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Relationships and Astrology

Updated on June 7, 2013

Love Astrology

Its not always cut and dried. I know most people at face value just take what they are told by Astrologers and out of textbooks and what they read online and accept it for face, but Astrology is a very complex science, but I am going to help you out by clarifying what I can for you. You may not have any experience, but I am quite sure you will be much less mystified after reading this. I am going to sort out some of the generalisms and confusions people have with this subject here in this lens!

Read The Whole Article on Factoidz!
Read The Whole Article on Factoidz!

Confusions at First Glace

This Concerns Relationships and Astrology

How many times have you thought or have been told that if you are a water sign: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, that you are compatible with other Water Signs. If you are Earth Sign, you are compatible with other Earth Signs: Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Are you a Fire Sign? Have you expect to be with a Leo, Sagittarius? How about an Air Sign? Do you expect to have success only with Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini?

This is not always the case boys and girls! Do you know that you also have a Moon, Rising and several additional planets in many different signs that makes you a unique individual. It is so much more complex than you might think! There are a few people who fall under what is called an Astrological Cusp, which are people who are born on the border of two separate Astrological Signs. The Zodiac Signs are also broken up into three distinct categories throughout their cycle of the months they are respectively in and people born in those three distinct time slices all have slightly different variations in their personalities respectively within the sign itself.

Casting Astrological charts for compatibility gets very technical. The only way you are going to get a correct Astrological Chart is to calculate each and every planetary position for you and your partner or prospective partner, preferably using a skilled Astrologer to determine those calculations and interpret your relationship chart for you! Its not an easy task for the newcomer. It takes many years of practice. I have been doing Astrological Charts since I was thirteen years old! I am now thirty-one and I still learn something new with each and every chart I interpret. Take heart, though, if you study in your spare time, you will pick up on many of these factors with practice doing the charts of friends and family and you will get the hang of it, don't be discouraged, its like learning Calculus or another language!


Astrology Education Supplies - Books, Manuals, and Other Aides to Learn Astrology

Here are some of the best supplies I can suggest to you to learn the craft of Astrology or to real brush up and become an in depth Astrologer who knows his or her material! I started off eighteen years ago at the age of thirteen learning about Astrology and two or three years later, just from reading and studying with others who knew the craft, I learned how to do natal charts, horoscopes, how to cast lots, and so much more! There are even different traditions of Astrology that you can learn. The differences are endless, but most successful Astrologers will come up with the same results in your chart if he or she is competent and really is looking for the right things.

Breaking it Down

A Small Dose of Astrology 101

I am going to illustrate some facts as I personally fine them to be concerning particular relationships of two people who appear at first glance to be Astrological Anomalies, even though that is not the case, to the untrained eye, it may seem that way at first glance. With further deep analysis, some of these folks are absolutely meant to be together for eternity!. Soul-mates , in the technical term, are often not of the same element: Water, Fire, Air, Earth. We are all made up of these and where they fall in relation to your partner's technical chart is where the magic happens!

For instance, I have two very dear friends; one is a Pisces, the other a Leo. Would you think these two people on the surface would go together. One is dreamy, serene, and gentle, but very stubborn. The Leo can be conceited, egotistical, strong-headed, and prideful, but if you put two people together who have those Sun Signs: Pisces and Leo, and they are balanced with a Rising Sign or Moon that mirrors the other's Sun Sign, you may have the match of two perfectly compatible soul-mates. They are two halves that make a whole! It is often believed that they were once one person and their soul was broken in two halves and they wander the Earth through many incarnations looking to find each other and make themselves whole again!

These two individuals, my friends I was discussing before for example. One is a Pisces with a Leo moon, the other a Leo with a Pisces moon. The Sun Sign is the outward appearance, the apparent to yourself unhidden from your subconscious. The Moon, a more hidden emotional and feeling aspect. Its the unknown, what you feel inside and will only display to your most intimate of associates.

Furthermore, this could work with two people who have a conjuncting Rising Sign. The Rising Sign is where your chart begins. Its the area of your chart where the sun rises on the day at the exact moment when you were born. You could have a Leo who is in love with a person, such as a Scorpio, because the Scorpio is a cusp, born on the last day of Scorpio, a Scorpio-Sagittarius. This Scorpio has a Sagittarius rising and a Leo moon. This is a very compatible match. You might fight sometimes in the Scorpio-Leo areas as you both have a huge ego and are very stubborn, but the Sagittarius aspects will tone those down and make you a much more subservient, pleasing person to your Leo love!

There are so many combinations that work, so don't limit yourself! Get your chart done with this person and see or just watch where it goes on your own. You will know when the one arrives! Don't discount anybody, because you really don't ever know what can work! You might be pleasantly surprised

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