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The world is illusory and ephemeral.

Updated on August 6, 2014

Our own experience of the world is a proof for the impermanent nature of things of the world. Once I was frantic to acquire a home since I had retired from job and I felt I could not manage the rent with my pension. After a long struggle, I could settle for a one bed room flat with modest amenities which I found is enough for my family of three. I thought I achieved my life’s aim of acquiring a flat for my family. But after a time, I found that the acquisition has not solved any of my problems except that I was not spending on rent. When I think deeply, I found that ‘material acquisitions’ gives only temporary satisfaction and it never continues. Now a situation has arisen that I had to sell the flat. I was put into a peculiar predicament. First, I acquired the only property after a long struggle but now I am forced to part with it. On deep introspection, I found that all the feelings are the stratagems of the mind. It is the desire of the mind to possess something which was essential. Now the mind refuses to part with it. But, the present circumstances like ‘old age’ prevent me to take care of the property well. The only alternative seems ‘disposing the same’. Why I am telling all this. “Nothing in the world is really permanent. We had many emperors and dictators in the world ruling different countries at different time. “Are they alive now to enjoy their Kingdom”? The answer would be a big NO. Every one in this world be him a poor man or a powerful king has to leave the world one day. His Kingdom too in course of time will crumble due to the vagaries of weather etc. Now archaeologists all over the world are digging the earth to find artefacts left by ancient generations.

We all know that Roman and Greek civilizations flourished at some point of time. There were many emperors who ruled those mighty kingdoms. But, what is left now? Some dilapidated monuments, pillars, sculptures which proclaim the one famous kingdom. Time destroys everything. Nothing is left. Floods envelope the land and destroys vast stretch of habitable land, habitations, cattle and people. Huge fire destroys entire range of forest in a trice. Earthquake of severe scale bury many cities and towns. Atom bombs destroy every thing in a second. How much energy man might have spent to create the beautiful towns, cities and empire? How much labour went into the construction and maintenance? Where are they now? A man may live for 80 or 100 years. He might have amazed lot of movable and immovable properties. What happens when he leaves his body? What will happen to his properties?

Sathya Saibaba has said once, “Properties are not proper ties”! We should never attach any importance to properties or persons. Every thing and every body will be washed over by time. Many civilizations lived in the world. Where are they? Who knows about them? Only the earth and sky are the sole witness to those ancient civilizations! Then how do you think that you are going to remain ‘immortal’? NO. All bodies have to perish one day. All people will leave the world at appropriate times. Hence Krishna has told Arjuna, “All your relations, you now witness in the battle ground are already slain by me! “Be thou, My instrument and fight the righteous war and enjoy the Kingdom which is your due! Fight, thinking about Me. No sin will fall on you. It is the duty of a warrior clan to engage himself in war when the situation so warrants! You have not embarked on this war. The war was thrust upon you by your wicked cousins. Hence do not worry. Keep Me in your mind and fight. I will save you from all consequences! The teachings of Gita are relevant even to day, when people hesitate to undertake their legitimate duty. Why people fail? Because, they have their eye on the results or effects. But we are destined to perform the allotted duties and we should never aspire for the results! When you aspire for the results, you can not perform your duties perfectly! The desire for results will dent our performance! Every one should keep in mind that the world and the experiences one undergoes are all ephemeral. One day, every thing will cease! Then what is the purpose of this human life? It is to realize our identity with the supreme SELF!


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