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Set The Universe In Motion And Make Your Dreams Come True

Updated on August 6, 2011

Have faith in the power of the Universe

Every desire, every wish comes true; its only a matter of time. Some wishes are manifested in your reality in just a few days, some take months, some years and some wishes even take lifetimes to get fulfilled. The more conviction you put into desires the quickly they get fulfilled.

Sometimes some desires take very long to get manifested in your reality, so long that your patience wears off. The secret lies in not letting your patience go in vain. The moment you lose patience, you are sending a signal to the universe stating you no longer want your wish fulfilled.

Some desires seem so unattainable that you feel unjustifiable in asking for them. Isn’t that a doubt on the power of the universe? The universe, on the contrary, is all out there to grant to you to the extremes.

There’s a pragmatic secret code of making your dreams come true:-

Begin with writing down all your desires on a piece of paper or a diary (call it your “Golden Book”).

Make sure that every wish starts with the words, “I am choosing”. For example, “I am choosing to be happy” or “I am choosing to have a beautiful change in my life”.

Keep this Golden Book available to yourself and read it the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Keep reading it for at least 15 minutes each time.

Your wishes might take days, weeks or months to come true but the key is not to lose hope and certainly not to let your patience drain out.

Make certain you’re not writing down wishes that are absolutely illogical and baseless, for instance, “I am choosing to marry Angelina Jolie”, or “I am choosing to fly to Pluto”. Ask for that which you know you are capable of.

The LOGISTICS behind doing this Golden Book is that, every thought and every word is pure energy. The moment you have a thought or the moment you say something, this energy travels in the universe. The moment you say “I wish…..” , you’re actually setting the entire universe in motion in making you’re wish come true. Whether you believe it or not, but the universe is constantly making efforts in manifesting you’re dreams into reality. When you read your Golden Book with conviction half an hour in a day, imagine how much energy travels in the universe.

Please do not forget, whenever you read your Golden Book, speak every word with all your heart as if you’re too adamant you want your desire fulfilled. Do not just ask for the heck of it, have too much conviction in every word. Let every word be heartfelt.

Reading you’re Golden Book alone does not mean you yourself are barred from making any labors and things will keep falling into places. Yes, things will fall into places, the universe will show you the way, will open locked doors for you and that too till you keep asking for it - but its up to you to recognize these opportunities. Not even God will help you if you just sit back and don’t try to help yourself.

God will place a big platter of fruits in front of you but its You who will have to make an effort to bring it to your mouth and chew.

A lot of my desires have come true and I just cannot do without my Golden Book. Also, I’m so sure that the universe is still set in motion to make the rest of my wishes come true. What has worked for me will most definitely work for you too. Just have faith.


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