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The Wall of Churches

Updated on August 24, 2017

The Wall of Churches

With memory of my last death and return to life, with visions given to me between lives, it was a puzzle to understand where the notions of heaven and hell and of devils, angels and saints came from. It was not until I reached the age shown to me between lives that the picture of how man developed religious beliefs from his imagination was on the agenda. For the next 20 or so years my research into the origins of religion and language led me to these startling revelations.

This lens will challenge many and there are duel modules for readers to speak out. The challenge is to think through the question before responding. It is a fact that people stick up for their religious beliefs but what if they are wrong and misleading you. The bottom line is the world has been fooled by experts for power and control. Now we are paying the price. Individuals can't change the world but we can change our support and give it in the right direction. Unfortunately there are many who can't do that because they are programmed otherwise,

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Tear Down The Walls

They hide the real God

The Spirit said "Tear Down The Wall of Churches" and that made little sense until the truth about the wall was known. My memory of reincarnation and communication with the Spirit since has taught me that God is not a man and certainly proves that religions are wrong on many counts but this came out of the blue and somewhat of a shock

There was a huge learning curve ahead of me that would take almost 20 years to finish. The problem of presenting my knowledge to the world was not resolved.

From before birth the visions showed me that a special job was mine to do and that it would definitely not be easy. That is a gross understatement as without the Spirit's help it would be impossible.

Following the order it took 2 years of concentrated learning of man's behavior and religious and language origins to even come close to knowing how to do this. The greatest shock was when the mysteries that had puzzled scholars for some 2 millennium were resolved and the answers were given to me - HELP! 

Where Is The Wall

That was the first puzzle to resolve

No one had ever mentioned the wall of churches to me before. While every church, temple, mosque and other have walls they are not one wall but many. The earliest churches were carved out of rock face in some locations, such as in Petra, Jordan dated c2,700ya (years ago).

This site explains where my authority comes from to speak on this issue. Why me? That is still a puzzle that only God knows, but someone had to do it and prophecy states it will happen at the end.

During my studies in archaeology and anthropology the ancient sites of many cultures made incredible sense to me thanks to the things the Spirit allowed me to know. Things like how man inherited his basic religion from primordial ancestors, namely Homo Erectus.

Then came the circle and cross symbol, displayed in a vision of people collected on a hillside waiting for the sun to rise behind the holed stone held aloft for the purpose. The image it formed was of the circle and cross and colors of the rainbow in concentric circles pulsed perpetually like a magical force. This was taken to represent the first Divine Being, which was, of course, the sun.

The cross is, therefore,a sun sign and together they became the basis of language through the sounds made to describe them and then combination of those sounds, The hole in the stone was known as the 'hole's eye' from whence came the term 'holy'. It became the magical symbol for every religion thereafter. Dating from c400,000ya it was found on a nummalite fossil from Tata, Italy.

The symbol is found in or on every sacred site on all inhabited continents and it came to have deep meaning within religions. Tracing the sounds it became obvious why it was responsible for the wall of churches. It was up to me to find out the extent of it and why?

Led to unearth the mysteries it was the prophecies in the Old Testament that stood out. Things like this:

And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness. Isaiah 20:15

Do You Think There is a Barrier Between You and God?

Many attend Church, their temple or mosque but get nowhere ahead in their search for truth.

Is this the fault of religion or something else?.

Did you get anything from this lens?

Would you refer it to a friend or relative to read?

Does this Topic Strike a Cord with You?

A New Vision and a New Puzzle

It was right before my eyes

The sight of something so big that you cannot go around it, so tall that you cannot climb over it and so deep that you cannot dig under was there in front of me. It was the wall but it had no substance.

After this it started to bother me a lot because there was something about the wall that I had to know and was missing for some reason.

In another vision a treasure of immense wealth was buried deep in the ground. The lid was partly off and some of the contents spilled out so I could see the extent of it. But I was not into treasure and, by this time, wealth had little meaning in my life.

Soon after at a special meeting of some religious people I asked the Spirit to reveal the meaning of the treasure. Nothing came forth. Driving home there was a great urgency to go the long way round. This took me past a friend's place, Barbara, whom the Spirit had connected me with a few weeks earlier. As I approached her place the Spirit had me stop and to go knock on her door.

As she opened the door the tears started and they would not stop. She took me by the arm and led me to the lounge. As the tears subsided there was a long message in tongues, the language of the Spirit, that poured from my lips uncontrollably. As soon as they stopped Barbara started to deliver this message. She had no knowledge of the vision given to me or of my begging the Spirit for an answer to the puzzle.

'Tongues' is something you cannot fake It comes with power and those who have felt it know instantly that it is from God. It began to be manifested in those seeking spiritual power in the early part of the 20th Century and the rise of the New Age of understanding and outpouring. Likewise, the message back from the Spirit comes in the language of the intercessor, in this case English, and is equally as uncontrollable.

The treasure has been buried by the churches. You my daughter will unearth the treasure and give it back to the children. The churches lie and hide the truth from my people. The children will know the truth and the liars will be destroyed. You will restore the treasure and the priests and liars will go. You, my daughter, will do this. Fear not the things that will come against you for I am with you."

When she had finished delivering the message I told Barbara about the vision. She nodded her head for now she could understand what was going on. But I was no closer to knowing where to find the wall.

Then it hit me. The wall is built of lies told by religious diehards that oppose common sense and which prevents the truth from being known. The more I talked to people about spirituality the more in focus it became.

Do you think God can speak to individuals as I have stated

Is there a role for Religion?

It had puzzled me for most of my life to know why the bible makes no sense and why it is so hard to read. When the Spirit taught me that there is so much of man's imagination in there that it makes the work indigestible it makes sense. My next job was to search out where the lies within its pages had come from. It did not take long.

Until the printing press was invented in the 16thC the old bibles were scribed my men (mostly monks) who took up to several months to complete a single page, let alone a chapter. A group of monks worked on individual chapters and when one saw a reason to change a sentence, a paragraph or a claim he usually did. There were no checks and balances.

The bibles of old were, therefore, very expensive and they were also of few pages. The cost was increased by the materials used. The paper was mainly velum, a writing surface produced from the stomach of a young female calf, usually before 6 weeks old. Some came from calves ripped from the cow's uterus prior to birth and while the cow was alive.

The illustrations, of which there are many hundreds in existence, comprised elaborate, imaginative displays by the artists of what heaven and hell and those who inhabit these places look like. The best illustration of this comes from the Book of Kells (page illustrated). This is housed in a library in Ireland and best illustrates the point made.

The crafting in very expensive materials, such as Lapis Lazuli, gold, copper, and so on, meant that the end result was only available to the very wealthy. They, in turn, depended on the religious zealots to educate the peasantry into accepting slavery, poverty, and even death in the cause of working for their 'masters'. The Book of Kells was housed in a magnificently carved golden case, that in itself is worth a fortune in man;s eyes.

Here are just some of the things that cannot be true because they are simply not possible, and yet they are the basis of most religions:

  • The world was not created in seven days as told in Genesis. It was formed over billions of years and evolution proves it.

  • Man is not created in the image of God, in fact Spirit has no image, no sex and certainly no genes

  • Adam was not the first man as Genesis 1 confirms. He is a metaphor for those who were seeded with the Spirit at the start of the day of the Lord. 'Eve' is from 'i-v' and means 'eye of life' and that is the Spirit .The story of the creation and the great flood came from Babylon and Assyria. Ancient text from the library at Nineveh related these things, including the story of giants coming down from heaven to mate with the daughters of men. What a tale.

  • There is no such place as heaven and hell because they are nowhere to be found and my reincarnation proves it. If they existed they would have to be immense to house the billions of so-called souls that have lived and died since mankind appeared on the planet. The term 'soul' is from 'sol' for 'sun' and was described by Plato as being in the shape of the body, like a shadow, on which the sins appeared in blotches so that at judgment God could just look at the soul to decide who should go to heaven.

  • To suffer pain or enjoy pleasure you need nerves, living ones. The dead have no living nerves and so feel nothing. My site HEREdescribes the pain inflicted on victims who expect to go to heaven . WAKE UP!

  • There can be no such thing as a virgin birth as genes are required from both parents to produce offspring. A fact not known when the idea was conceived.

  • There is no archaeological evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ and the only so-called records of his existence is in the New Testament, which was produced by a founding father of the Catholic Church - namely Jerome who engaged the help of others like Augustine.

Can You Understand the Bible?

It is very confusing and controversial and many cannot understand it and, consequently do not even try. Many find that attempting to read through it leaves them depressed and anti-God

What is your reaction to the bible, or any holy book?

The Vision Sickened me

There was no escaping the meaning of it.

The vision came while I was dressing and it showed me food being cooked in oil. Lovely food cooked to perfection. Then a hand appeared with a slotted spoon and lifted the food and tipped it into a toilet full of human excreta. The lot cooked together until the hand returned and served the mix onto the plates held out by a very hungry mob.

The sight was sickening and it was not a nice thing to contemplate.

For more than 3 weeks I begged the Spirit to reveal what the vision meant. One day I was reading the bible when it suddenly opened at the following passages. It was a shock to read:

And thy meat, which thou shalt eat shall be by weight . . .from time to time shalt thou eat it . . . .

And thou shalt eat barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.

Even thus shalt the children of Israel eat their defiled bread . . . whither I will drive them Ezekiel4:10-13

The dung that comes out of man is his imagination. From it he creates magic to confuse and mystify all things of life, and of God. They are the lies that have buried the treasure. They are the lies that propel men into believing they are gods, or at least greater than all other creatures, and that the things of God are there to serve their own purposes.

Suddenly another passage opened for me to read;

There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey: they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things . . . Ezekiel 22:25

With the printing press bibles were produced en masse and even Shakespeare had a hand in some of what went into the King James bible. What was one chapter in the old books became several chapters in the new ones and they were padded out with the imagination of authors who thought nothing of scribing and contributing their own thoughts to it.

What they did and religions that supported them was to increase the depth of filth that piled over the treasure and that has hidden its meaning from the real Israel. They are not the Jews or the country by that name but the spiritual children who feel the power and experienced reincarnation. It is from them that the knowledge has been stolen and the truth hidden. 'Is-ra-el' means 'eye of light - power with God'.

If you feel power while reading this then you are of Israel.

The Spirit sent me to find the children. They are there outside of and in every religious organization and they are hungry for knowledge and the truth about God. They are eating the contaminated food because they consume the words of the bible. They stand out because they have a look, a personality, a mannerism which says "I am searching for truth". They are helpful, non judgemental, willing to do whatever it takes to discover their God, and they are decent, respectable and worthwhile people. And they are locked into lies they cannot escape from.

The Vision left me stunned and more determined - than ever to complete the commission given to me

The look on the man's face said it all for I see that look on so many faces of people who are confused, suffering, wrongly accused, rejected or lost.

Who do you think of as God?

It Was Suddenly Very Clear

The lies built the wall

Soon after this another page opened in the bible and I was shocked to read this:

Because . . . they have seduced my people, saying peace; and there was no peace; and one build up a wall, and lo, others daubed it with untempered mortar;

Say unto them that daub it with untempered mortar, that it shall fall: there shall be an overwhelming shower; and ye, O great hailstones, shall fall; and a stormy wind shall rend it.

Lo when it is fallen shall it not be said unto you, Where is the daubing wherewith ye have daubed it?

Therefore thus saith God; I will even rend it with a stormy wind in my fury; and there shall be an overflowing shower in mine anger, and great hailstones in my furty to consume it.

So will I break down the wall that ye have daubed with untempered morter, and bring it down to the ground, so that the foundations thereof shall be discovered, and it shall fall, and ye shall be consumed in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I am God. Ezekiel 13: 10-14

The untempered mortar are lies that have changed the way people think. Lies that promote a mystical magical heaven with a king and a hierarchy as kings have on earth. And hell where all who refuse to believe the lies are supposed to go. A place of eternal flame to intimidate and crush people into submission.

These are the weapons of terrorism and religion is to blame. Now I know what the wall comprises and it is clearer about how to tear it down. My knowledge goes to the beginning of thought, to the very sounds of speech and to the progress of symbols, sounds and rituals from the earliest time until now. It foes to Babylon and the first beast who put up an image and forced people to worship it. He set the stage for the second beast to do likewise.

There was one more thing I had to do.

One day in one of the churches while the elements of communion were being handed out a figure of a man on a cross stood in front of me. He lifted his head and called my name Norma. Inside I heard Take me off the cross It was the greatest shock of all.

On his face was written innocence, confusion, pain, rejection, loss and misunderstanding and his pain became my pain, and it still is.

Do Idols Have Power?

It is an amazing fact that in every culture there can be hundreds of religions or versions of the same religion. Many are called sects, some are branches, some are mainstream. They all worship in different ways, use rituals, costumes, festivals and icons to display their faith and yet they profess that they, and only they, know the real God. What is your opinion?

Are the idols able to do anything for you?

You Can't Kill Spirit

And God is not a man

For months the image of the man on the cross was before my eyes. I could not escape the pain, confusion and horror of him being wrongly convicted of something you have not done and being made to die for it. But God did not die - it was the children who did. The same pain was reflected in almost every face after wards.

Then this truth reality hit home. People think of God in terms of their idols and the image of the man on the cross. It is to these idols that they turn when in trouble or in anticipation that they are pleasing their divine creator. In that sense they have put the Spirit on the cross as its the only place the two can meet. But you can't kill the Spirit of the Universe. Nor can you nail it to a cross. But this is how the children see their so-called Savior who has been placed before them, along with the icons and threats of hell if they stop believing in it.

Words were invented to protect the image of the man on the cross being God. Words like 'blasphemy', 'sin', 'faith', 'eternal life', 'heaven' and of course 'hell'. Slip up and, according to the laws of religion, you fall into the pit of fire. But there is no pit of fire. This is a lie to stop you from coming to the knowledge of the Spirit.

Religions which promise everything in the after-life and perform rituals to help you achieve it are rubbish. They built the wall and it is protected by nothing more than the imagination of those whose brains have been washed into believing the lies. It is safeguarded by denying the people of that religion the right to question things or look beyond for answers. Its guards are the priests and hierarchy of the order.

Who do you pray to when you need help. Isn't it the man on the cross or some other 'Savior' that is a replacement for the Spirit? Its how everyone see the divine nature of the Creator. They call it 'him' or 'he' but spirit is without sex. Because of how they see God that I was given this task to do. It can only be accomplished through common sense and knowledge and a willingness on the part of readers of these words to examine them in depth before making up their minds.

If There is No Evidence Why do People Believe?

There is no evidence for the existence of heaven and hell and yet just about everyone on the planet expects to go to one or the other after death. This has puzzled me no end?

Why do people believe in the unbelievable

Idols, Religions and Places of Worship

They are traps that you cannot escape from.

Recently I heard a comment that the Vatican is the home of God on earth. This is appalling. It is nothing more than a building in which lives a man who professes to speak for God but who knows what I do. His Christ was an invention of the man who founded the Church in 325AD at the Council of Nicaea.

One morning as I was dressing this message appeared before my eyes. It was written in large capital letters and it read: CONSTANTINE IS 666

It meant nothing to me because his life and times were not something ever studied by me. But the encyclopaedia opened at Constantius, and this was his father. before an hour had passed the book had opened at so many new places where the spirit showed me over how the calculation is worked out.

It was obvious that only now, when English is the main universal language, would the solution to the biggest puzzle that faces religion have meaning.. Then I asked to Spirit to show me everything and leave nothing out.

It was the beginning of years of research and revelations and nothing was left out. In fact the Spirit showed me a passage in the bible where it states that the woman who will unveil the person described as 666 would go even to Babylon to find the truth. That's where the visions and things shown to me have their most pertinent meaning. Its all in the book.

The last thing asked of God that day was "show me where in the bible it says that I will do this." Instantly I was told to get the bible. It opened in my hands and I read these words: "God has created a new thing in the world, a woman shall compass a man." Jeremiah 31:22

There is nothing special about me except that I have full memory of my reincarnation, was given visions between lives of the job I would do in this one, was shown the age I would be when it would start, and have been taught by the Spirit of the lies and confusion that is before the eyes of all people, everywhere. The world is governed by 666 in the many forms he takes and those who trust their idols are destroying the world. WAKE UP!

Here You Can Really Debate the Issue - Don't hold back - let's know your thought

Do you believe there is a God?

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© 2009 norma-holt

Your Opinion Is Important - What do you think of this lens and the things it asks?

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    • profile image

      Allan Goodson 

      4 months ago

      Thank you, Norma. I agree 100% with what you have written. I have had similar experiences. Through the study of the Bible, I saw that there was conflicting information in it. As time passed, I saw that Jesus Christ is the beast. The Bible and Xanity taught people to worship a man. The Almighty is not man nor woman, but far beyond what all these people associate with "God."

      I also learned the esoteric or concealed meanings of the book. I still don't like it. In fact, I think it is the worst book in existence. Religion is evil. People are brainwashed and weak.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      It is interesting and thank you for sharing your call. It reminded me of Paul of Tarsus.

    • delia-delia profile image


      6 years ago

      Norma this was a very interesting lens and great perspective...although I am a Christian (believer in Christ) I respect the fact others have different beliefs and's a choice! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      1. As for the carved churches, when I was in France I was at a Catholic Church, still maintained by the church, that was carved into a mountain cave, you have to go up a winding path to get to it. It is the Church of Mary Magdalene

      2. The fantasies about religion are fine, profound and can be good. Its when people insist that theirs are the only ones that matter and the problems start.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Very intense and thought provoking lens. Blessed.:)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It is not very easy to see that we are responsible 100 % for our miseries and happiness. There isn't any supreme being waiting, creating, blessing and punishing the creatures for if there is any thing like it, it has better jobs to do. The universe is an infinite precision of laws that are governed by the rules and forces of this universe. It is just, and there is no bias, all benevolent things of nature are rewarded with goodness and so also, the evil is punished with evil. Once you mold yourself in "Dhamma", the truth - you will slowly perceive that the spirits, the benevolent nature and Dhamma starts helping you out in your miseries and sufferings. Every step you take, you are nearer to TRUTH and the ENLIGHTENMENT. But you have to take that step and Dhamma will do the rest.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      You are truly gifted and what you say makes sense.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The lens topic and presentation are a worthy read. I believe we each have a right to our own beliefs, whatever they may be.

    • ftuley lm profile image

      ftuley lm 

      8 years ago

      Another great lens from you that I really enjoyed.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Some thinking people try inter-faith organizations. There is something to sangha or a community of helpful people. I like your lens very much.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      You are spot on. That's why God has metaphorically become the man on the cross, not because it happened but because that is the only place the children expect to find the power. Until they see the truth for what it is they will not discover their real spiritual side.

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 

      9 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      In my opinion, religion is supposed to bring people back to God. In my experience it wasn't just the religion that failed to bring me back to God, it was those practicing it. When the minister told me at Sunday School not to ask that kind of question, I felt the religion had nothing for me! I tried atheism, worked for a while but I always felt there was something beyond this physical world, something more eternal, something more of spirit, like the famous Star Wars "force" maybe! Now I have found God, and am so grateful. God may have only had religions to reach us, so I don't want to knock them. But selfish people have abused them, they are more the problem than the religion, I think. When God can speak directly to us it's better, but still for many they can't hear his "voice" and they need religion. I hope and pray for a day when we don't need religion because God dwells with us all, but that hasn't come yet!


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