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Scorpio Sisterhood

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to the Scorpio Sisterhood!

Fabulous felines, fantastic foxes, and femme fatales are usually born between October 23 and November 21.

Sassy Scorps are those who've never been admitted to "The Divine Order of the Ya Ya Sisterhood", "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" or the "Sisterhood of the Travelling Tea Cup" for that matter.

Fret not feisty felines, we now have our very own club, The Devilishly Divine Order of the Scorpio Sisterhood. Now the next question is, are you sure you can spot a Scorpio Sister when you see one?


Image Credit: bnpdesignstudio -

A Sassy, Spunky and Scintillating Soul - (Image Credit:

A Sassy, Spunky and Scintillating Soul - (Image Credit:
A Sassy, Spunky and Scintillating Soul - (Image Credit:


A great groove for all those guys and gals born under the sign of Scorpio!



Astrological Sign: The Scorpion

Represents the eighth sign of the astrological zodiac concerned with:

- birth, life, death, sex, sensuality

- passion, pushing boundaries of discovery

- regeneration, transformation, metaphorphosis

- finance, invstments, wills, inheritance

- hidden matters, screts, taboos, magic

- collective unconciousness, defence systems

- social revolution, reformation, change

In a nutshell, Scorpio rules sex, death and money yes, and oodles of power and passion not to mention lingerie and knickers...indeed everything hidden and carnal.

Ruling Planet: Mars (Fire), and Pluto (Netherworld, whose astrological glyph appears in the blue and black colored insert)

Elemental Quality & Basic Trait: Fixed Water Sign of the zodiac

Metaphorically, Scorpio is reminiscent of the still waters that run deep, or the relentless power of water to penetrate and transform even the hardest rocks. This is not surprising given that this sign's basic trait can best summed up in the underlying motive of this element: "I desire" which is tempered by their spiritual goal in life, "to learn the meaning of selfless love". All of these characteristics reflect the overall driving passion and single-minded focus of the Scorpionic personality which is why astrologers have called Scorpio "the most powerful sign of the zodiac".

Harmonious Signs: Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn


Image Credit: Lillian


Miscellaneous matters you should remember when thinking about all those Scorpio Sylphs you know.

Favorite Metals: Plutonium, Iron, Steel

Remember she's a maganetic personality, who appreciate top quality frying pans, and kitchen appliances.

Lucky Day: Tuesday

That's when you can find the best bargains, like 10-15% discounts on lobsters, licorice sticks, and lingerie.

Lucky Colors: Basic black, charcoal grey, maroon, red

No wonder she loves dressing up for as a Witch on Halloween, the Big Wig at office parties, and Santa Claus at Christmas.

Lucky Number: 9

It's full of curves in all the right places, what more can a girl ask for!

Lucky Stones: Garnet, Opal, Snakestone, Topaz, Turquoise, Ruby or Blood-Red Carnelian

Let's face it, these gems would be just ducky for a pool party now wouldn't they!

Lucky Animals: Wolf, Grey Lizard, Snake, Eagle, Butterfly, the Dove of Peace, and the Phoenix

Clearly this is not a clan of critters that you want to mess around with anytime soon; they've got far too many magical powers to overpower either Bugs Bunny or Road Runner!

Lucky Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle, Cactus, Ivy, Oak

Yup, that pretty well covers everything from pretty plants to pesky ones that might just take that frown off Scorpio's face and replace it with a smile!

Lucky Perfume: Lotus and Choya Loban (Burnt Benzoin)

The Lotus being a beautiful, pure, fragrant and sacred flower that arises from the darkness and decay of swamps, symbolizes the transformative power of Scorpio, as does Burnt Benzoin, synonymous with the fiery independence of Mars which rules the Scorpionic personality.


Image Credit:


Not only for the women in my life... but to anyone that is quite simply, very important to me!! We only get one shot at this life, so whatever you do -- live it to the fullest!!

If fact, be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says ~~ "Oh Crap, She's up!"

Let's face it, women are only as strong as the chocolate they eat, the hair spray they use and the feisty, fearless, faithful friends who keep them company.

Now it's time to toast all the cool women including those Scorpio sisters that have touched my life. So, here's to all of you:

-- May you enjoy all your marvellously moody maven moments!

-- May you revel in your memories of all those outrageously obstinate and obstreperous occasions when you were the Belle of the Ball and could prick anyone's balloon that you wanted!

-- And finally, may you rejoice in vanquishing all those vengeful and vindictive visions you had of knocking that egotistical egghead Humpty Dumpty off the wall and watching him break up into itty bitty pieces that all the King's horses and all the King's men plus a tube of Crazy Glue couldn't mend.


Image Credit: Scorpio wine glass at

What do you mean Scorpios aren't scintillating somebodies?

"They call me a feminist every time I say something that distinguishes me from a doormat."

And, may I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Scorpio Sisters -- Philippa T. and Glenda Y. who have dared to be my friend for life -- you are all heart and soul.

You know how to speak your mind when your heart is moved to do so.

You know how to listen to your soul when life throws you a curve ball every now and then.

You know how to play with those beach boys when the spirit tickles you pink all over!

And, you know enough to stay away from cranky crabs, to throw red herrings back into fish dating pond from whence they came, and to avoid wimps wearing waterwings in wading pools at all costs.


Image Credit:


Which terrific traits do you admire in a Scorpio?

See results


In a boring, dull, evening, the one-liner stands out like a sore thumb, like an oasis in a desert, or a petunia in an onion patch, (take your pick).

Necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to witty or wicked one-liners designed to fill the dead air space between each sip of tepid mock turtle soup slurped by the poor soul sitting beside you.

Sassy Scorps truly sparkle when it comes to livening up those dreadfully dour dinner parties as evidenced by the amount of ribbing and roasting going on not to mention those lovely little zingers emanating from their majestic motor-mouths.

-- To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people! I've known sheep who could outwit you! (line from "A Fish Called Wanda")

-- Well, this day was a total waste of makeup, so how's life at your end of the bog?

-- I'm no ordinary girl; I can kick your butt without even smearing my eyeliner.

-- Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home and join the circus?

-- I'm a Scorpio, "ugly" is not in my vocabulary, by the way is that a beard, or are you eating a muskrat ?

-- I'm not as dumb as you look, so try flapping your gums or I shall feel obliged to taunt you for the second time.


Image Credit: Scorpio Lady -


A best friend is like a good bra: supportive, hard to find, and close to your heart!


Astrology Gems: Scorpio
Astrology Gems: Scorpio

Ever wonder what makes a Scorpio sister utterly sparkling and sometimes scary?

Cosmic Grooves-Scorpio: Your Astrological Profile and the Songs that Define You
Cosmic Grooves-Scorpio: Your Astrological Profile and the Songs that Define You

Cosmic grooves - what's music to the ears of this moxy maven?

Astrology Kit-Scorpio
Astrology Kit-Scorpio

Sassy Spunky Scorpio - the short version.

Barbie Collector Zodiac Dolls - Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)
Barbie Collector Zodiac Dolls - Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)

Let's hear it for this sassy, spunky sister Scorp!

Scorpio (Super Horoscopes 2013)
Scorpio (Super Horoscopes 2013)

What's in store for Scorps in 2013?


A Damsel In Distress She Is Not!

A Damsel In Distress She Is Not!
A Damsel In Distress She Is Not!

Scorpios Know the Secret to Success! - The ability to claw your way to the top of the ladder, one rung at a time, and if that's not enough then remember...

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right.

Love the ones who don't just because you can.

Believe everything happens for a reason.

If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.

If it changes your life, let it.

Kiss slowly.

Forgive quickly.

God never said life would be easy.

He just promised it would be worth it."


Image Credit: Scorpio - Ukraine postage stamp - Dobush 2008 - zeevveez


  • If a stranger taps you on the ass and says, "How's the little lady today!" you will probably cringe. But if he's an American, he's only being friendly. (Margaret Atwood, Canadian critic, poet and novelist, born November 18, 1939)
  • Being a funny person does an awful lot of things to you. You feel that you mustn't get serious with people. They don't expect it from you, and they don't want to see it. You're not entitled to be serious, you're a clown, and they only want you to make them laugh. (Fanny Brice, American burlesque and vaudville comedienne, born October 28, 1891)
  • It's easy to be independent when you've got money. But to be independent when you haven't got a thing -- that's the Lord's test. (Mahalia Jackson, The Queen of the Gospel Song in America, born October 26, 1911)
  • Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant. (Julia Roberts, American actress, born October 28, 1967)
  • To put it rather bluntly, I am not the type who wants to go back to the land; I am the type who wants to go back to the hotel. (Fran Lebowitz, American author, known for her sardonic social commentary, born October 27, 1951)
  • I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation. (Whoopi Goldberg, American actress, comedian, radio presenter, TV host, and author, born November 13, 1955)
  • There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said. (Joni Mitchell, Canadian musician, songwriter, and painter, born November 7, 1943)
  • If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddam wars in the first place. (Sally Field, American actress, born November 6, 1946)
  • Once you can laugh at your own weaknesses, you can move forward. Comedy breaks down walls. It opens up people. If you're good, you can fill up those openings with something positive. Maybe you can combat some of the ugliness in the world. (Goldie Hawn, American actress, director and producer, born November 21, 1945)
  • Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from. (Jodie Foster, American actress, director and producer, born November 19, 1962)
  • Death, taxes, and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them. (Margaret M. Mitchell, celebrated American author of the epic novel, "Gone With the Wind", the most translated and best selling piece of fiction in history, born November 8, 1900)
  • I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think it's just got a bad flue. (Meg Ryan, American romantic comedy actress)
  • I'm fascinated by women who aren't making a great impression on people. I think there's probably something there that is more than meets the eye. (Calista Flockhart star of TV comedy, "Ally McBeal")
  • I've learned it's OK to be flawed. (Winona Ryder, American actresss)
  • If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again. (Sojourner Truth, 1797-1893, American evangelist, abolitionist of slavery, and social reformer)
  • I said to this priest: 'Am I expected to believe that if I went out and had an affair that God was really going to be upset? Okay, thou shalt not kill...steal...but thou shalt not commit adultery? If no one is any the wiser, what the hell difference does it make?' He was lovely. He told me the Commandments were laid down for a lot of guys living in the desert. (Diana Dors 1931-1984, British actress and sex symbol)


"Time passes.

Life happens...

Distance separates.

Children grow up.

Jobs come and go.

Love waxes and wanes.

Men don't do what they're supposed to do.

Hearts break.

Parents die.

Colleagues forget favors.

Careers end.


Sisters are there,

no matter how much time and how

many miles are between you & them;

A girl friend is never farther away

than needing her can reach.

When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you

have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life

will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on,

praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on

your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the

valley's end.

Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk

beside you...Or come in and carry you out.

Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters,

daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law,

Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces,

cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!

The world wouldn't be the same without women. When we

began this adventure called womanhood,

we had no idea of the incredible joys or

sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we

would need each other.

Every day, we need each other still.


Image Credit: Mike

Poem: Unknown -


Scorpio's Vibration: Resilient

- Scorpio has a tremendous ability to change, to transform itself from being a creepy crawly critter (better known as caterpiller) into a beautiful butterfly that can travel great distances, or perhaps rise from the metaphoric ashes of adversity or illness and fly once again (like Scorpio's powerful mythological symbol the great Phoenix bird.)

Scorpio's Secret Desires: To be authentic, to learn the secrets of life and death, to become captain of their own souls, and to rise above all obstacles to find peace and joy.

Scorpio is Synonomous with Salubrity: Traditionally, this sign is linked to parts of the body such as the nose and throat, legs and ankles, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, and spine.

Scorp's Leisure Interests:

- Any sport or recreational activity that demands shrewd tactics

- Competitive driving, running, or cycling

- Scientific hobbies

- Art and music

- Archeology, anthropology, psychology

- Reading detective novels, participating in scavenger/treasure hunts

- Breeding plants or animals

Typical Careers:

- Scorps have a passion for penetrating the secrets of life, investigating complex issues, and solving human or mechanical problems: detectives, lawyers, pathologists, pharmacists, surgeons, researchers, market analysts, scientific research in physics, psychology.

- They also participate in protective services including: police work, armed forces, espionage and counter-espionage, insurance, grief counselling, and funeral home management.

- Scorps may serve the community and engage in social and spiritual matters: orators, diplomats, politicians, and spiritual leaders.

- Scorpios can run big business or a small enterprise as long as they feel that they are achieving something.

My friend Christie is all of the above and then some! So beware of those sassy, spunky, and scintillating Scorps...and whatever you do -- don't piss them off!


The Devilishly Divine Order of the Scorpio Sisterhood is delighted to welcome, on the occasion of a very special birthday, a sassy, saucy and simply scintillating sexagenerian Scorpio Sister named Pat Nichol.

Pat is both a pioneer and a pathfinder in the very best traditions of the Scorpio Sisterhood, not unlike one of our honarary members, Madame Marie Curie, (who discovered x-rays, to prove that God gives funnybones to crazy critters like fellow Scorps Goldie Hawn and Julia Roberts).

Having found her purpose in life, to expand the horizons of others and to help them find the path they need to travel in order to be all that they can be, she exemplifies "the positive power of linking" people to their passions, and using their gifts to enhance the world we live in.

A talented performer, TV host, writer, inspirational speaker, group facilitator, and personal development coach, Pat knows what it means to be "courageous and outrageous", (particularly if you take your "spiritual vitamins" every day)!

Lest you think she's all 'peaches and cream', word has it that she has plenty of pizzazz and a puckish personality to boot. (If truth be told, didn't she say just the other day, "Okay fess up, who tried to lick my magic fridge magnet?")

As if those attributes aren't enough, Pat's also got a penchant for peignoirs, playing parlor games and peek-a-boo not to mention engaging in the odd peccadillo or two, (but as all Scorps know, some things are just better left in the dark where they belong).

So next time someone says, "La La La - I can't hear you - La La La", or "No you can't buy me a drink, but I'll take your ten bucks", you can be sure they're coming from the mouth of a moxie maven named "Scorpio", (who has clearly taken one of Pat's mirthful mentorship messages to heart)!

But, never, never ask this "Miss of Mingling" how many Scorps it takes to change a lightbulb?! (That information is strictly secret and shared only with the Enlightened ones in the Star Chamber of the Ancient Hierarchical Order!!)

All kidding aside, Pat knows (aside from a dangerous scorpion tail), that what we all share in common is the universal spirit of compassion and kindness. It's the key that opens to the door to forgiveness and friendship, renews our faith in one another, and reminds us all that love, light and laughter really do make the world go round! May the Spirit of Kindness be with you always.

"Somehow we are supposed to be credits to our race. The mere fact that I'm still around makes me a credit to my race, which is the human race."

-- Whoopi Goldberg, a spunky Scorp, (American actress and comedian)


My friend Philippa (a.k.a. Pippa) is one very sassy Scorpio.

She's a dazzling divorcee who has a good head on her shoulders. After living for many years in Europe and mastering a few foreign tongues not to mention culinary delights, she decided to her country of origin, Canada, with her two grown begin life anew.

Pippa is a gregarious glamour puss. The "Cat's Meow", to males of a certain stature, she's pawsitively aimiable, attractive, and knows what to do with her two feet on a dance floor! With a good head on her shoulders, she isn't blown away by either Casanova or Cupid, unless perchance they come courting her with roses, chocolates, and a good book she hasn't read. (By the way, enough with the bows and arrows already, she's not into Sherwood Forest games...unless of course you happen to be Robin Hood).

To her gadabout girl-friends, she's a diva of diversions. She can blow smoke rings like you wouldn't believe, walk on thin ice where most of us would fear to tread, and hike around a lake for four hours in the middle of a torrential downpour just to enjoy raw nature.

She's one in a million...she's a Scorpio sister!


"If I weren't reasonably placid, I don't think I could cope with this sort of life. To be a diva, you've got to be absolutely like a horse."


-- Dame Joan Sutherland, Australian soprano.


clawstrophobics ( those who are scared stiff of Scopios

Barbie Collector Zodiac Dolls - Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)
Barbie Collector Zodiac Dolls - Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)

Who knew that Barbie dolls actually had a sassy Scorpio sun side?


Don't forget to list ONE random fact about yourself...Scorps love a little mystery! And, please feel free to recommend the name of a Scorpio Sister for membership in our crazy critter club!


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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image


      3 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      Well Hello Scorpio sis! I'm a NOV. 19th baby & here's MY Scorpio hub

    • ZenandChic profile image


      7 years ago

      I love scorpios! My jupiter is in Scorpio. Blessing this lens and putting it on my astrology angel lens.

    • UKGhostwriter profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lens, very interesting

    • LissaKlar LM profile image

      LissaKlar LM 

      9 years ago

      Love this lens. Very clever! Welcome to our group, "Sisters Who Laugh". Missy

    • ZenandChic profile image


      10 years ago

      Very cool! I love the way you did this lens!

    • KCStargazer profile image


      10 years ago

      Delighted to welcome your simply superb Scorpio Sisterhood lens to the ASTROLOGY- From Asteroids to Zodiac and Beyond Group! Random factoid? I prefer crunchy and salty to sweet and gooey (really, it depends on the day, and the moon). I nominate that Divine Diva of the Desert: Georgia O'Keeffe!


    • GypsyPirate LM profile image

      GypsyPirate LM 

      10 years ago

      Kudos from a Lucky Libra - super lens!


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