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You are Eternally FREE!

Updated on August 14, 2014

If somebody says, ‘I have freedom’, do not believe his statement. The fact is ‘none in the world is really free and every one is bound by various manners. We are born in a family and a society and hence we can not act on our own. Babies are really free since they have not accumulated any traits. Once it grows up, the baby naturally absorb many impressions in its mind which become habits in due course. The baby mimics its parents, elders, and other babies in the surroundings. Hence we find that some babies even when they are hardly six months hold become adamant and demanding. The baby never lets the mother to attend to the house hold cores, leaving it behind. Hence, the mother needs to carry it on her lap and attends the various duties. The societies in which we are born have certain codes or rules of behavior. When we transgress those set rules, we will face resentment from the elders of the society. Hence, we are not free and we have to fulfill the obligations to the family, parents and society in every way. Since the present day youth is rebellious, there are more quarrels and strife in family and society. When a man can not adjust with his immediate family members, how can he behave well in society?

We are bound by the rules and regulations of the State, Country, society and family. That one must take care of his family and children is the unwritten law of the society. One has to take care of the parents and elders. Otherwise where they will go? The presence of many old age homes in each town and city is the results of indifference of youngsters to family obligations. Once he is married, he simply toes to the views of his wife and in laws. This is the pathetic situation prevailing in each country. But one day, he will resent his actions. Family quarrels mainly originate due to financial situations or for taking care of the elders of the family. In many families, elders are at the mercy of their children. It is the duty of the son to take care of his parents but the daughters in law prevent this and there ensues many problems in the family.

There is a story of a son who never allows his parents inside the house. He has given a small portion in the outer verandah for them to sleep. He has provided aluminum plates to the parents to eat. For them, he specially prepares some gruel and pours it daily in those plates. The grandson who was watching it daily felt sad. One day he told his father, I will keep those aluminum plates for the future use of yourself since you will stay in the same verandah like my grandpa and grandma. The son realized the folly and started treating well his parents fearing repetition of the same to him! Yes, what we sow, we reap’. We can never know what the future hold for us. But this much is certain. The effects of past actions, thoughts and words will recoil upon you in the same manner at some time in future. Hence youngsters must behave properly as per the advice of elders and society.

We observe that the western countries have wrong concept of freedom. Once their sons are married, they see it that they live separately. But there is no security in such nucleus families. You may enjoy the pleasures of married life for some time. Once a baby is born, you become dejected since the wife has no time to attend to you. Yes, freedom comes with responsibility. Only God has Freedom and man is bound. One may think that he is moving and acting as per his own sweet will. No. For instance, you are working in an organization. You have to obey to the rules and regulations of the organization; otherwise you will be dismissed from service. Now money is the criterion for going to some job. Hence every one will have fear and obey the managers of the organization. Then how one can say,” I have freedom? Everyone in this world is bound by time, space and causation. First, there is family obligations, then societal obligations and the professional obligations. When we go to schools, we obey the teachers. Hence at no time one is free. When we say India gained freedom from foreign rule, it is a fantasy. After gaining freedom, whether Indians are free and happy? No. We have the same problems of poverty, ill health and natural calamities as before. Just it is a change of guard.

Real Freedom comes once you realize the immanence of SELF in the entire Cosmos. The body is ephemeral and perish one day but the Self is Eternal. You are neither the body nor the mind or the intellect or the senses. You are the Immortal Self pervading the entire Cosmos. Never identify yourself with the perishable disease filled body or vacillating mind. As a body, you are bound but as the indestructible SELF, you are eternally FREE.


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