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Worldly life is a mixture of Truth and Illusions!

Updated on August 1, 2014

Before going into the theme of the hub, let us analyse the terms, "truth and illusions'. Many of us consider facts as truths. But facts and truth are entirely different. What we perceive in the outer world through our sense organs is 'fact' and not truth. Truth is One which will not be modified by any condition. For example, when you say, 'I met my friend James today', it is only a fact. Tomorrow you may not meet him or you have not met him earlier yesterday. But Truth must be Truth for all the three times and it can not be different for one place and some other place. For instance,there is no Indian Truth, American Truth or Russian Truth. Truth is common to the entire humanity for all the periods of time! Then we have to find out such truth! All other things, we consider as truth comes under the category of either fact or illusion. For instance, we watch a film show in the theatre. Though the pictures seems to be filled with life and actions, yet they are illusions created by a projector on the screen by means of a film-role. You may say that the pictures were shot in real time and projected later. For instance, there are many animation films. They too look exactly true when the animals speak, dance and play music! These are all the creation of animation experts. Have you ever seen a dog or cat speak in human language? Animation films are meant for entertaining both children and elders but they were never true and they are mere illusions.

Our life on earth is similar. We believe the sense organs and sensory inputs. If you are looking at a straight scale immersed partly in water, you will notice that the image under water is bent. This is a clear case of illusion. Likewise, all the sensory inputs are not true. We watch the sun in the morning, noon and evening. We find that the sun is rising in the east and it is above our head at noon and sets in the west in the evening. This is a clear case of illusion since the Sun is static and the earth is moving. Hence our position with reference to the sun changes every time and we feel that the sun is moving fast! Hence these are all illusory facts. Then what is Truth? Truth is always Truth. Truth is God! God is ONE and God exists forever! These Truths never change with respect to time or place or causation. God is beyond time, place and causation but the creation and beings are subject to time, space and causation. In Hindu scriptures, it is said that the creation itself is a grand illusion and it is not true. Creation is perceived because of the mind. Bereft of the mind,there is no creation as such since mind is essential to perceive the world.

Now, we can prove the above theory. For instance you are watching a TV. Suddenly you are reminded of an important task which you need to attend immediately. When you are brooding thus, your eyes are on TV but you are unaware of the contents of the scene! Why? Your mind is temporarily out of focus! There is a funny story about students in a class room. While the teacher was seriously teaching some important lessons, a boy was looking at a rat on the roof. When the teacher asked him. Has anything entered? The boy said, "Only the tail is left now". The teacher was enquiring about the lessons and the boy was stating about the rat! These things clearly prove that without the involvement of mind, nothing can be perceived. Hence it is said that the mind is the cause for creation! Mind is a great illusory power. It hides the truth and project the illusion. It hides the God and project the universe in its place! Hence, the people who practice Advaita always consider the world as 'false or illusory". We have seen in magic shows that the magicians effortlessly take out hare and bird from an empty hat. These are all tricks, which are not real. Likewise, out of nothing, we perceive the world because of the mind principle. Hence the sages ignore the mind and concentrate only in the SELF within and they meditate for many years to know about the SELF. Once they gain wisdom, they realize that there is no difference between their inner Self and God! Hence, the world is a grand illusion and God is the only TRUTH!


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