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quotes from benson idahosa 4

Updated on September 14, 2015
  • Every adverse situation which comes across your way is meant to be over come.
  • When you give an acceptable offering, Heaven opens to out shower blessings.
  • You don’t fight for what is your own. But when it is not your own, by God’s divine intervention it can be your own.
  • You may work for an oil company without oil in your house.
  • Never offend anybody you come across, for he may be of help to you tomorrow.
  • A person who is shy to advertise his godly obsession would not be remembered as ever encountered; you are remembered only by your obsession.
  • A man’s offering cannot quality him; rather it is he that qualifies his offering.
  • All obstacles should always be viewed as opportunities.
  • We are not to fill a space, but occupy a space.
  • Don’t allow people’s opinion to pin you down.
  • An efficient person is proficient in his calling.
  • Learn to carry a prayer card rather than a placard.
  • If you are proprietor, learn to exhibit proficiency.
  • Advancement goes with progress.
  • When God gives a vision He makes a provision.
  • The gospel has never lost its power. It will not lose its power in your time.
  • I would rather be a helper of the poor than to be so useful to my family and useless to my generations.
  • Signs and wonders are Visible proofs of what God has promised.
  • Christ can take you from poverty to prosperity and from obscurity to popularity.
  • When you abandon your position of helping other who has hoped, and you start looking for help, all those that thought you were the answer will now see you as part of the problem.
  • Be the hope of your generation. When you know that is your assignment, no price is too high for your dream.
  • God has not called you to punish you but to polish you.
  • God is bigger than you’re your bigger plans.
  • Do your asking and leave the performing to God.
  • Your mind is too little to carry your problem, therefore put it in God’s hand.
  • If you believe in prayer, your heart will always be there.
  • When you are in a place which God did not put, He will make a way to take you out of that place.
  • You are not too deep in the pit for God not to be able to pick you up.
  • You are preserved for a purpose.
  • The God of impossibility can possibilities things for you.
  • The presence of God makes the difference
  • No one should look at his or her problems; rather we should look at our programmes and ask God for ability to do a day’s job properly.
  • If you live for Christ fear comes to pass.
  • You are minus to the devil, and a plus to the kingdom of God.

  • It is too late to think of yesterday, and tomorrow is too far to be profitable; therefore ask and believe today, that today may give birth to tomorrow.
  • Preparation time is never a wasted time.
  • Possibility is the nature of God.
  • If you change your position, God will change your situation.
  • God pulls down that he did not set up, but no man pulls down what God has setup.
  • Don’t pray to be blessed until you are lifted up.
  • The scripture brings profit. Read your Bible well if you want to get profit. The word of God is profitable.
  • Righteousness does not mean living in abject poverty.
  • Your smallest faith is powerful enough to get you the miracle you need.
  • One miracle that God will use you to perform can be a miracle for millions of people.
  • Whatever a year becomes is usually not the making of that year. The year does not make itself prosperous; god’s people have to a make it prosperous.
  • Many Christians plans, but do not propel.
  • Exhibit what you preach by experiencing what you preach.
  • When God becomes your propeller; and your pilot, your will never fly dip rather high.
  • A possibilitarian find alternative courses of action in the face of obstacles, on his way to success.
  • When you are absent from your body, you are present with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Righteousness plus right hard work is equal to prosperity.
  • A preacher without the Holy Ghost will die reading history and not making history.
  • Life is full of possibilities.
  • Prayer without praise and worship does not produce result.
  • Be patient in whatever God is saying to you.
  • Posterity is better than prosperity.
  • Pupils cannot be promoted from one class to the other without some kind of test. Test brings promotion.
  • God did not establish the world, and its peoples for the devil and his agents. He established it Himself and the people of God.
  • Panic kills, but faith preserves.
  • Constant procrastination leads to the death of expectation.
  • The life of the church depends on the state of the pastor.
  • God is nearer to us in times of trouble than in times of peace.
  • There is a different between the power of the pulpit and the power of the palace.
  • If you don’t have pattern of living, you have many patterns of problems.
  • Disciples are never dissuaded, they are persuaded.
  • When the devil proposes to you a failure, show him success instead.
  • Christians cannot know what power they have until they put away divisiveness.
  • When you are under pressure you cannot contact a revelation.
  • We have the permission from god to have problems and difficulties, but we are forbidden to let problems have us.
  • Don’t rum from pains, but don’t leave god alone.
  • If pain is there, then peace will come.

  • God never leaves you at the point where He meets you.
  • If somebody who is poor says “follow me” you may end up being poor.
  • The lord becomes our solution to all problems when we know Him.
  • Live a transparent life than even hell will see you as God’s property.
  • It is not a rope that you need to get out of a pit, but refusing to fall into a pit.
  • Faith is a pathfinder.
  • God gave us prophets to succeed.
  • Live long to your enemies wrong.
  • Multitudes pursue after the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Majority of a man’s problems is himself.
  • The more you are possessed of God, the less you are pursued by the devil.
  • Something that delays in coming is for you to pray better.
  • Don’t look for promotion your time of failure.
  • The reason why many people fall is because they put pride before price.
  • Change your position to change your destiny.
  • God always performs an invisible available miracle.
  • A person is either terrible or terrific.
  • A sinning man cannot pray, and a praying man does not sin.
  • Confession can affect your possession.
  • Be positive when it is negative.
  • Confidence if God gives divine providence.
  • There is grate power in life desire.
  • There is usually a different between proximity of Christ and appropriation of Christ.
  • If a man purposes, God performs.
  • When you are impatient, you become a patient.
  • Tacking a problem is better than running away from it.
  • For peace to prevail, sometimes there must be troubles.
  • I am God’s responsibility; therefore I am qualified to be blessed.
  • Be a man who asks questions when in troubles or problems.
  • Learn to qualify what you quantify.
  • All men can have questions directed at God. There is usually one answer-miracle.
  • People who respect money too much never have it.
  • If everything is right, it is God.
  • When you try your last resort, God will be your first result.
  • When the weather frightens you, the radar strengthens you.
  • Life will never give you what you require. It only gives you what you demand.
  • It is more risky not to take risk.
  • Religion is an activity, but Christianity is reality.
  • The word of God is not a story: it is a reality.

  • A man who lives a life in contact with God does not suffer reproach when he approaches God.
  • God can life you up from the pit of poverty to the crest of riches.
  • When you discover who you are, you recover from where you are.
  • No life is too bad for the blood to repair.
  • We are here to rediscover and to repair the breach.
  • Don’t run from night, but don’t run to darkness.
  • Don’t fall, but rise.
  • Foresee good result in the midst of problems.
  • When God says something the power that holds that thing is released.
  • If you do not build a revelation out of struggle it will not survive.
  • Continue to pressurize God by your asking, until God has pleasure in your dependability on him to get what you require.
  • Your belief should produce righteousness.
  • The day you learn to resist your weakness and strengthen your strength, success will salute you.
  • Christ is the reason for everything.
  • If you don’t set goals, resolutions can never be the answer.
  • Revelation is better than resolution.
  • Pay a price to become an answer to some body’s question; a remedy to some one’s problem.
  • Repentance is better than wickedness.
  • When you clear a rotten thing (sin), a clean one (Holy Spirit) takes over.
  • The only way God can fight for you is when you remove your hands from the battle.
  • It is easier to repair than to replace.
  • The Lord is more alive to His responsibility for your safety and progress, than the devil is for your destruction.
  • Remember that what the devil says about you is nothing, but what God says about you will stand because God has the final say.
  • God has a solution for every situation but there is no remedy for recklessness.
  • If faith can change your destiny for the better, you need to also understand that doubt and unbelief can ruin your destiny.
  • It’s only when you require God’s best that He produces His dream in you and though you.
  • There is a rich domain to be possessed only by those who believe in God.
  • Every risk of faith ends in triumph.
  • You must learn to resist and refrain yourself from those who tell you that it is enough.
  • Any man that refuses to increase will decrease.
  • If we remember that the day of death is hidden from man, we will die to all nations will decrease.
  • People who live extraordinary lives are great risk takers.
  • I have always recognized one voice as the only true and final voice and that is God.
  • There must be a relationship between your heart and your mouth in desiring something from God.
  • When you have a revelation, there will be a revolution.
  • When you rebuke the storm while other are panicking, people will ask what manner of man are you.
  • Only the Lord can talk to a dead man as if the dead is live, and the dead responds promptly.
  • Our God is a God of records. He knows you more than you know yourself.
  • Many Christians die sweating instead of rejoicing in the God of their salvation.
  • When you have a problem, look for a revelation and words that suit that revelation.
  • The day you become a Christian, God remolds your destiny.
  • The refusal to be groomed does not preclude being doomed.
  • You have a right to choose what you desire for your life.

  • A New Year commitment is better than New Year resolution.
  • Until you say bye-bye to religion you never have reality.
  • A glad spirit is a possibility spirit; it rejoices, sees life from a positive angle and knows that even if it is bad, it would see the good.
  • Rain (the good things of life) can fall upon your lives even without the clouds gathering.
  • The person who has unbelief has no relief.
  • If you fail to trust God, you begin to rust.
  • To be rich is not to be foolish.
  • Faith is not the ability to go to church. Faith is resolving to let God do what you cannot do for yourself.
  • A good Christian is on a rescue mission to save and the unsaved.
  • Criminals are men of the underworld, but Christians are meant to rule over the world.
  • The day you refuse to live by miracle, you cannot cease to come across obstacle.
  • Have the mind of a champion, and the scale over the storm.
  • Lazy men look for money but active men look for souls.
  • One the way to success there is bound to be thorns and thistles.
  • If you don’t stretch out your hand in anticipation of something, you don’t get anything.

  • It is not your talent, skill or intellect that gave you salvation; it is the grace of God.
  • A progressive and successful individual can not be equated in any way with failure.
  • When sudden solutions come your way, they are permanent results.
  • God always wants to take his church from zero to surplus.
  • Never allow your sight cancel your hearing.
  • Learn to increase your faith, and not always your salary.
  • The spirit of God never gives an assignment without assistance.
  • Where there is no need, there would be no supply.
  • Don’t surrender to your surrounding, but surrender to the one who is in charge of your surrounding.
  • Refuse to allow your skin to disdain your skill.
  • Let your efficiency give you sufficiency.
  • You may lives as long as you want to unless it is your due season.
  • Do not strive to survive, strive to improve.
  • My job is my means but God is my source of supply.
  • I didn’t beg God to create me, and I will not beg him to sustain me if I am still his own.
  • You can strip Joseph of his coat, but you cannot strip him of his dream.
  • Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves
  • God never blesses you without providing you security.
  • If you can see it, God will do it.
  • Religion is a service but Christianity is life.
  • Sharks are not found in shallow waters.
  • Religion goes far the sensual but Christianity goes far the spiritual.
  • Faith is not a slogan, it is action and reality.
  • Don’t think of small things because god is too big to fit into your small project.
  • If God gives you a status, don’t be a statue
  • Ordination is not divine salvation
  • Attentiveness, listening and knowing is part of success.
  • Don’t take suggestions from your children, but give them direction.
  • If you make God your surety, you will never have shortages.
  • Sleep less, dream more.
  • To ascend to great heights, you must soar.
  • Religious people attend church services once a week, Christians serve the Lord everyday.


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