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quotes from benson idahosa 5

Updated on December 11, 2015
  • Do not sow and go to sleep, watch over your seeds, and tend them.
  • The secret of your power lies within your heart.
  • Until you speak, the spirit will not work.
  • Compassion is not sympathy.
  • Don’t sink by the first threat in your business or ministry
  • God has no sinking sand.
  • No other god has power to rise from the dead. Only Jesus can save.
  • The Christian should be healthy in order to heal the sick.
  • God makes somebody out of nobody.
  • Feed your faith to starve you doubts.
  • A little unseemliness, a little sin in a clean body is a big stain.
  • When Christ steps into our lives, sin steps out.
  • The world cannot save the world, but the saints can save the world.
  • No work without specification can be conceived.
  • Faith spurs to action and action brings results.
  • If god does not put you on high and blessings come they will suppress you.
  • If anything which you desire to achieve in life is only what comes out of your sweat, then your achievement will be small indeed.
  • The wealth of sinners is in the hands of saints.
  • You a stranger to failure.
  • Storms can bring strength.
  • Rather than cry out your poverty, God will shield you from knowing that need is there.
  • There is no short cut to success.
  • You can discover a new you in you when you start to put faith to action.
  • Put your faith in god before you try your senses.
  • Until you start using spiritual sight, you will never see far.
  • If you sleep too much life will pass you by.
  • When the devil is laying a snare for you, he forgets whom you serve.
  • You are what God says you are from the very day He says it to you.
  • Do not force anybody to be called a superintendent when he is a supervisor.
  • When you believe it is not too late, then it will come on time. It will be in your due season and God’s.
  • Stand above your natural height; see faith work when others fail.

  • Salvation salvages our lives.
  • Success without successful succession is a defeated life.
  • God will never call you and you suffer setbacks for his name.
  • Jesus is the end of searching.
  • Struggles don’t die, stagnant people die.
  • Christians are in the minority with supernatural power.
  • Day after day, our faith undergoes scrutiny.
  • Do not be afraid of stumbling blocks, but do sink with them
  • A river that is static soon becomes stagnant.
  • People waste their time and life on their knees trying to send God on errands. We can not send Him when he has sent us.
  • Have the stamina to stand against challenges that threatens your endeavors.
  • We are in a poverty stricken world, but thank God it is not the government who supply all our needs. It is not the bank.
  • There are many people who read the scriptures, but quite a few study it.
  • People who look at their skin never discover heir skill.
  • You do not need superpower to serve God; you need a super grace to serve a super God.
  • There is no solution you are reaching for which the Lord God can not do better.
  • Only the Lord can stop for you where there is no father or mother.
  • As you constantly pass people by, always learn to stop by to help the poor.
  • If you don’t abstain from sin it will stain you.
  • Labor without skills makes you to labor more.
  • Faith never brings shame.
  • We have been saved to save others.
  • Some body can take silver from your mouth, but no one can take your mouth from silver.
  • Man counts the fruits, but God counts the seeds.
  • God as a source is better than the source from man.
  • Anyone that learns slowly learns slowing.
  • When you turn your trials to sorrow, it then becomes a storm.
  • Miracle is not what you think, but what you see.
  • What is not seen is more available than what is seen.
  • Many of the things you are not able to do is because you did not start it
  • When your obstacles are too great, don’t push it aside, surrender them to Jesus.
  • Your steadfastness takes you away from fainting.
  • Make yourself free and your mind will be sensitized.
  • The symbol of the eagle reminds you of where you ought to be.
  • When God saves a person, he makes him somebody out of nobody.
  • Those who sit down doing nothing will soak and sour.
  • People are always sick, but God is always well.
  • No situation is so ugly that it cannot augur well for God.
  • Every setback in your life is not a defeat, but a test.
  • Your devotion to God is a guarantee that your future is secure.
  • It is not the size of faith that matters, it is the sincerity.
  • The slavery of the sour is worse than that of the flesh.
  • When God ask you to arise, do not sit down.

  • It takes spiritual principles to solve spiritual problems.
  • Due season is that time in our life that no body can intercept, it is that compressing time when past, present, and future meets.
  • Learn to say no to sorrow.
  • If you are a child of God your safety is in His hand.
  • A docked ship faces no storm so also are saints that do nothing.
  • Do not labour because of tomorrow, you already have your tomorrow met with today because you brought yesterday to today, and your tomorrow to today.
  • Children are born, but sons are made.
  • For after the heat, after the rain, comes the triumph over trials.
  • Don’t let what men think of you to weigh you down.
  • Being at the top is easy, but remaining there is a problem.
  • When you don’t pray tithes, things become tight for you.
  • Terrific times are sometimes preceded by terrible times.
  • The gospel can transfer you from failure to success.
  • The only language that brings testimony is testimony.
  • Let what you teach concur with how you live.
  • If you can think of it, God will provide it for you.
  • When things are terrible, the Christian should be terrific in faith.
  • God specializes in stopping people’s tears.
  • Goals getters don’t get tired.
  • The greatest power constant in achievement is the ability to stand when your vision is tested.
  • No matter the degree of rottenness of any situation, when God touches it, it changes for goods.
  • God of tough times is still the God of terrific times.
  • Anything that has life will have trouble.
  • Learn how to release your bullet and believe that it is going to hit the target.
  • Anything taller than you is under the feet of God.
  • Do not be moved by the threat of men, neither should you give heed to the boast of men.
  • Train yourself to say I am expecting God’s visitation in my house.
  • Tomorrow is so far that you cannot pull it to today.
  • One miracle back away from sin is one miracle turned to God.
  • Do not doubt what you have not tried, just try it.
  • A pastor without testimonies is a past tense.
  • Testimonies will take you to the top, and when you are on top, you can see far.
  • The gospel is the truth, and the truth can never be suppressed for long.
  • Tenacity of purpose yields fruits.
  • Your belief that faith can change your destiny must be tested and tried.

  • Don’t take from God what you place with him.
  • The trumpet signifying the end of the battle will not be blown until you are wining.
  • Temptations are not designed to kill you but to establish your mastery over the devil as a child of God.
  • Tempest is not temptation, but trial of triumph.
  • You and God constitute an unbeatable team.
  • Why you engage in overtime is because the time is too short.
  • If you can tame your mind to time yourself you will have success.
  • Learn to tune your ears to the channel of God.
  • Do not stop people from talking about you, but do not join them to talk evil about yourself.
  • It is better to die while trying out something good than to die lying down doing nothing.
  • If you can tell the devil where he is going, he will cease to remind you of where you are coming from.
  • The easiest way to cut a trip short is to ask who is coming from there.
  • Don’t try to be what some one else is because you don’t know how he got there.
  • Be careful because the many praises of men are traps, so as to ascertain your honesty.
  • The day you begin to stop trusting God, you continue to make mistakes.
  • How much truth you know gives you the wisdom you have.
  • Unless you build together, you cannot grow together.
  • Your testimony should be insider the church and not outside it.
  • God has time for our timing.
  • We are together in the house of God as a team, but we are not going to give an account of ourselves as a team.
  • Some pastors are more interested in tithe than in the ministry.
  • Testimonies will take you to the top, and when you are on top, you can see far.
  • The bigger the problem, the bigger the testimony.
    • Know what to say when every body is saying the wrong words.
    • God is not only a fighter, but a winner every time.
    • Rest before you are weary.
    • The word is quick language of miracles, and miracles always come from God.
    • We are double winners, here on earth and in resurrection.
    • With holiness backing the scriptures, wisdom follows.
    • The will of God will not make you avoid needs.
    • If you have no will to live, you cannot deny the desire to die.
    • Whatever you admire in life, desire it, and whatever you desire in life reacquire it, and whatever you require in life, aspire for it, don’t retire, but refire, when you refire, the acquire that which you desire that you admire in life.
    • Don’t be a half winner
    • I don’t worry, I don’t fear, I know that God is on my side.
    • The words of your mouth can give you a turn around.
    • When you are so weak, that is when you can do all things.
    • Christianity is a warfare
    • Rest before you are weary
    • No man ever wins when he is afraid to fight.
    • Revelation can lengthen your years on earth.
    • Yesterday is so far away that you cannot merge it with today.
    • Until you see yourself, you don’t know what you are supposed to be.
    • God can take you from “who are you “to “how are you?”
    • Zealousness doesn’t give you what you require from God, but faith is the raw material that gives you a better thing from God.

  • Treasure what you believe in.
  • Testimony can help you to build your own testament.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown.
  • Religionists are contented with formalities, but Christians are interested in the unusual.
  • Faith must be backed by action and unction.
  • Faith is not to be left unused.
  • Faith is a journey never undertaken before.
  • No matter how deep you have been in the pit, upward is your goal.
  • When tigers are congress, an antelope does not seek to be heard. A goat does not prance into a gathering of lions to say “How do you do”? Neither does a mouse seek to mediate in a fight between two elephants. But today unbelievers seek to determine the Christian’s tomorrow.
  • Anyone who plans your demise will go under, even under the earth. There is nothing to fear. Only Jesus is Lord.
  • Thank God for victories in unseen battles.
  • You never go under while you are trying to go over with the lord.
  • When the unexpected happens, the unusual is about to occur.
  • Resolve that you shall never be frozen in un-fulfillment.
  • The more you use what you have, the more you have to use.
  • Magic is limited, but a miracle is unlimited.
  • When a dream is unveiled to you, let action follow it.
  • Every life endeavour must t needs walk through a valley.
  • God is looking for a voice not an echo.
  • The days of big names only in ministry is not God’s principle, He is looking for will vessels.
  • There is no vacuum that God cannot fill.
  • The spirit of God in you tells that visions must receive provisions.
  • Encourage yourself inside for victory outside.
  • Better to be a victor and not a victim.
  • Vision is a brief visitation of the spiritual world of God to man.
  • The greater the problem, the brighter the victory.
  • God is not looking for visitors in His church of ministry.
  • Dare to venture into those areas where people are afraid to succeed.
  • Natural visible things are the evidences of the invisible.
  • Understand the voice of God and disregard the voice of the enemy.
  • Obstacles confront you more than victory.
  • You must make good plans and execute same with vigour.
  • Christians celebrate victories before they see them.
  • You must win souls for God, if your lips and hands cannot do it; let your money do it for the Lord.
  • If you don’t see God manifest Himself any more, the church may become a part of the world system.
  • When you apply wisdom, and withdraw from evil, God will use you.
  • When God gives you a weight, he gives you a spring, or grace to carry it.
  • Don’t shake with the wind but stand against it.
  • You must always believe God for away out no matter the intensity of your trouble.
  • When you ask God for something do not worry over the doing.
  • Whosoever cam have whatever.
  • Don’t be a tomb, but a womb.
  • God never wastes people and time.
  • When “who are you? Comes in contact with who He is”, you are moved from the social stage of “who are you?” To “How are you?”.
  • Do not wish yourself what the enemy wishes you.
  • Learn to fight even when you are not willing to fight, because the day you cease fighting, you star losing.
  • Even before you inherit faith, faith already has wealth.

Take your name out of welfare and put it in warfare.


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