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Are we loved by God?

Updated on August 5, 2014

Till your desires are fructified, you will be anxious. This is the nature of all human beings on earth. Do our desires get fructified all the time? NO. Sometimes we get our wishes fulfilled and sometimes not. For instance, you want to possess some new gadget from the market. You are not happy until you get it. Hence you make all the efforts to purchase the new gadget. Now you got it in your hand! Then you must be happy from now on! NO. After few moments, the mind hanker for yet some other thing. You have noticed that some of your friends are in possession of some thing else which is more attractive and useful. Then you start planning to possess the one your friends have. This is the nature of the mind. The mind is restless till it achieves its desire. Once achieved, the mind enjoys the achievement for a while! Yes, it is only for a while. Again, it starts desiring for some other thing. Why the mind is so fickle?

The mind is driven by sensual desires and attractions all the time until you realize your folly in following the flimsy mind. When the mind comes under the control of intellect, then man can be safe. The senses are treacherous. It looks at the exteriors and fail to notice the source of all this. Only intuition can guide us towards Divine Life. Look at the enormous accumulation filling each corner of your house. Open the wardrobe and see how many pairs of dresses were hardly used. What is the use of dumping the entire bazaar in your wardrobe? Look at the poor who have no place to stay. What if you could spare the unused dresses with them? Are they not entitled to wear the dresses you discard? Are you going to take anything while you depart from this earth? This is the case with all the senses. The taste we enjoy while eating, the flavour we enjoy through the nose, the melodious songs we hear through the ear and the silken touch we perceive through the skin, every thing is momentary and ephemeral. Hence nothing in this world is going to give you permanent joy forever. On the other hand, the help you render to the needy, the food you spare to your poor brethren on the road, the cloths you give them will definitely give you lasting joy. Sacrifice is holier than amazing wealth. Wealth will induce you to follow bad ways and to seek bad company. Hence never ever believe the mind and never rely upon this body since it may desert at any time. It may be in childhood, youth, middle age or in old age, death is certain. Before it assaults you, live a meaningful life helping one and all, loving all and developing compassion for the entire mankind. This is the royal path to Divinity!

Contemplate on how you spend your life all these years! Have you ever helped any? Have you ever fed any poor? Have you given a helping hand to the elders and handicapped at any time? Have you redressed any body’s grievance, sacrificing your own time? If you had done any of these, god will be always blessing you. First of all do not transact any business with god! Do not say, “Oh God! If you give me promotion, I will deposit cash in the church! God is in no need of petty sums. He looks at your heart. Whether it is pure, whether it has compassion for fellow beings, whether it loves any! Above all, God watches, whether you hurt any by your thoughts, words and deeds!


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    • Sarika Jain profile image

      Sarika Jain 3 years ago from India

      True...there is no greater happiness than being able to bring happiness to others, bring smile on someone's face. It is so rightly said, 'Pleasure comes from outside but joy comes from within and one has to 'give' to experience this joy...SaiRam!