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God envelops the creation!

Updated on August 10, 2014

As fishes are surrounded by water all round and they can not live a moment without water all round, human beings are surrounded by God in all sides. They can not exist without God. Whether we believe it or not, this is the whole Truth about human life!

Many scriptures of the world assert that God is the Prime cause for the creation. Also, every religion asserts God as a ‘formless entity’. The Christians assert about the “Father in Heaven”, but none has ever seen him excepting through the assertions of Jesus. Likewise Allah is adored by all Muslims who follow Islam. They have full faith that Allah is formless. In Hinduism too there are two kinds of worships. One is Nirguna Nirakara (Attribute less and formless) and Saguna Sakara (One with Form and qualities). Hence all the religions accept the existence of a ‘formless entity’, the Supreme Almighty, who answers all our prayers. If God has a definite form, every one has to go there. But what we do? We recite our prayers in the shrine room, in the dining table, in the bed before going to sleep etc. This shows that we have faith “God is everywhere”. Wherever, whenever you call, He answers invisibly! Then the great question comes, “Why people visit temples and churches? They could very well pray from their home. Yes, I will answer this question by a simple example. We milk the cow from the udder and not from other parts of the body. Udder is the place from where milk oozes once pressed. Thus the newborn calf hit the udder to drink milk. Though God is everywhere, there are some places where the God is installed by invoking the deity by appropriate formulae. There are separate rituals to sanctify an idol with the powers of God. Once it is sanctified, only the priest can perform all rituals and others are not permitted to enter into the sanctum.

We know electricity is everywhere. But they are produced in different ways in different places. There are hydro electric power generation units where water is harnessed to produce power. There are coal based ‘thermo electrical power units, wind based turbines, and finally atomic power projects. The temples and churches act as the power units where people can tap power by sincere worship and prayer. As this is scientific and technological era, people do not believe in God and scriptures. This is the effect of materialistic outlook caused by western cultures in the mind of youth in India. Hence primarily, the traditions of cultures of ancient India has to be inculcated in the mind of youth here. Now Western world is turning to the East for learning the philosophies of ancient scriptures available in India. From ancient times, many saints, sages, and Avatars incarnated in India since from lore, many fire rituals were conducted for the welfare of the entire humanity. It is not for the people of particular place or religions. All the rituals were meant for the entire humanity. Though many great people have taken birth in other regions of the world, the concentration is in India. The Bagawat Gita has message for the entire humanity! Though it was originally given to the warrior Arjuna, the message now reaches all corners of the globe. The Bagawat Gita contains many practical lessons for all the people. If only people follow even one passage, it will transmute their life. They will be rid of grief and anxieties. In the Gita, Lord Krishna proclaims that the creation is a part of His will. If only people follow their religious scriptures sincerely, nothing more is needed.

But people all over the world, study their scriptures religiously, press the books to their head but miserably fail to follow the doctrines contained in those scriptures. This is the fundamental flaw. One ounce of practice is far beneficial than mounds of theory. Hence do not be book worms. Follow the noble lessons in life!


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