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When Incarnations descends in human form!

Updated on July 31, 2014

Peculiar and inscrutable is human life. Every one is in great confusion as to the aim of human life. Many people indulge in sensual pleasures as though it is the summum bonum of life. When humanity was steeped in illusion, the creator promptly sends many sages, saints, prophets and holy souls to guide the humanity. When the efforts of such holy persons become ineffective, He himself descends on earth and takes birth in a family who are pious. Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Jesus have taken birth in such an atmosphere. The mother who bore those incarnations is really the one who earned the merit to have the Divine in their womb. Thus Kausalya who bore Rama, Devaki who bore Krishna, Mother Mary who bore Jesus in her womb are the lofty souls selected by God for such incarnations. Recently we had in our midst one such great soul. He is none other than Bagawan Sri Sathya Saibaba, who was born in very humble surroundings as in the case of Jesus. Sathya Saibaba was borne to mother Easwaramba, an equally pious and innocent mother.

The place where he took birth is so obscure that we can not locate it in any maps. Hardly some fifty odd families lived there pursuing agriculture, cattle breeding and some basic livelihood activities. The small village is surrounded by many hills around. The holy river Chitravathi is the life source of the village. Only for few months water flows in the river. Thus, Sathya (the name given by parents) was growing up in a poor middle class family. Rice was a luxury and most of the days; the family was consuming Ragi gruel with some sort of hot chutni. Sathya studied in the elementary schools walking many miles every day. He had only one pair of dress for wearing. Due to constant use, it becomes old and torn in many places. Sathya used to hide those holes with thorns. Such was his condition but he never bothered about these things. Until his fourteenth year, he never revealed his mission to any.

Only on rare occasions, he performed some miracles when it was necessary. When studying in elementary school, the co students who were poor, unable to purchase note books and pencils. Sathya used to bring note books, pencils and papers from an empty bag. When enquired, he used to say that some angels brought those things for him. He assembled the boys in some place and taught them many songs and chants about god head. He used to write the 108 names of god and copied them for each student. He took the boys around each street singing god’s various names. Thus the village was rid of many major calamities and epidemics like cholera and small pox. While the surrounding villages were assailed by the epidemics, Puttaparthy was safe due to the presence of Sathya Sai and his guidance to the boys. During His 85 years of life in the present form, He has established two big super specialty hospitals, one autonomous university with four collages teaching boys and girls. He has enabled potable drinking water to more than 700 villages in and around Puttaparthy. He has renovated long canal carrying water to a big metropolitan city by way of lining around 200 kilometers of channel to avoid leakage enroute. .His consideration for the poor hunger stricken population has prompted “Narayana Seva”. This is a great project undertaken all over India by the members of Sathya Sai institutions. The students of his collage regularly undertake distribution of free food and clothing to all the surrounding villages during Dusserah celebrations!

It is not a wonder, that many overseas organizations of Sathya Saibaba regularly undertake weekly service programs for the poor and distraught. Though He had left his form on 24 April 2011, He is active subtly pervading the globe and hence he is protecting many of his followers from many perils wherever they are. Faith is the chief requirement. He has announced that he is not the body called Sathya Sai, but the universal spirit pervading the cosmos and creation. He has also emphasized that He is the same who had come as Rama , Krishna and Saibaba. He tells us “Every one is embodiment of God! I know it and you are not aware of it. To teach this grand truth, he had incarnated in this world. He had promised that He will appear again in the same form very shortly to provide guidance to the disillusioned souls!


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    • Sarika Jain profile image

      Sarika Jain 3 years ago from India

      Beautifully written. You hv laid down the sketch of Bhagwan's life n His mission in concise n comprehensive manner. Being born in 'less than modest' settings, all that Baba undertook and accomplished at human level, is truly an inspiration for all of us.