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Scariest Places on Earth-The Paranormal

Updated on September 19, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points


I first started writing about the scariest places on earth back in August 2008 on a different site. Since that time, I have deleted my information and this is a revised copy of the article. My original thought process was to write about the hit series 'Scariest Places on Earth' hosted by Linda Blair, but the article turned into something completely different. The article in general took many different turns until it finally became something of its own-it became a resource page where many people began to share their stories about the paranormal, and organizations became available to help others who felt like their life had been turned upside down.

The paranormal has always been a part of my life, and I have always been very curious and interested in it. When I say it has always been a part of my life, that is literally true. I had my first paranormal experience when I was a very small child living with my grandmother. I will share the story a little further down the particle.

When it comes to the paranormal, the supernatural and unexplained mysteries of the world, there can never be too many resources. There is nothing in the world worst than living in a home where paranormal activities keep manifesting and everyone becomes so scare they hate living in the home. Home is where the heart is, and to be scared to be in your own home is a very sad situation to say the least. I know this because I have lived through it and often at times, things I have experienced still haunt me.

Often children will try to tell their stories and they are told it was only their imagination. It is their imagination when they see something that is out of the norm, or it is their imagination when they hear things that are not normal sounds. From my own experience, it was not until the adults started to experience things; did they start to understanding things were happening that could not be explained any other way except to say it had to be paranormal.

A True Haunting

As a child my family moved around a lot. Home was literally where we landed at the time. My stepfather was in the army and was also known as a 'Traveling Man' always chasing his dreams. His main interest in his career was working with electronics and/or music equipment so obviously whenever he was offered a new job in a music store that he thought was better, we would pack us up and we would move.

I believe I was about nine or so, we moved into this beautiful home that was close to a music store my stepfather was offered a job in. When I say the house was beautiful it was! It was located in Delaware and to be honest I do not remember the name of the city. It had a big yard and right outside my bedroom window there were cherry trees that were not only beautiful but smelled as beautiful. I use to keep my bedroom window open during the days just so my room could fill with the cherry tree scent. I have to say in all honesty, this was the best looking home we ever lived in.

Way in the back away from our house there was another lot that had a pretty nice home on it where an elderly man lived. I remember him walking across the yard and I would stand there and listen to him share stories. This was nothing new to me considering one of my favorite things to do was to listen to elderly people telling me stories about 'Back in the Day'. Unfortunately, many of the stories shared about our home came from this elderly man, the experiences we had came directly from things we had experienced living in the home.

It's only your imagination

As I mentioned earlier, many times when a child experiences things that are not normal, adults usually tell them it is their imagination. It is NOT until the adults start to experience abnormal things does it become paranormal events.

Living in an older home you will hear sounds like banging pipes, and creaky sounds that people refer to the house settling. This was an older home that had a lot of renovations done. But even through the renovations you would still find sections of the home that was eerie and just a little odd, if you stopped and thought about it.

When we first moved into the home, I had mixed emotions. I hated the thought of having to start a new school yet again. Trying to make friends and getting use to a new area was always a terrible feeling. Needless, to say as a child I stayed to myself a lot because of all the moving. I always felt there was no sense in trying to make new friends when chances were we would be moving again very soon. Actually, now that I think of it, I may have spent a little too much time alone. I would stand at my bedroom window just staring at the cherry trees for hours it seemed, in between changing my 45 records on my record player. I would do things like this just to cope with things I believe. I always carried this heavy odd despaired feeling all around me all of the time.

I remember lying in bed at night listening to these eerie sounds, and unusual creaking sounds that came from the attic and banging sounds that were happening in the basement. I started seeing shadows from the corner of my eyes standing in my doorway or walking room to room. When different relatives came over to spend the night, they would never come back twice. But of course it was always our imagination and things we were seeing and hearing were only figments of our imaginations and/or excuses because we did not want to go bed.

Such a curious child!

I have never been a Girlie Girl; put me in Nature and I was set to go. In the basement of our home, there was a high concrete brick wall with an opening that was big enough for me to crawl into. The whole area was filled with dirt? Don't ask me why but it was. Up against the back wall there was a long window so there was light in this crawl space. I remember I would always go and sit on the steps and just stare at this area. It fascinated me for whatever reason.

One day I was down in the basement and my curiosity got a hold of me and I had to go exploring. So I climbed up into this space! It was not a tight fit, but it was not tall enough for me stand up either, so I had to basically crawl around in that mess but that was the kind of kid I was.

As I was exploring and moving my hand across the dirt, I found treasure! I found a pair of small gold wirer framed glasses! I ran upstairs to show my mother and her reaction was: Well, where did you find them? I explained down in the basement in the dirt. What were you doing in the dirt? Even then I knew this was an endless conversation going nowhere so I just walked outside. Nobody cared about these glasses but this wandering mind of mine was full of questions.

The 'What If's' grabbed a hold of me and my mind began going everywhere. But that is all I can remember about finding those glasses. I have to think back today and wonder what else I would have found if I had the courage to crawl back into that space and dig around some more. When I found those eye glasses it was like my curiosity was met and I did not need to know anything else.

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It Got Worst

The noises continued and this time I was not the only one hearing them! One day my mother had made us lunch, but I wanted to be outside so I took my lunch with me and left mother alone at the dining room table. Directly in front of the dining table, there was an arch hallway and the bathroom was directly facing the dining room. On both sides of the bathroom were two bedrooms. After a few minutes, mother came outside carrying her sandwich and drink and she was pale as ghost. I looked at her and asked what was wrong. At first she just shook her head but finally told me that she had seen someone walking pass the arched walk way to one of the bedrooms.

After that things became even stranger in the house. The noises had gotten louder so one of my stepfathers friends came over with an Ouija Board. I know even before you say anything, messing with the Ouija Board is bad news all the way around! We asked the board if there were any ghost in the house the board went crazy! The little pointer started going all over that board. It was acting just like you see them do on the television! Needless to say that was the last time I used one.

One night my stepfather was talking about this lady that appeared to him every night. She wore a yellow dress and had her face covered up with a veil. According to my stepfather she would just stand next to his chair he was sitting in and not say a word. Then I am not sure if it was said to be mean or just wanted to scare us more than we were already scared, but he told mother every night this shadow stood on her side of the bed and watched her sleep.

The chaotic energy continued in the house with more noises and more visitations. Finally it got to a point we had to move. Before the final decision was made to move, I was speaking to the elderly guy by the Cherry Tree. He told me that three women had died in our house. One lady had a heart attack; one elderly lady who stayed in the attic had her wheel chair fall down the stairs and broke her neck and one lady died in the kitchen in a fire after the oven had exploded.



Often when we are faced with these kinds of experiences, we really do become paralyzed with a different kind of fear. A fear of self-doubt and when we begin to question our self often it becomes easier to say, perhaps that is MY imagination, or perhaps it is YOUR imagination. But the truth remains that many haunted things do happen, sometimes spirits are restless and need closure and often we are faced with decisions that we need to make and not sure how to make them.

I am so thankful that today due to the privacy, convenience and ability of the World Wide Web; we are able to find help. There are Real Ghost Hunting groups that offer families help; who are being haunted. There is all kind of information available to help others learn how to deal with and/or handle situations they may be in that involved being haunted or worst.

Do not be afraid to talk about things to others who are experienced in this area because they may be able to help you. I know for a fact that sometimes people will not speak of these things because they do not want to be accused of the Elevator not going to the Top; or All of their light switches are not working properly. By sharing our stories, we may be able to help someone else who is experiencing something very similar. I hate to say it, but you truly are not alone with your experiences-many, many families are haunted and so scared they are not sure what to do

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    • WhiteOak profile image

      Eva Thomas 3 years ago from Georgia

      Jolene That is just too funny, but understandable too.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 3 years ago

      Although I could never visit places like this (I'm too chicken), my husband would be all in his glory. He would end up having a vacation all by himself if he was planning on going to any haunted buildings.