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Desires are the real cause of all evils in the world!

Updated on August 15, 2014

How the world has descended to the abysmal level, we witness now? No doubt, that the world is now full of evil vibrations caused by the thoughts of entire humanity. A few people practising virtues, can not wipe out those evil vibrations. Many feel that thoughts have no effect. No, they are wrong. Thoughts have powerful effects on the atmosphere. While evil thoughts pollute the atmosphere, noble thoughts disinfect the same. It is from the beginning of creation, thoughts of human beings are hovering in the ether. They can not be wiped out except through the positive thinking of the entire humanity. When such evil thoughts accumulate to a great extent, nature retaliates with many calamities on the earth like earthquake, tsunami, floods of devastating effects and spread of epidemic unknown hitherto. We, the denizens of earth have our baskets full of such things in the recent time. Every day, we watch with dismay, many sad stories of utter destruction of human habitations by bombs and terrorist attacks. Innocent children and women are the worst affected categories. Leaving their dwellings, they were forced to remain as refugees in their own land or in the adjoining countries. This results in paucity of resources everywhere. People who are affluent, countries which can extend an helping hand to those unfortunate brothers and sisters are turning a blind eye to the sufferings. They hate some people based on their colour,religion and nationality. Thus within one religion, we find enmity between two groups who are at loggerhead against each other. This is the cause of most of the civil wars that ended in Arab uprising. Also, the social websites have contributed to the escalation of violence, terror and killings. It is a pathetic sight. No sane individual can tolerate such atrocities committed by a few. Hence, even the mightiest nation could contribute nothing towards peace. Terrorism has spread evenly amongst the entire space. Initially I thought there is terrorism in other countries but the violent culture has filled the space everywhere on the earth. The government authorities are mute spectators to this evil in society.

We have seen that many political heads have been killed in those activities. With all the might at their disposal, government could do a little to contain this terrorism on humanity. Innocent youth are browbeaten and brainwashed to follow the tenets of terrorism by offering them a mirage. Idle mind is a devil's workshop". This proverb is absolutely true in respect of unemployed youth of any country. They want to gain prominence by seeking adventure in terrorism. Many innocent youth who adopt terrorist activities are killed by government forces during encounters. Of course, the political leaders are fully responsible to the current condition of the world. Religions never preach 'violence' anywhere. All religions agree to the One God who is love incarnate. Fire can never be doused by fire. It can be doused only by water. Hence Love is the mightiest instrument against all evils. Thus Mahatma Gandhi was able to achieve Independence for India from the mighty British Kingdom. How long one can perpetuate horror in the minds of innocent and poor. It is Non-violence which won freedom of India. Subash Chandra Bose thought that by entering into war, one can humble the enemy. But his ambition proved futile. Gandhi could win Independence in a peaceful manner. Every nation in the world has to learn the bitter lessons. By entering into turmoil ridden places, the most powerful Nation US, now shies to enter into the conflict zones. The US has learned bitter lessons in Vietnam and Korean war. Now they are unable to extricate themselves completely from Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither they could resolve the Palestine issues since US openly favours Israel. But all countries should introspect the need for lasting peace everywhere in the globe so that people can live peacefully fulfilling their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter. No leader however mighty can bring lasting peace anywhere in the world since they do not possess 'selfless love' towards the poorest of poor!

The Divine need to intervene at this catastrophic hour and set right things by eliminating the evil forces and restoring peace and prosperity amongst the human race. All are One, Be alike to every One!. The blood that flows in the veins of all people are one and the same. People breath the same air, utilize the warmth of one Sun, use the mother earth which provides for them. They get rain. They get milk from the cows. They get food from the earth. The only tragedy is that people have lost their wisdom in the pursuit of wealth! May the Almighty God protect the earth from the evil that prevail everywhere!


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