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When the Lord returns!

Updated on August 1, 2014

The accumulation of dirt over a period of time results in some grave epidemic. Any sane person in the world can judge where the world is heading? Ukraine, Libya, Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan are some pointers. Why these calamities everywhere? Who is responsible for all these? Many innocent lives are lost in the cross fire, especially women and children. Who is going to correct the situations worldwide? In addition there are many natural disasters like floods, landslide, hurricane and fire. Do you see any pattern in all these? Yes, evil in the world has increased ‘manifold’ and it is showing its ugliest head now. Peace loving citizens around the world are silently watching the dance of evil everywhere. We had two major nuclear disasters in this decade. One in Russia, the Chernobyl and the other is in Japan. These were triggered by natural disasters and machine failures. Out of all the species in the world, man is the main culprit who is responsible for the world wide disasters. His greed and his insatiable urge to become the number one is the reason for all this!

Has any country followed morality so far? Every where, the people in authority has become more cunning than a fox. They execute all their plans in the name of ‘diplomacy’. Many leaders are interfering in the affairs of other countries blatantly. They invent reasons to justify their actions! The world bodies have become silent witness to these atrocities perpetrated by some leaders. They never bother about the innocent citizens. When the atrocities of demons have exceeded the limited, the Divine in some form had to interfere and set right things to enable peace loving people to live in safety. It is the prayers of many sages, saints and holy persons that trigger the descend of the Almighty Lord in human form. Yes, when ogres and demons show their ugly face, the Lord won’t keep quiet. When innocent ones are tortured he won’t keep quiet. But he abides by a time frame. When the evil reach the zenith, the full potency of Avatar will happen. There is no mighty weapon than prayers; incessant prayers by all the good natured people will herald a “Sathya Yuga” soon! The world is surely going to witness the advent of the Lord once again! This is the promise which has been spelt out to many devotees in myriads of ways. Many devotees were assured orally when He had a distinct form; to many in clear dreams assuring them, “I am coming again”

You may all wonder how? But we have to witness many world shaking events before the herald of the Lord. This prophesies is clearly written many thousand years ago in many books of the major religions of the world. The descriptions were almost similar. India is a treasure trove of many Palmyra leaf inscriptions preserved in many villages in South India and in some places in the North also. Many sincere devotees searched for those inscriptions and found similar predictions regarding Sathya Sai Baba who had left abruptly on 24th April, 2011. He had promised that He will be active until His 96th year. He had predicted several world shaking events. But the inscriptions in the palm leaves are very clear. In His 88th year, He will reappear and He will be in the form for seven years before closing his career in the incarnations. Even some of the devotees are septic about these prophesies. But who has watched the Life of Sathya Sai baba all these years know for certain that His words have never become false. Whatever He has uttered has taken place without fail. He said, “My Mission will triumph”, I never utter words in vain.

He belongs to the entire humanity. He is the one Christ has pointed; “He who has sent me will come! He has pointed to a lamb! It is a symbol. The lamb cries, ba ba! It is the symbol shown by Jesus. Many revelations in the Islamic literature, points out this fact. It reveals about “Mehdi”. How his appearance will be? He will be wearing two piece of cloth. The red gown and an dhoti either of yellow color or golden color. His stature will be short. He will be having a bush of hair. His front teeth will be parted in the middle. He will be having a mole in the cheek. He will bring out many things from his mouth. He will create materials which are of ‘light weight’ only in the fag end of incarnations, Muslims will start worshipping Him. Even now, Prasanthi Nilayam, the abode of supreme peace has been visited by people of Islamic countries, Communist countries and people from many war ridden places. Chinese New Year is being celebrated there every year by devout Chinese. People chant their religious prayers throughout the year. When He returns back, people can realize His full potency and controlling powers all round the world since he will be simultaneously visible in several places around the world guiding and guarding people from evil.


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