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Psychic Medium Expert with a Passion for Life

Updated on January 5, 2014

Renowned Author/Inspirational Speaker/Paranormal and Life Consultant Rick Hayes

As a speaker and lecturer, Rick Hayes has shared his thoughts with inspiration and enthusiasm to thousands since 2003. Ricks speaking invitations range from small groups to major events and conventions attended by thousands. Rick's wide range of topics is designed to accommodate each speaking invitation. Author/Inspirational Speaker/Psychic Medium and Life Consultant Rick Hayes - Unique Abilities and a Passion for Life. Contact us at or visit LifesGift Seminars

Monumental Memos..

"I was still answering calls for about a half an hour after the show was off the air, promising people we would have you back on the air soon.Thank you again for sharing your gift with our listeners" Radio Host Tim Weisberg

Rick Hayes - living life - supernaturally


The new ebook by Rick Hayes - 'Reasons For Hauntings'

"Rick has done it again! Once again the way he views the paranormal can be described as making sense for the unexplained." ~S.B.~

Reasons For Hauntings

The new 29 page download to print ebook by paranormal and life consultant Rick Hayes

You Will Discover:

*Why The Word Haunt Should Be Redefined*

*The Three Very Important Words To Eliminate Fear*

*The Reality Of Trapped Spirits

*Why Spirits Are Caught On Photographs

*and more!

For more information and to watch a special video click on the link below


Reasons For Hauntings

A Gift For You From Rick

25 Stepping Stones For Life Each Day

This FREE 8 page ebook includes 25 'stepping-stone' original thoughts of insight from Rick Hayes's book 'Stepping Stones- Thoughts Along Life's Path'.

Unique thoughts to questions including:

*How Important Are Little Things In Life?

*Are Friendships Truly Important In Life?

*Should I Pay Attention To My Dreams?

To request your FREE download to print ebook, just click on the link below.

25 Stepping Stones

Inspiration Comes From Within

From the book 'Stepping Stones - Thoughts Along Life's Path' by Rick Hayes

Inspiration can appear in many different forms.

Inspiration can be a daily gift of life. When I leave a session, or listen to a friend’s words from email, telephone, or on the message board I receive an inspiration. One such session recently added a capital ‘I’ to the word inspiration.

I met with approximately seven new friends in a session recently. As I was greeted in the lavish home by the guest, I immediately noticed a young lady setting in a wheelchair with a warm smile and a positive gleam in her eye.

The first reaction for many would be a sense of heartfelt sadness for this young lady. She had been in a tragic auto accident less than a few years ago. Before this stepping stone entered her earth's plan, she is and always will be athletic, popular, and a bright part of the community. With her earthly shell temporarily disabled, her path on earth took

a sudden change.

As I went over to introduce myself to this lady, I could sense a presence of positive spirit and a warm embrace for life. I also felt that this was going to be a very special session. She looked at me with a smile and immediately led the group into the living room area.

The session itself was a unique experience (as it always seems to be) for all, but as I drove down the road toward home, I could not help but once again thank my creator for the opportunity to share with others about life's gift. I also made a special comment to my creator for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new friends that creates absorption of inspiration within my own life's plan.

I had met a person that many would view her life as full of pain, without guidance, and hopeless. Instead this lady travels to schools across the country to speak with young people that life is full of opportunity, while touching many earth's plan. She is not letting her pain dictate her opportunity, truly guided by loved ones, and overflowing with hope.

As our session ended, she asked me a simple question.

"Do you think I will walk again?"

I looked at her and relayed

"Do you think you will walk again?"

Her eyes and her smile told me what her answer was... she is already walking in her heart.

Inspiration. Appears in many different forms.

Stepping Stone – What we are given within will overcome what we are given without.

Rick's Books

You're Not Crazy, You Have a Ghost
You're Not Crazy, You Have a Ghost

"You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost" is a fact based journey of K. Coon’s experiences within her home. From the very beginning, her family witnessed encounters that were unexplained and paranormal. Ghostly images appearing in rooms, cabinet doors suddenly opening with unseen assistance, and the mysterious appearance of blood droplets on the main stairway could not be ignored.

If not for faith and a friend, K Coons and her family would have quickly packed up and left her dream home. With the assistance of Rick and his amazing abilities to relay messages from those who have moved on, K Coons and her family learned to understand the reasons of unseen visitors.

"You're Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost" - The Experience, The Answers, The Book

Stepping Stones - Thoughts Along Lifes Path
Stepping Stones - Thoughts Along Lifes Path

Written with profound sincerity, the inspirational book Stepping Stones - Thoughts Along Life's Path captures in-depth thoughts on subjects including: Life after Death, The Reasons for Trials in Life, Reincarnation, The Gift of Family, and The Evolution Theory. Written by Paranormal Communications Consultant Rick Hayes, Stepping Stones will renew and invigorate your thoughts on life's truly amazing gifts.


3 Steps

Original quotes from Rick regarding life and life-everlasting.

  1. Understand that with each trial in life there is a lesson in learning and a stepping stone of guidance.
  2. A clearer path in life begins by clearing the path in life.
  3. If you grasp the weakest branch before you fall - expect to be disappointed.

Where Is Rick?

Speaking and Media Events

January 8th 6:00 pm ET - The Reflections with Rick Hayes show on the ParaX Radio Network

January 15th 6:00 pm ET - The Reflections with Rick Hayes show on the ParaX Radio Network

January 18th-19th - Rick appearing and a special guest speaker at the Spiritual Awareness Event in Elizabethtown, KY.

January 22nd 6:00 pm ET - The Reflections with Rick Hayes show on the ParaX Radio Network

January 29th 6:00 pm ET - The Reflections with Rick Hayes show on the ParaX Radio Network

for more info go to

Add your first name, your state of residence and any comments to our guestbook. Thank you and keep the faith!

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      11 years ago

      Nice Lens, I gave you 5 stars

      Secrets To Keynote Speaker Success!


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