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Qualifications for reaching the kingdom of heaven

Updated on June 26, 2015

The Common Belief

All religions believe in heaven, be it Christianity or Hinduism or Islam but through different names. In other words every religion believes you will either be rewarded or punished for the deeds that you have committed during your phase of life in the earth.

Belief in Hinduism

According to Hindu religious practices, heaven is either called as "Vaigundam" or "Kailasam". Lord Yama is said to take lives. "Chitragupta" is said to note all the deeds that you do in your life. Every action that you perform in the earth is said to be noted down by him and punishments or rewards will be given accordingly after you die. The vahana of Lord Yama is buffalo, and he is believed to take life through "pasa kayaru".

Swarga Loka

According to Hindu mythology, Svarga loka is guarded by Lord Indra. The heaven is situated on the top of Mt. Meru. Its height is around 84000 yojnas which ranges to about 11 kilometres. It is positioned in the center of the earth according to puranas and the sun and planets are said to revolve around them.

Qualifications to go to heaven

Divine Sage Narada, considered to be the son of Lord Brahma lists many points to be followed in order that the person reaches heaven. The highlights are

1. Refraining from meat eating

2. Completing avoiding tobacco

3. Abstaining from alcohol

4. Must not look with lust intent upon other's wife

5. Must not inflict pain to others

The end of Karma

Beyond practicing all these, your karma must come to an end so that you get license to go to heaven. Karma is the actions and consequences of your activities. Karma is of three types - Sanchidha karma, Prarabdha karma and Aagamya karma. Sanchidha karma is the karma which continues from previous births. Your wishes in the past, that are unfulfilled accumulate as Sachitha karma. Based on the sanchitha karma, you take next birth and prarabdha karma is a part of sanchitha karma where-in you attain your body based on some of your wishes. You design your own body. In other words Prarabdha karma decides your body shape and beauty. Aagamya karma is considered as the most dangerous karma which you get during the current phase of birth in the planet. You see others and based on those wishes you get aagamya karma that you accumulate in this birth. If it is unfulfilled it becomes sanchitha karma and gets added up in it.

Overall it is believed that if good deeds are more than bad deeds you get next birth. If bad deeds are more than the good you go to hell.

Top Five Rewards When You Reach Heaven

Christianity believes you would be rewarded with five crowns in heaven. The name of those crowns and the things that need to be done to get them are explained

5) Crown of Righteousness

This is for people who were living their life hoping earnestly that Lord Jesus would return some day or the other and is also for people who have loved his appearing in the planet where we all live now.

4) Incorruptible Crown

You have to lead a life with complete self-control. It is called as disciplining oneself. This crown is also called as the Victor’s Crown and is only for incorruptible people.

3) Crown of Life

This crown is for people who were loyal for their entire life. This is the crown for patience and resisting all the temptations.

2) Crown of Glory

This is one of the prestigious crowns entitled to people who lead their lives entirely as an embodiment of God by setting an example to all their followers. This crown is for pastors, and leaders etc.

1) Crown of Rejoicing

This crown is for people who heartily believe in the Great Commission of Jesus.

How to get liberation and reach heaven?

Moksha or Nirvana or Kaivalya is considered to be the stage of attaining heaven whereby you do not get next birth. Moksha is attained by practicing dharma in one's life and by indulging in continuous meditation. Yoga is the only powerful weapon with the human race that serves as the bridge between what is known and what is unknown. Self-realization is considered to be the phase of attainment of ultimate happiness. It is achieved through meditation. According to many sages, you tend to get the memories of your previous births as well, in the process of meditation as everything gets stored in the sub-conscious mind.

The path towards heaven is difficult yet not unreachable. By practicing good deeds, thinking well of others ,leading a meaningful life, and meditating in the name of God, one can pave way for his path towards the heaven

Do you really believe that heaven exists?

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    • Seshagopalan profile image

      Seshagopalan Murali 2 years ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Yeah peachpurle almost all religions have the same belief as far as heaven and hell are concerned. All of them stress on the fact that doing good things and not causing any kind of harm to others shall take you to heaven

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      .hindu belief is almost the same as Christians