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Opening Chakras (Part-2)

Updated on January 24, 2013

Chakras govern instinct and intellect

As I mentioned in Part-1, the Chakras are energy centers which control the flow of energy in and out of the body. The Chakras located in the lower region of the body are mostly connected with instincts or basic human desires and those towards the top govern the higher mental faculties better known as ‘intellect’. It is essential to have all the seven Chakras open at all times in order to maintain a healthy physical and mental being. A blockage in any Chakra may result in (unexplained) weaknesses, deficiencies or chronic ailments in that part of the body in which the blocked Chakra exists. Hence, it’s extremely important to ensure that all Chakras remain open and if they appear to be blocked, the blockage should be removed without any delays.

energy from cosmos activates chakras
energy from cosmos activates chakras

Role of each Chakra

It's generally considered best to open the Chakras starting from the lower to upper region of the body. This means that the Root chakra should be the first step to start with and should be followed by the Sacral chakra, then Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and finally Crown chakra.

1. The Root chakra is the foundation. When the Root chakra is open, you're able to feel mentally secure and stable. Having opened this chakra, you'll feel like having deep roots (firmly grounded) and no one can destabilize you. After all, most of the times, the insecurity is all in the mind and that needs to be cured.

2. Only when you feel secure, welcome and acceptable in your group or community, you are able to express feelings and sexuality appropriately, which happens to be the domain of Sacral Chakra. How comfortable you are with your sexuality and how expressive you are with your partner falls within the purview of Sacral Chakra.

3. Having opened the Sacral Chaka, you can proceed to the Navel chakra, to assert your desires and have them fulfilled. This assertion is something that's prevalent in social groups and communities and is by far the most important factor in gaining social acceptance.

4. Being able to deal with social situations, you can enjoy warm, healthy and long lasting relationships, which is the domain of the Heart Chakra. This controls the aggression of Navel chakra and makes a person kind, loving, selfless and generous.

5. When relationships are formed, you should be able to express yourself properly and that is what Throat Chakra helps you with. We all know how important it is to be able to communicate flawlessly and appropriately while dealing with other people. Throat Chakra gives you that potent power of speech.

6. That takes us to next level, the Third Eye Chakra. This is better termed as the seat of thought, reasoning, insight and intellect. By opening Third Eye chakra, you enjoy all the rewards offered by this Chakra.

7. When all these Chakras are open, you're ready for the Crown Chakra, to develop wisdom, self-awareness and awareness of your existence as a part of the Higher Self. This ultimately leads to spiritual bliss.

Activate Third Eye

Although there are prescribed tests to find out which of the Chakras need to be opened, yet the simplest way to assess the blockage is to review the benefits associated with each Chakra. If you feel you are experiencing a problem in any of these areas, it’s time to work on the Chakra related to that particular area. The thumb rule is…’Start from the Root Chakra and then work your way up.'

                      To be continued….


Awaken the Energy Centers - Chakras

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