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Revelation 13

Updated on February 9, 2018

I Saw A Beast Rise Up out of The Sea

The prophecy is of the first beast of Revelation who had seven heads and ten horns. He wears ten crowns and the name of blasphemy is on his heads.

The one writing these words saw a real vision and the substance of it is now revealed. To understand it the Spirit sent me to Babylon and then back to the origin of language and religion. Human language is sophisticated, informative and philosophical and it is unlike that of any other living creature. It is not used simply for survival but for the passage of information and when shown the first sounds and their symbols it was obvious they were derived from the first god and the first religious worship.

That could have happened at the beginning of the Stone Age and, in fact, possibly prompted the development of stone tools. The hominids of that time were Homo erectus and they used tools and also traded in them having quarried the best rocks from many miles from their point of manufacture.

The e-book below is of my experience of reincarnation. It is the first thing to oppose the beasts as they promote heaven and hell as truths. Logic states otherwise but, then again, not many are that far advanced as to use their reasoning to overcome lies.

FREE e-book on Norma's Reincarnation Experience

Bars of iron
Bars of iron

The Spiritual Children of Israel

Hidden in the First Chapters of Genesis

The story of creation and Adam and Eve has been doctored and distorted so that men can be seen to be gods. To overturn any suggestion that women are favored by God or could be worthy of divine acceptance it was important for the fundamentalist interpreters and compilers of the bible to change what they could in order to prove their case. The Spirit, however, as the real God had a way of preserving the truth so that it could not be tampered with.

Language is something that no one can deliberately change. The sounds and symbols of early speech are still there and they have a history that fits perfectly with the plan of God. It was to those 'roots' that I was taken to unearth the great treasure that God has stored away for those called the Children of Israel. The Spirit made known who they are and how they alone stand to be rewarded at the end of the day.

The plan is a simple one. The spiritual can feel and talk with God within. They are spiritually alive and have a yearning to be as close to the Spirit as possible. Nothing can deliberately remove them from the thread they are attached to but men do not know that. That is why some have attempted to overturn the plan and to place themselves in the line of what they think is their rightful position. They want the inheritance but they have no idea what it is.

To the majority wealth and money are the only things that are important and a treasure to them comprises riches and the fulfillment of dreams. They invented heaven as a place where everything will be given for nothing and where they expect they will love forever in the favor of their gods. Anyone who opposes them will be caste into hell, their other great invention.

With memory of my reincarnation and passage from life to life there is no such place as either heaven or hell or any stops in between. This was the starting point for the job that lay ahead of me when on leaving my last body there was an urgency that now it can be done.

That is what spirituality is. It is knowing within what you are to do and it is bearing the commands of God and finding ways to carry them out. The beasts are the ones who will try to stop me and so they come first in the exposing of the things that oppose Israel.

In a vision a line stretched out in front and along it were thousands of people. Suddenly a bright light rose from where I was standing and it arched over the line to the beginning of it. There in large capital letters was the word EVE. In the middle was NOON and where I stood it was EVENING.

In the middle was a vast number who were reaching upwards towards a figure on a cross. It was almost dark where he was. Later the bible opened and I read how they stumble at noon day as in the night and that they are in desolate places like dead men. (Isaiah 59:10). It was at noon day, that is noon of the day of the lord, when Jesus Christ was supposedly crucified. It brought about extreme darkness and confusion and it imprisoned the spiritual Israel in a prison from which they cannot escape on their own.

It has been given to me to release them and return them to the Spirit. First I had to discover the key to the prison doors.

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What is The Day of the Lord?

His fake gods became objects of worship

The day of the lord is 4,000 years long, or thereabouts. Calendars have been altered and times adjusted so there are a few years either side. Counting back through the Old Testament and the dates available therein one arrives at around 2,000 years and we are near the end now, and that makes up the length of it.

Taken back to the first pages of Genesis it was pointed out to me that in Genesis 1:27 it describes the way men and women were created on the sixth day or during the sixth stage. Then God rested. On the seventh day nothing happened. On the eighth day, however, something monumental happened. God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life. That is a direct reference to the Spirit and it means that in some the seeds of spiritual power were implanted.

Those who were so induced were placed in the garden of Eden. Here is where the tree of life was established and that means the spiritual children of Israel. Here too was planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil, (Genesis 2:8). In verse 10 it described the river that went out to water the garden. The river represents the Spirit that is described as water, dew, rain, mist and other such things in the bible. It parted and became four branches.

God placed the man in the garden with instructions to dress and keep it. He was allowed access to every tree but that of the tree of knowledge with a threat that when and if he ate of it he should die (verse 17). Then God made Eve, and according to the vision this was the Spirit of light planted into man at the beginning of the day, 'Eve' is from 'i-v' and it means 'eye of life', and that is the spiritual power that was given to God's children.

There is a lot of corruption in this early part of the OT because man has manipulated it to make out that God gave woman to him to treat as he liked. The visions showed me otherwise. The Spirit was given to a few because they were the ones who would be tested and receive the inheritance at the end, should they overcome the two beasts.

Genesis 5:2 states that male and female were created and God called THEIR name ADAM. This is in complete contradiction to the lies of man. To this day men blame women for their woes because of what some altered these words to be. The pain that women have endured are mainly the result of this criminal act. Jerome, who compiled the NT, wrote in his diary and letters that he altered parts of the OT to make it align with the stories in his production. It is obvious that he altered some of the Book of Genesis and that he did not understand what it actually means.

Then I was shown the first beast of Revelation. He came about soon after the Children of Israel were implanted with the Spirit. He was Ishmael, a name altered from 'Is-mal' which is also 'Is-lam'. He was the son of Abraham, which is altered from 'O-b-ram', and it means 'circle bearing the ram'. This was the 'sun' and he is the father of the false gods born of sun worship. Islam became the religion of the city of Babylon, from which all religions have been derived.

The sun had many personas given and its name was 'Ma-r-i' or 'mother's powerful eye'. Throughout the ancient world the Mother God acquired many names. They include Isis, Ishtar, Astareth, Astar, and Zoro Astar. 'A-star' is the sun-star and all other names are derived from it.

In a vision I saw a man leave a beautiful city which had everything. He went off to the left and built another city, which was just a veneer. He then put up a detour sign and people went to his in expectation they would find life and their God. Instead they are trapped in a jail of lies from which they cannot escape on their own because they can't decide on what is truth. They have their eyes covered and their ears blocked.

Islam is the lord of the day and his reign is coming to an end with these revelations.

Building the False City of God

It was made as a replica of God's treasure

The city Islam built was Babylon. It was the home of the Amors, who are the Amorites of prehistory. Ismal was ordained by God to be the flaming sword at the east of Eden. He was sent into the world to be a hunter of men and to bring sun-worship into play as the alternative to the Spirit, the real God.

The area inhabited by the Amors remains today as the center of Islamic religious culture. It was no different when Ismal brought his religion to the world and it was called Zoro-Aster, It encouraged men to die on crosses at dawn and to rise with the rising sun into the heavens as its mate. It was titled 'Mari' of 'mother's powerful eye'and is the root of 'marry' for when a man takes a wife.

His people were the most violent, murderous and raiding of all Mesopotamia and they built Roma (reverse Amor). One of their numbers was Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. The work of the first beast was kept constant by the second. His name in English is 'constant'. That was also the case with his father's name, Constantius, so he was Constant II and when applied to the Assyrian alphabet it adds up to 666.

The heart of Babylon is the ziggurat through which the image of the sun-star was seen. It is referred to in Genesis as the stairway they built to be greater than God. It was called Babel from which Babylon is derived, From here they built an empire throughout the Mesopotamian region and then spread out throughout the Mediterranean regions when they arrived in Italy, Here they built Roma as their next capital after Mari, a city whose remnants remain 11 kn northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. Mary is synonymous with Mary to whom all Catholics are encouraged to pray.

The Beginning of Modern Faiths

Babylonian Religion and Mythology
Babylonian Religion and Mythology

It pays to understand where religions originated, This work "is based upon the cuneiform inscriptions which have been excavated in Mesopotamia during the latter half of the 19th century, and, as far as possible". It truly is a great investment.


Where Does Your Faith Come From

Magan Magic: Sumerian Religion & The Babylonian Tablets of Creation (Enuma Eliš)
Magan Magic: Sumerian Religion & The Babylonian Tablets of Creation (Enuma Eliš)

Religion is full of magic and tricks. Words stated by men generate power to change things and to bring false gods to life. Quote: "cuneiform tablet records of magick and creation are drawn together to reconstruct the most antiquated, powerful and legendary "magician's primer" ever known to the minds of men." This is a must have work for better understanding.


The Two Beasts of Revelation

The first beast is Ishmal, the son of Abram and he is the personification of sun worship, as was practiced in Babylon. The sun-star made when light passes through an aperture was given the name 'Ma-r-i' which means 'mother's powerfu; eye'. It was so attractive that it was stylised into a woman that men considered they could 'marry' (mary) with. They did this by dying on crosses at dawn.

The cross is seen in the middle of the sun star which is the five-pointed symbol on the flag of Islam and on the shoulders of military generals world wide. The seven pointed star, another of her symbols, is used as a symbol for law enforcement.

The Second beast kept constant the things of the first and that is why he is called Constantine, which means constant in English. He is described as the one who invented Jesus Christ after he established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. His name and number, Constant II, adds up to 666 in the Assyrian alphabet and the number 2 comes about because his father was Constant I (Constant-ius).

He reinstated Mary in it as the mother of God and, according to Revelation 13:13-18. he forced everyone to worship his religion or be killed.

Origin of Christianity in Babylon

Crucifixion of Christs

Babylon was the home of the Amors, the nation of Ishmal. They were the start of Islam and the first crucifixion of Christs occurred here. Men thought they could marry Mary by dying on crosses at dawn and rising with the sun into the heavens.

That is why celibacy is practiced to this day in the Catholic Church and why women cannot be priests. The woman is described in Revelation 17 as the 'whore of Babylon', because she is the one that all priests and church leaders are supposedly mated with. She site over many waters because that infers the religions that have her at their heart.

More on the Sun-Star of Babylon

Martin Luther

The Babylonian Captivity of the Church
The Babylonian Captivity of the Church

Martin Luther helped to divide the Roman Catholic Church into more branches when he wrote this. Quote: "This treatise provides the reader an historical window into at the renaissance world, and the stark doctrinal fissures between the reformer's "at large" and the Roman Catholic Church."


Or did you already know it all.

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© 2014 norma-holt

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