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The Importance of Jummah

Updated on October 29, 2014

Jummah Prayer

A Muslim offers his prayer in whatever place he is, except the Friday's communal noon prayer "Salat al Jumma" should be done in a mosque.

In Islam, the phrase Salat is used to mention to a form of prayer to be performed with certain physical, traditional momentous actions while narrating some sections of the Holy Quran. The messenger of Allah has also strongly suggested the regular execution of prayers.

Muslim has to cleanse his body before carrying out Salat, have ablution (wudu) and wear neat dresses. To know more information about what is salat and why the Jummah prayer is very important, go through this lens.

Photo Credit: Muslimnity @ flickr under CC license.

The Salat (Prayer).

Salat (Prayer)
Salat (Prayer) | Source

Salah of Salat is one of the important five religious fundamentals of Islam. Salat follows an arranged sequence of words with activities bodily positions and is the most obvious way of worshiping God in Islam. It is ordered on the Muslims as a compulsory performance by Allah. It is to be executed five times daily.

These prayers cleanse the soul, enhance the character and inculcate in man the highest virtues of truthfulness, justice and courtesy. Salat is the moral statement of faith and the perfect nature of thanking the creator for his extensive favors. It is the way to attaining Allah's blessing, bounteousness, kindness and an effective way to heaven.

It is also a means by which the doctrine of a Muslim is shaped and deepened as indeed is prayer in most religions. One may do the daily salat by oneself, but it is suggested to do it with the community, there is no obligation on women on community salat.

In addition to the suggested five salats, each day, Muslims perform additional voluntary salats and festive salats on the two main festival days, funerals, and on other momentous occasions. Do all Muslims follow the five daily salat? Of course not: often, many of them missing their salat for many reasons.

However, with the upsurge in devoutness, in the Muslim world, you can get a greater percentage of Muslims accurately following the five daily prayers than would have been the circumstances in the past. If necessity counteracts a person from performing one of the prayers, God understands, accepts his/her meaning, and allows him/her to perform the salat latter.

Islamic Books - From Amazon

How to Pray: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam
How to Pray: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam

This easy to learn book, written by Mustafa Umar is giving guidance on basics of salat. The stage by stage instructions and Arabic - English translations are very useful for beginners. I would love to recommend this book for those who want to learn salat in an authentic way.

Muslim Prayer
Muslim Prayer | Source

How the Muslims Pray?

While a Muslim can be salat alone, Muslims choose to do salat in the company of other Muslims at Mosque. They line up in neat rows while one who stands in front of the assembly and serves as a leader (Imam). Before entering Masque for salat, worshiper removes his shoes.

If they are not praying in a mosque, they use a prayer carpet to perform salat. If one has no prayer rug, spreading out a newspaper is enough. Mosques are planned and constructed to face qibla, the Islam's holiest Mosque at Mecca. In the inside of the mosque, often a semi-circular curved recess of a wall.

It indicates the direction toward "Kabaah" the holy mosque at Mecca, to face when lining up for prayer. This recess is the mihrab, or prayer corner.

The Prayer Call (Azaan) - Vid

Azaan: The azaan is a call to tell Muslims in unique words that the time for a specific prayer time has begun. It is a need to the worshipers and is an example of the Islamic tradition. It is needed as an act for all the compulsory prayers.

The Holy Qur'an for Kids - Juz 'Amma: A Textbook for School Children with English and Arabic Text (English and Arabic Edition)
The Holy Qur'an for Kids - Juz 'Amma: A Textbook for School Children with English and Arabic Text (English and Arabic Edition)

This is a great book for teaching children. It is explaining the basic information of holy Quran with Arabic wordings and English translations. It is really an interesting way to educate your kids about basics of Islam.


The Prayer Times.

How do Muslims know when to make the five daily prayers? The correct prayer timings differ according to the earthly location and time of year. Prayer timings are well established and assigned. It is crucial that the salats should be offered within its own time limits.

In many countries, the call (Azaan) to prayer gives the signal. It calls out over the top of the roof and is the unique sound that penetrates in the mind of a stranger. In some other countries, printed prayer charts, computer programs, and websites provide the accurate prayer times for any location of the world and date.

The five daily prayers are:

  1. . Dawn Prayer (Fajr): This Morning Prayer’s period starts from the break of dawn until sunrise.
  2. Noon Prayer (Dhuhar): The noon prayer’s time begins when the sun reaches its zenith and continues up to the time of Afternoon prayer.
  3. Evening Prayer (Azhr): It's time activates when a thing’s shadow is similar to its own length, in addition to the length of, its noontime shadow and lasts till sunset.
  4. Sunset Prayer (Mahrib): This salat's time commences from sunset and remains till the completion of twilight.
  5. Night prayer (Isha): The timing commencements when the twilight fades and lasts up to midnight.

More Books About Islam

Stories of the Prophets in the Holy Qu'ran
Stories of the Prophets in the Holy Qu'ran

This beautifully illustrated book is offering wonderful introduction to prophets who were mention in the Holy book Quran. Kids, as well as elderly people, love to read and learn from this book. I, extremely suggest this book for those who want to know about true Islam.


The Importance of Jumma Prayer:

In religion of Islam, Friday is given most prominence than any other days of the week. In this day, Jummah Prayer is offered, and Imams of all Mosques deliver lectures on a special issue. Not taking part in Jummah salat without a valid reason is an indication of insincerity.

Allah will harden the person's soul and will fix it from all goodness, and then it will not accept any compassion and will not accept any guidance. The reason of this weekly congregational salat is to give believers an opportunity to offer prayers together once a week.

So they may meet and maintain a relationship with the people of their society at a common place, and indeed the Mosque is the greatest public venue for a believer. The practice of offering Jummah prayer is exactly the same as all other prayers, except that it's shorter than the right Duhar prayer and consists of only 2 rakats like the Fajr prayer.

The Jummah prayer is prefaced by a lecture named in Arabic as 'khutbah'. The speech can be in any language which is followed by a greater number of people in the gathering. The Allah's messenger Mohammed (SAWS) said: “It was Jummah from which Allah averted those who were before us.

For the Jews (the day for important prayer) was set on Saturday, Sunday for the Christians. And Allah the almighty gave us and guided us to Jummah as the day of Remembrance and Prayer. As a matter of fact, He (Allah) created Friday, Saturday and Sunday (as days of devotions).

In this method, we are ahead of Jews and Christians on the Day of Judgment. We are the last of religious faith among the masses and the first to be judged on the Day of Resurrection."

"O, you who have believed, when azaan is called for the salat on the day of Jumuah, then go on to the commemoration of Allah and leave the business. That is advantageous for you if you only know."

— 62:9 ~Holy Quran

Jummah Prayer at Macca - Vid

DUAs for Success: 100+ DUAs (prayers and supplications) from Quran and Hadith
DUAs for Success: 100+ DUAs (prayers and supplications) from Quran and Hadith

Dua is part of worship in Islam. It is an act of supplication, asking God for his mercy and boons. This book recommends lots of Duas for various circumstances. A must have the book for all ages.


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Religions have been the bedrock of the human race through the ages. It has given them a sense of meaning in their lives. Religion has let them live, to give, to pardon, to obey, to suffer for good purposes and to work for harmony and integration. For millions of people, human life would be beyond the bounds of the possibility without religion as they are guided by the doctrines of their religions.

There are different views and practices in every religion. There is no need to accept other religious faith. But, we need to know other religions and lifestyles, on one hand: and between religions themselves, on the other. Mankind of all religions has to come united in fellowship, trying to know each other and to work collectively for the good of communities.

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      Tolovaj Publishing House 

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      It's always a pleasure to learn something new about people around the world. Thanks for interesting presentation and all the info about salat.

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      Rock on.

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      Wow, I learned so much on this lens. i too respect religion.

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      5 years ago

      Although I am a Christian, I value all religions and I believe all are at least mostly true. I love to study other faiths, and I think everyone should be educated about the major belief systems of the world, and respect them all.


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