did not ask for
  • Groom your dreams from God and it will grow and glow.
  • No attack on the gospel can succeed.
  • Many people are in the grave because of carelessness.
  • Armed robbers need not just prayers, they need the gospel more.
  • The purpose for your life stays in the garden of your heart
  • Any person that God didn’t raise up, that raises himself up, shall be on the floor and God still gets the glory.
  • Do great things with little things.
  • Faith in Christ can make you a goal-setter a goal getter.
  • Jesus is the gem you seek in denomination.
  • In the absence of a living God, anything may become a god.
  • When your enemies dig your grave, you will live to throw the last dirt on their coffin, for it is not you that will pass away but them.
  • Where there is no growing, there is groaning.
  • If you want your problem to be very little, you must desire great things.
  • Learn to gossip with the gospel.
  • You can be a servant to others by your giving.
  • The face that glooms glitter at the fullness of time.
  • Loneliness works godliness
  • Learn how to give to people so that they will also learn how to give you.
  • A man’s life must have a goal.
  • People may not like or love you, but when they see what your are doing in His name, they will glorify God.

  • Whether you are an African preacher, or not, you have your tradition; but when you are a gospel preacher you have power.
  • I am not a waste to my generation, but a gift to my generation.
  • If you refuse to grow, you groan. But if you learn to grow will glow.
  • Greatness is doing what God says not gearing up people to write about you.
  • Without spiritual weapon you can not confront a giant.
  • A greedy giver is not a comfortable receiver.
  • Let your pain be someone’s gain.
  • If your church is going to grow, it must stop looking for good people; it must look for drunkards that will become preachers.
  • Go forth to bring forth.
  • Don’t see the bad, but in everything see the good.
  • It doesn’t take arrogance to grow, it takes grace.
  • People are looking for price prayers whose pain is someone’s gain.
  • The momentum and push exhibited in the believer is a reflection of his health.
  • A headless head (Church Leader) often goes into oblivion.
  • Helpers that are helpless behave stupidly.
  • Some of you hear from God, but it is not all of you that God hears.
  • Don’t go to where there is no help.
  • The heart line of God is better than the headlines of newspapers.
  • Religion helps you to be decent but the gospel helps you to help other people.
  • All obstacles in life are usually confined to history with me.
  • When there is nobody to help you in your darkest hour, look out for Jesus.
  • The helper you need is the one who will help you when you are alive.
  • Hardships are not always from the devil. They are necessary for healthy Christian growth.
  • The man whose prayer saves the world and drowns his family is likened to a hireling.
  • Strive and be hard working in all things.
  • You may need healing but prefer health.
  • Be rather not sick than to be healed.
  • A hater is not a friend.
  • Pattern your life after those that are succeeding by honest means.
  • It is not whether there are preachers, it is whether there are hearers, and the preachers believe it together.
  • An egg that refuses to hatch has no identity.
  • When God is your refuge, there is no spare key to your hiding place.
  • Always believe God that for your sake, anything can happen.
  • Whatever vision the Lord puts in your heart don’t let it die.
  • If you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you won’t believe what God made you for.
  • So many people want to make heaven with nothing to get there.
  • Getting old is not as important as working hard.
  • The Holy Spirit can humble you without humiliating you.
  • If anything is hard, God is not in it.
  • When you discover you are a hope to people, you are already a part of Christ.

  • Die without money and with God than, for you to have money that will lead you to hell.
  • Whenever you say a particular situation is hopeless.
  • No one can be compare with God’s Holiness.
  • Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up.
  • There no night so dark that will hinder day from breaking forth.
  • Prayer intoxicates.
  • You are too important for the devil to argue with.
  • Don’t be intelligent as not to require extra intelligence.
  • Integrity has never been for sale; rather it is earned by action.
  • If you can identify your enemy and his closeness to man’s situation, he will do less harm.
  • God does not interrupt you except you intercept your problems.
  • It takes what you know to introduce to some one what you want.
  • Involve god in all the things you do.
  • Nobody can interpret your dream better than yourself
  • Anything you memorize without delivery will become an in memoriam.
  • Don’t let people inquire about what you have acquired. So be very honest.
  • If an intention is not executed, it does not imply the ambition is gone or defeated.
  • Your identity must be identical with your belief.
  • You are the express image of god’s invincibility.
  • God is more interested in you interest.
  • The journey up a faith ladder is irreversible. It is useless climbing downwards it is an upward journey.
  • Divine intervention is not a temporal thing.
  • When people lose faith, they-lode their great ideas and purposes.
  • If you are not an initiator, you cannot be an inaugurator.
  • Learn to draw a diving line between faith and intellect.
  • As long as you are in Christ you are indestructible.
  • If you don’t adhere to instruction you can never refuse destruction.
  • People who do not want to bear consequences become inconsequential.
  • The next time god instructs you to go forward, move and forget about what is happening.
  • I have been called many names by many people, but I have long discovered I have only one name-Idahosa.
  • When you talk about growth, you talk also of increase.
  • Any man that improve increase
  • Your life is not as important as your faith
  • God is in charge and not the devil.
  • When your shame turns to fame, it is God Divine intervention
  • If you refuse to improve, you cannot refuse to be doomed.
  • When you give an inducement, it is for improvement.
  • Good intentions are good, but action is better.
  • When you read with inspiration, you lack perspiration.
  • Whatever you do in the ministry, ask god for integrity
  • The first investment in life is to invest in Jesus.
  • When people lose faith, they lose their great ideas and purposes.
  • Intellect cannot save you, only Jesus can.
  • The spirit of a born again Christian is indestructible.
  • There is nothing as good as god’s instruction.
  • a man’s joy should have no limit.
  • God can use an ordinary being for an extra ordinary job.
  • You cannot continue to use the success of yesterday to judge the demand of today.
  • The journey of faith has only one route; forward only.
  • A good life is when you amend your mind to joy.
  • Those whom are not yet dead and buried in Christ find everything wrong in the church, but those who have risen with Christ find a job to do in the church.
  • Every door that has a lock has a key.

  • It takes a knowing to decide a going
  • When you know too much you don’t know anything
  • Lack of knowledge has made some people to believe that they are born with bad destinies
  • I don’t know what I do, but I am under a man who knows all things. That man is Jesus.
  • Discouragement is a killer of good efforts.
  • If the devil knocks you down, get up and knock him out.
  • When you don’t know the difference between good and bad, you don’t know when your are good or bad.
  • God makes and unmakes kings.
  • There is no war your knees cannot win.
  • A good leader inspires others, and a bad leader expires the gift in his people.
  • God is every where; your location is not the problem.
  • Prayer can give you direct link, but faith gives you direct access to god’s abundant riches.
  • Whether you believe it or not, signs and wonders cannot be traced in a laboratory.
  • Don’t limit your vision because of the little things you have done.
  • If you have what you need the world would look for you.
  • The gospel breaks the power of limitation and places your limit only in god.
  • No matter how late you come to Jesus, it will never be late.
  • When you are to close to liars, your become a partaker of their lies.
  • Do not think of faith as luck
  • No one is too low for Christ to lift up.
  • The power of growth is in the language of faith.
  • The bound cannot set the bound free, but the liberated ones can set the bound free.
  • Rather than think little, think big, but don’t start big until you get the little.
  • If you will stop listening to what people say behind you, you will go forward.
  • Faith has an effect on the quality of living.
  • The older you are in faith, the lazier you become in prayer because you think you already know what to say.
  • The reason that god lifts you up before he blessed you is that the blessings will not make you puffed up.
  • If what you want comes late, but satisfies your needs, it is a miracle.
  • Living faith is practicing the life-style of another world, in this world.
  • It is good to labour but when labour becomes a burden, rest.
  • Work, do not be lazy but rest when you need to
  • Divine revelation can lengthen your years.
  • It does not cost you to listen to the voice of god, but if you refuse to listen to what god is saying, you will not fail to do what the devil says.
  • Fear is feeding on the lies of the devil.
  • Love brings life’s fullest blessings but in the same vein it also brings life’s hardest points.
  • No matter how lean a land is, there is a fat part.
  • Look is success for inspiration.
  • if your life remains the same after you are born again, it obviously means that you need a second touch from the master.
  • There is always a knocking down to a lifting up.
  • If the devil tempted the lord, do not think that he will do any less to you.
  • Link your visions and dreams with faith.
  • Progress is a way living.
  • Leaders have what they are assigned to do. Jesus have what he has made.
  • We accept people not because they look like us, but because Jesus loves them.
  • Living a daily life of absolute faith in god is the only secret to success.
  • When a man lives long, he proves his enemy wrong.
  • The penalty of ignorance is lack.
  • If you did not buy life to come to the world why should you buy it to live.
  • Those who laugh at you will laugh with you.

  • It is whether god lives, but whether you still hears from god.
  • Don’t put down that god has lifted up.
  • You cannot stop people from talking, but you can decide not to listen to what people say.
  • When god laughs, your answer is very near.
  • You marriage is like a garden. If you need peace, dress it well and keep it.
  • Use your mouth to promote yourself.
  • Mouth up as you mount up.
  • Tithe do not make ministry, but ministry makes tithes.
  • If there is no obstacle, there will be no miracle.
  • If somebody who doesn’t know the way says “follow me”, he is going to mislead you.
  • The only time god is short of memory is when you confess your sins. God doesn’t remember again.
  • When you have a need, be a master of that need.
  • One of the marks of a born again Christian is his soldier status.
  • Once your mouth says you are alive, your foot moves along with your mouth.
  • Link your littleness with your mightiness and grow.
  • There ate churches that have a ministry and don’t have provision and those that have provision but don’t have a ministry.
  • Don’t kill you god given mosses.
  • When we remain static, we limit ourselves, but when we move, god moves with us.
  • One of the greatest mysteries of human life is the mystery of cause and effect.
  • Preachers are not machines, machines do not pray to people.
  • You can argue with religion, but you cannot argue with miracles
  • Everyone else may attempt to mess up your life, but God will never be a part of it.
  • No child of God is a spiritual midget in battle.
  • Want money, but do not love it.
  • Take your dream from your mind and place it in God’s hand.
  • If your dream is from God, do not write it off when mountains or obstacles confront your progress.
  • Goal getters don’t say where will I get the money, goal getters say “what is the next thing to do”.
  • Don’t mock where you are coming from. Thank God for where He is taking you to.
  • Nobody knows the product like the manufacturer.
  • A man who knows God is a boss to magicians.
  • Faith in God can make yesterday’s maximum to become today’s minimum.
  • Be a plus to your generation, and not a minus.
  • You must learn to stand face to face, with your mountain and the result will come easier than you expect.
  • Few hated Jesus, but great multitude followed him.
  • See obstacles as opportunity for miracles.
  • Heaven is not short of miracle because man is not short of needs.
  • No covenant is good when you do nothing about it.
  • You can have night without having darkness.
  • Make use of what you have and God will give you what you need.
  • Come near your obstacle enough to see your miracle.
  • God does not negotiate with man; he designs his life and gives him a will.
  • Do not hold hands with a novice in times of danger.
  • If the Lord asked you to go over, never go under.
  • You need not owe if you are owned by Christ.
  • Hear a good oratory when you are alive.
  • Desire a miracle, and consult not an oracle.
  • It is better to obey God and die, than to obey man and live.
  • Some people could be men of the under-world but we are people of the over-world.
  • When your dream meets with obstacle, expect a miracle.
  • Arm yourself with words of confidence, and then be ready to over come your problems.
  • Troubles are opportunities for triumph..
  • Preserve in the face of all odds.
  • Only the living can have problems and opposition.
  • There is a time to dwell on obscurity and there is a time to swim in prosperity.
  • When the devil knocks at your door, tell Jesus to open it.
  • If you age out and do not deteriorate or ebb away, you become old in years without ageing.
  • God will never send you to where He cannot observe you.
  • Do not stop the enemy from forming an opinion about you, but do not aid and abet his opinion.
  • The world is an output of the dream of others.


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