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Waverly hills sanatorium Not just history

Updated on March 12, 2012

sorry for the mispelling if there is any

I have done research on this subject for years. I already know you think this place is an asylum, but that's further from the truth. Its not an asylum, it was a TB hospital, it was the best in the country from 1926-1961, but it did have its faults. On the 1st floor it had the morgue, entrance to the death tunnel, it had x-rays and a room rumored to be called the draining room, but that room is only a rumor. On the 2nd floor, it was general population floor, they crammed as many patients as they could on this floor, it also had the largest cafeteria in the hospital. On the 3rd floor, there were 2 patients to a room and there was a minor surgery room up there. On the 4th floor, this floor was for the patients that had the money, there was minor and major surgery rooms up there. The 5th floor, that's where the children were, and nurses stations, Now up there were insane patients with the disease.

The procedures they did were primitive and were horrible, like pneumothorax and thoracoplasty. The two are highly different, like pneumothorax, patients were kept awake the tube was next to their hearts going into their lungs. Thoracoplasty was a last resort, its the removal of ribs, 2-3 at a time to pop the lung, 90% of people who had this done died.

The buildng was closed in 1961 after a cure was found, though thousands of people died, there is a count of 63,000 people who died to this horrific disease. Not long after the former TB hospital was closed, Woodhaven was opened as a geriatric's center. The only floors that were used were the 3rd and 4th floors, there is evidence that the doors on both floors were chained shut so the patients couldn't escape. Due to patient abuse and neglect woodhaven was shut down by the county and state in 1981.

Now there are many stories of spirits at waverly hills, such as the woman who comes running out the front doors wearing white and covered in blood screaming and disappearing at the gate, or the legend of Room 502, there is some truth to that. A band in louisville took the numbers off the door frame and they said the ghost that lives in that room was not happy, they were followed until they returned the numbers, the story is that a nurse hung herself after she found out she was expecting and she contracted TB.

The other stories of the girl on the 3rd floor, she keeps saying she has no eyes, there are EVP's of her saying this, some have been fortunate enough to catpure her on camera with no eyes looking very angry. One of the more popular spirits are of Timmy, a 5yr old child who died of TB, he can be seen with a ball asking someone to play with him.

There are all kinds of stories of the building, saying its a horrible place filled with evil spirits. There are no evil spirits, there are those who are angry but that's mostly the spirits of woodhaven. The building is now giving tours for the public, all the procedings are going to restore the building into a 4-star hotel, complete with ghosts. Believe it or not.

Before the restoration

This is what the building looked like before restoring it
This is what the building looked like before restoring it


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    • Raevyn14 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

      @bethperry, I didn;t get my info from ghost hunting shows,I loved researching the history of the building for years

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 

      6 years ago from Tennesee

      Very interesting!

      I don't know about you, but I hate watching a ghost hunting shows when all the "paranormal investigators" do nothing but taunt the dead. This isn't respect and I don't see how it helps anything.


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