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Saturn In Scorpio

Updated on May 26, 2016

Ruler of the 8Th House

Saturn is the planet which is the teacher of the zodiac. This planets doles out life lessons which teach us how to contact our true nature. Everybody has a Saturn placement in their astrological chart. Many people go through life not noticing the common thread to many issues that come up in their life. This is the nature of Saturn. Saturn represents some of our most trying obstacles in existence. We can know what kinds of negative experiences to expect by examining our Saturn placement.

The 8th house is one of the most misunderstood houses in the zodiac. It is a mystery house which governs various things. It is a house which is about rebirth, death, procreation, and creativity. This house is associated with sexuality, mystery, money from others, and various other things.


Saturn was the slowest moving planet in traditional astrology. This is one of the reasons it is associated with limitations and setbacks. Saturn is a Roman deity who is equivalent to Cronos in the Greek pantheon. This might give you a few ideas of the symbolism behind this planet in astrology.

Saturn In Scorpio Interpretation

Every 30 years Saturn will return to it's original placement. This is an approximate time span which will tell you more about Saturn's orbit. The transits of Saturn are reflecting larger issues in our life. Each transit takes about 2 to 3 years to complete. Saturn in Scorpio will bring certain obstacles our way.

Man will need to find ways to express himself under this influence. People born with this influence may have issues feeling comfortable with their sexuality. This is one way of interpreting this influence. There are various ways to look at this aspect in your life depending on your birth chart. Generally speaking, Saturn will limit things in your life pertaining to Scorpionic sources. This doesn't mean that these issues are not present in your life. In fact, they might be very dominant.

Saturn In Scorpio Videos

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