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Reincarnation - deception or reality?

Updated on March 10, 2014


A: I truly believe that reincarnation is real. I do not believe that after life, we simply die and slowly rot away, as if we had never existed. There must be something more to life that just our physical bodies, constructed of atoms and molecules – that are souls live on and are reborn into another body, regardless animal or human - Reincarnation

B: I think otherwise. I am skeptical towards this question and approach it with realism and scientific fact. I believe that we exist only in the physical form and what is proven by science – the molecular structure of our organism. Reincarnation is strongly falsifiable and even if we are reborn, how may times can that happen? Is there a limit or not? If not, why is the population of earth ever increasing.

Body Part 1

A: What about are thoughts and emotions? They are not material or “molecular” and to answer your questions, the population of earth is ever increasing as new souls arrive in new bodies.

B: They are simple electric impulses that are created in the Cerebrum of our brains and make us experience such emotions, or create imaginative pictures, i.e. our thoughts – Simply energy, which we perceive in a way, as if our brain creates images of either non-existent or real objects or people. And how would you know if a soul is new or old?

A: I’ll give you and example how.But if we talk about the human being at a spiritual level, the possibility of our soul, our conscience to be reborn in another organism. There are even many proven cases that reincarnation has indeed occurred. For example, the case of the 8 year old boy, James Leininger, who possessed memories of the experiences LT. James McCready Huston, a World War two fighter pilot. The boy possessed knowledge to the utmost detail of the inside of a bomber cockpit at the age of 6. This is an example of a child prodigy, which ahs experienced déjà vu during his early childhood. He dreamed through battles and even the airplane crash in which LT. Huston died. How would you explain this, if not through the reincarnation of LT. Huston’s conscience or soul into the body of this boy?

B: This could just as easily be a hoax. This could have been organized by the parents of the child to gain popularity or to create a practical joke. The child could have been forcefully taught pilot skills, which he must have learned by heart. On the other hand, the child could simply have had a talent for flight equipment. While the other aspects cannot be physically proven, the child’s word must be taken for granted, which is a very doubtable source of information.

Body Part 2

A: What about the thousands of people, who believe in rebirth – Buddhists, Hindus and Scientologists? They have all taken much time into investigating similar claims and the possibilities behind reincarnation.

B: Buddhism, Hinduism and Scientology are religions, which follow spiritual beliefs. Their followers do not pursue scientifically proven facts, but only hope and consider something that may or may not exist. Furthermore, Buddhists and Hindus believe that rebirth in something negative, not positive. They have faith in the belief that to achieve spiritual peace and bliss, one must escape the internal cycle of life and find peace with the world. However, newer religions and cults, such as the Scientology cult, follow beliefs that rebirth is the way to perfectionism - the ultimate goal. They have completely different perceptions of reincarnation and its effects.

A: True, they believe in different consequences and goals of reincarnation. But you present one fact wrongly: That there are no scientific facts, which prove rebirth. Buddha offers his followers his spiritual testimony. He acquired three varieties of knowledge, the first being information about his passed lives – his names, occupations, etc. But not only Buddha is known to have done this. Many other disciples of Buddha have written down or described such testimonies of past life recollection.

B: But this is no scientific proof. We must take these testimonies for granted. They must as well be made up stories and lies.

A: No, they could be dream or vision, which the people in question have experience under deep sleep or hypnosis. How could you prove scientifically reincarnation or rebirth or even that memories of past lives are true?

B: One could measure the heart rate, brain impulses of a person in sleep and then analyze them to receive sufficient data, which could show a déjà vu or a dream, with specific vivacity. Furthermore one may ask the reincarnated person questions that only the dead person may know the answers to. For example, in the case of the 8 year old child and his dreams of LT. Huston’s deadly crash, one could ask the child specific and minute details, that only the pilot may have noticed. If you present me with such a claim, which can be proven by both methods, I will intend to believe you.

Cycle of Life


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A: Such a proven case of a prodigy child or reborn soul does not exist, but surely life is not just at the physical level, but also consists of a spiritual part.

B: Reincarnation is strongly falsifiable – a human possesses a personal identity, which is connected to the body. If this body is then changed during reincarnation, what happens to our personal identity? This argument alone falsifies rebirth. To close this argument, I believe that this moment there is no way in which we can distinguish a reincarnated soul from a fresh soul. This thus adds nothing to our concept, perception and believes about the human being and the meaning of our existence. By applying Occam’s razor, the idea that the more easily proven argument is true, I believe that the idea behind reincarnation is unnecessary at this moment in human history.


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    • profile image

      CarolHubbard 3 years ago

      Fair enough, Andros. :)


    • Mathewson profile image

      Andro Mathewson 3 years ago from Germany

      Thank you very much for you comment and I will check out the website. I do believe that reincarnation does not exist but tried to show both sides neutrally for my readers to decide for themselves. I will also take a look at the research reports of the Virginia Medical Schools!

      Cheers Andro

    • CarolHubbard profile image

      Carol Hubbard 3 years ago from Wichita, KS

      While I, too, adhered to your point of view for some 50 years, a challenge in 2007 to research reincarnation completely reversed that. After all, the University of Virginia Medical School (which, as I'm sure you know, is one of the top universities in the U.S.), would not have had psychiatrists researching the phenomenon for more than 60 years if reincarnation was a spurious idea. Moreover, facial biometrics (used by intel agencies to determine whether an individual is who s(he) purports to be) can be used to support the strongest past-life cases, as one's underlying facial proportions (bony structure) change so little between incarnations that the linear reincarnation of an individual could gain access to a secure facility. Last, as a seminary-trained theologian, I found (to my shock) that reincarnation is supported (not refuted) by the Bible (as it is in many other religions and cultures). I encourage you to check out the research and other educational resources at my website,