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Saint Candles and Prayer Cards

Updated on March 1, 2016
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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Light Up Your Life

Saint candles have been used for hundreds of years by Roman Catholic faithful to honor the saints, Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit. Although not lit in a church during mass, they can be left in some churches, at outdoor shrines, or on a personal home altar. Having evolved from the first simple candles into specific colors, scents and images, they are works of art treasured by Catholic faithful as a way to connect to a patron saint.

Here we will look at popular candles, how to use them, and things to keep in mind. The saints do answer, so be careful what you ask for. Now let's get started.

Saint Cards Come For Folk Saints as Well

Folk saints, such as La Santisima Muerte, are saints not recognized by the Church, but many still have large faithful followings. Photo is a scan of my personal copy of this book.
Folk saints, such as La Santisima Muerte, are saints not recognized by the Church, but many still have large faithful followings. Photo is a scan of my personal copy of this book.

Also called offering candles or prayer candles, the top saint candles come with a prayer card, or the prayer printed on the candle chimney. You light the candle, follow any instructions (such as to open with an Our Father) and say the prayer. Some people meditate on the problem they are trying to solve for the entire hour the candle burns each day.

You have to be sincere and asking for a need, not a want. For example if you need a new home because yours is condemned or a job because you lost yours. Catholic saints, by and large, don't give to those who have enough already.

You can also light incense at the same time, many places carrying specific scents.

For Folk Saints, Posters Also Work

For folk saints you can get more creative, here I adorned a silk screen poster with roses.
For folk saints you can get more creative, here I adorned a silk screen poster with roses.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

I was taught to use this candle when you need healing or have problems with faith. Sacred Heart candles can be used for any pressing need, because if your devotion is sincere you are speaking to Jesus Himself. Some people will put offerings with the candle, such as prayer cards, medal of the Sacred Heart, or small gifts.

Ten Uses for Saint Candles

  1. Say thank you for a prayer answered.
  2. Pray for healing.
  3. Ask for help with money problems.
  4. Find a job.
  5. Ask for world peace.
  6. Spiritual needs.
  7. Meet a new saint.
  8. Honor the saint of a desceased relative of his or her behalf.
  9. Talk to the saints, Jesus, Mary, or the Holy Spirit.
  10. Sell a home.

St. Anthony Candle

Known as the Saint devoted to the baby Jesus. St. Anthony stands for purity, chasitiy, and religious devotion. Those wishing to deepen their religious faith can appeal to him for help. Remember prayer candles can also be used to thank a saint for helping you. Over the years you will develop a relationship with your patron, so remember to say thanks and celebrate those feasts days.

Prayer Cards

How to Use Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards can be used with or without a candles. Inexpensive, and laminated, they are designed to be carried anywhere. Some uses include using a saint to protect your home, car, or children. Just tuck the appropriate card in a secure location.

Some of these prayers are designed to be said daily, for a week, or perhaps a month. Each saint has what he or she responds to, so just follow the instructions on the card.

Sell Your House Kit

Kit Comes with everything you need to sell a Home. Since St. Joseph was a good provider for young Jesus and Mary, it is thought he will help others find a new home as well. Note, the church frowns on burying the statue upside down, but some folks swear by it. Of course once the house sells you unbury him and either place him in the sold home or take him with you.

Sell a house Video

Do Saint Candles Work?

That depends on you. Sometimes results are so natural they could be called coincidence. Or they take longer than expected. Sometimes prayers are not answered, and there's a reason why. No matter what your faith, you will always get one of three answers with any petition. Yes, No, or Wait. That's it. Telling which one of course takes experience.

I like to work with folk saints as well, hence the nifty candle to your right. I just wrote on my needs, did a picture of the folk saint and her name and lit the candle. Now I like to just let a candle continuously burn, so I always have it in a pan of water or a bowl of salt and I keep an eye on it.

That is not of course the safest thing to do and most folks simply burn a candle either every day for so many hours, each week, etc. Finding out which saint works best for you and how to work best with them can be a challenge, but an exciting one.


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