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Sheikh Mohamed Refaat

Updated on June 11, 2014

How did recordings of Sheikh Mohamed Refaat us and now we hear

In 1934, while Sheikh Rifaat read in a funerals listened to him Alborns Mohammad coincidence admired him and his voice and style of recitation sent to him and asked him to open community radio recitation of the Quran and that was a major breakthrough on Sheikh Mohammed Rifat and became the first reader radio capacity. He scored his friends Mahran Zakaria Basha's Bank of Egypt, Alhaji Mohammed Khamis large trader known at the time suras cave and Mary on a CD and then I asked him then to the radio. B. Q British to record a Koran with his voice but he refused, believing that it is forbidden on the grounds that foreign radio Vosfy Sheikh Maraghi Sheikh Al-Azhar at the time Vsahh his belief shone her Maryam and then asked him to radio to record it and was in his last illness scored with some of the wall The whole and Mary and Jonah on the cylinders but his voice was not pleasing to him and has been broadcasting Tzba him such recordings throughout his life was not satisfied with it in July 1949 was a magazine photographer had published a news photographer for disease Sheikh Mohamed Refaat announced Mr. Ahmed Al-Sawi Mohamed opening of subscription for the treatment of Sheikh and fundraising provoking the news grief his fans and admirers, his voice was raised over fifty thousand pounds, and when he learned Sheikh rejected the money after his death officials the radio that there Tsgelin others when his two companions Zakaria Mahran and Mohammed Khamis and some other recordings and a strong voice and were able to get those recordings were reprinted and used the radio reader Sheikh Abul-Enein She'sha in completing some of the verses and linked in the presence of CDs recorded by technical flaws, which are broadcast to date

One of the recordings of Sheikh Mohamed Refaat


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