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The mystery of creation and the reality of human life!

Updated on August 16, 2014

Everybody in this world wants only happiness. None wants misery. Every one wants to know about many things in the world and most of the people want to live for ever! These are all natural desires of most of the human beings in this world. Why?

Basically man is not different from God. God has been described as Eternal Being, full of knowledge and always remain in perpetual Bliss. Since we are one with the Divine, we naturally seek happiness, knowledge and immortality. When you go through the religious scriptures of the world, it will be clear that God is One and He has created the universe from ‘nothing’. Yes, there were none before creation except the formless power which we term as Almighty God. The scriptures of Hindu Religion deals elaborately with the creation and the ultimate dissolution of the universe after different eons. We call it Yuga. Various Yugas have different time periods and this has been dealt with in some of my previous hubs. One Maha Yuga comprising all the four yugas lasts for 43, 20,000 human years. After that there will be huge deluge and every thing will be swallowed by water and the only principle which will survive the deluge is God in a formless state. After a lapse of many years, creation starts afresh again with Sathya Yuga!

It is an accepted belief in Hindu religions that God will be in a primordial state before creation starts. Then the mind principle emanate from the formless God. The mind is solely responsible for the entire creation. Hence without the help of the mind, man can not perceive or conceive any thing. It is the mind which contains the creation. As the tiny seed contains the huge banyan tree in a minute form and when planted it sprouts and after a time it becomes a big tree. Hence the mind contains the secret of creation. Bereft of the mind, there will be no creation! We see matter everywhere in the creation. We perceive a rock of granite. Though it seems inert, the granite rock contains atoms as the minute parts in which the electrons are at orbit around the nucleus. When you apply force, the granite rock will be disturbed from its static position. Scientists term this as ‘potential energy and kinetic energy”. Hence it is clear that nothing is really inert in this world. It will be interesting to note that rocks were our original ancestors. From rocks, plants and trees came, and from plants and trees animals have evolved, and from animals human beings have evolved. But this took many billions of years for human beings to evolve. In astronomy, we talk about the birth of stars and the dissolution of the same after many long years. Hence it is not a joke that man has evolved from minerals. The universe contains all the five elements and we too contain all the five elements in our body. Hence the same materials which go into the making of the universe are found in the human bodies.

We have all realized that the worldly things or relationships never give permanent happiness to any body. It is a temporary feeling of happiness which will fade like the flower. It is ephemeral and it never lasts. All the pleasures we enjoy through the senses are very fickle and momentary. Also the human life hardly lasts for one hundred years. Many people pass in their middle age. Some people die during their youth. There are many infant deaths etc. Hence it is very clear man is mortal. The only power which will survive death, destruction and modification is the SELF which is otherwise called God or ATMA. Every body is an embodiment of the Atma. The Atma is everywhere. . Bodies may come and go but the Atma remains forever. It is the eternal principle. The Atma pervades the entire Cosmos and creation and transcends it too. It is inexplicable, immeasurable. The mind or intellect can never explain or reach the Atma. Hence every one must understand and realize that we are not the bodies or mind or intellect. We are the indestructible SELF.


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