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Remembering the Forgotten Word and Good Guidance

Updated on July 13, 2014

You have a friend

Friends are always an important part of our lives. When you have friends you are wealthy, Friends comfort you when sad, and in trouble will stand by you. Friends will hold your hand and give reassurance. When happy friends will be celebrating with you, making you happier. Friends represent self-respect in a society and buildup your esteem. Your friend will give understanding and in return; you might help a friend, knowing that you have walked the path of failure, deceit and injury.

Perhaps the message is to be very aware of yourself, first and never to forget yourself. Remember you are the power, energy and life. Nothing can harm you as you remain aware of who you are.

During the reign of prophet Isaiah, and while far from home and enslaved by the Babylon’s he told the people God was their friend, and reminded them about Abraham whom God befriended. Isaiah told them to remember their friend and the vision of God’s future for his people.

The exiles in Babylon were unsure of their situation, their survival and their future. Ruled by foreigners, they never knew what would happen and their faith was low. Isaiah continued to assure them of God’s guidance and mercy. Isaiah continuously said to the Israelites that God would hold them, and led them to the Promised Land. In the dangerous and uncertain times, Isaiah told them to trust God.

God is your friend, during adversity, good time and happy times; God will comfort, encourage and never forsake you.

“But you, O Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham my friend.” Isa 41: 8NIV

“For I, the Lord your God, take you by the right hand,” I say to you, “do not fear; it is I who help you." Isa 41:13 NEB

Do not be fearful

Fear is a reality for many people, and there is plenty in the world to make us afraid. Military powers are stockpiling nuclear weapons; enough to blow up the entire world more than a hundred times over, is scary. It would take one person to press a button, and it would be over. Dangers of international conflicts do exist, causing civil wars, and the overpopulation is a fear. The fear list can go on and on, the global warming, the terrorist organizations and racial hate. There is not enough food to feed the people. Economic conditions are not favorable; meltdowns are lurking about. The list is endless; there are so many fearful existences today it is scary.

The fear seems like a reality while looking at the problem, and continuing to cling to the negative problem, fills your heart with destructive emotions, such as jealousy, hatred and weakness. Stop clinging to the problem, look within and try to find the cause. God cannot take away your sin or destructive emotions until you are prepared to do something about them. It is by finding the cause of your miseries within yourself that you can help others.

Attachment to the self, the body, clinging to what is mine is destructive. By trying to be good when we are not does not help. Accept that you are worried, craving bad and sinful habits and look into them. Looking into the problems can be eliminated.

The power is all around you; there is nothing that can harm you. The power is in all forms, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Unblock your mind to the awareness, and allow the tremendous power to flow through you and around you. Tune into the power and all that is required for you to release your blocked mind, is a spontaneous flow from you.

During the time of Isaiah, the people feared for their lives, and the prophet did his best to assure them that God would not abandon them. The oppression from their Babylonian captures caused fear to rise within their hearts. The fear of living in another strange country caused concern, their fear was real. Isaiah assured the people God had everything under control and told them to “fear not."

The Israelites endured some valuable spiritual lessons wondering around homeless, in danger and uncertainty. They learned that God provided food, provided for all their needs and most importantly that God blessed them. The Israelite's learned that the adversity is not abandonment from God. The faith and trust of accepting the fear, and embracing the power of God freed their troubled minds.

Fear not, God will never leave you nor forsake you. Never forget the precious words of God who will be with you through turmoil and trauma, He will be with you to the end.

“Do not fear, for I am with you. Isa 41:10 NIV

“Bear with one another in love, endeavoring to keep, the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. – Ephesians 4:2-3

Accepting the changes

Life is an inter-relationship of events, and each one affects the next. While the present road travelled can be long and difficult, there might be no peace; you are repeatedly falling, felt hurt and deepened your experience. You will have the strength to stand, in love and understanding for the next road traversed.

If it is difficult to accept whatever if happening, however serious, however depressing and however frustrating it might be. At least accept who you are and realize it is a stage of your life’s journey. It is an experience, and you will walk through it.

There is no point in rebelling, do not let your wants dominate your mind. Do not make excuses and justify your actions. Accept what is before you and you will get the guidance to follow through the turmoil or whatever path you are walking. Remain in total submission to God’s Will.

When you flow with what is occupying your thoughts or in front of you, it is to that submission give give direction. While remaining busy with trying to get out of a situation you end up putting up more walls and the flow creates more walls, because you are giving out.

Remember the rule is - you will reap what you sow. Therefore do not forget whatever is happening to you, is based on what you deserve. You deserve the happiness, wealth and suffering. Be positive, remind yourself that is what is happening and accept this truth, do not fight your feelings and make a positive decision to do the best you can.

In Closing keep the love flowing

God is the God of the impossible and holding onto this truth can eliminate the fears that creep into your life, sometimes unexpectedly. God is your friend, the one friend you can always depend on and trust. Having the Word of God deeply bound into your heart, will help to overcome the most adverse conditions. Having a glorious friend, will help to guide you to a happier well balance life?

In addition, as we wait, do not be fearful and anxious. We can act on the Good News, trust God, and live in faith, knowing God is holding our hand.

Delight in something, or someone. Count the blessings and take delight in the array of plants and flowers. Delight yourself in God and He will delight Himself in you.

Give everything from within, from your hearts. Give of yourself each moment to God, do everything for God. Let all your actions flow from within to the Divine and your life will flower into a beautiful, wonderful,peaceful reality.

Look to God for help and as the Psalmist said, “An ever-present help in time of trouble” (Ps 46:1 NIV)

Let the Lord be your guide and helper always.

Nothing must be rejected; nothing must be sought after, nothing without God.

So love and love again.

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