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Doing it For the Money--Everyone is a Harlot

Updated on March 10, 2011

Please note: this article isn't meant to advocate illegal activity and we always recommend living within the laws of society. It is meant to encourage objective discussion about the issues of sex, money, conditioning, judgment, unquestioned yet questionable traditions, sexual shame, self-esteem, and finally overcoming deep-seated subconscious fears.

It’s said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. In our past life regression work, we’ve found that many people have had hundreds of lifetimes. If you perceive enough of your past lives, our findings suggest that eventually you’ll likely find at least one where you were on one side or the other, believe it or not, of a sex-for-money transaction.

Unconscious, prior life memories influence how you feel about such things as prostitution today. On top of all of this, there also exists sexual shame and societal conditioning sadly, supports the notion that sex outside of a religiously sanctioned marriage is "terrible," and to be avoided

Condemnation of prostitutes is an epidemic. Do sex workers have side jobs as executioners? You would think so, based on largely how intolerant people are of them.

An aside, in this article we are referring to adults who choose to do this type of work, not those who are forced to do something against their will. We fully agree that the exploiters, such as pimps, should be stopped by any means necessary.

Let's examine the topic of sex for money. A prostitute is usually an adult who provides a service in exchange for money to another consenting adult. There is no victim here, and let's not use the excuse of "they are damaging themselves," or "they could be an addict," or "they could be ripping off people...", because that could happen in any job or business deal.

Each part is upfront about what they have to offer. A deal is made, and everyone is happy (besides those who are intolerant of other people's private life goings-on).

Here’s a question for you: How many times have you done something just for the money, such as any of the below-listed items?

--Keeping a job you didn’t like just for the paycheck.

--Refraining from telling a not-so-nice boss what you really thought and sacrificing your self-esteem in the process.

--Avoiding firing an impossible client because you wanted the money.

--Using, manipulating, or being nice to someone just for what you wanted in return.

--Doing something that wasn’t "proper" in the eyes of society because there was a financial benefit for you.

--Doing something you didn’t want to do, just for the money.

--Marrying someone in part or mostly because they would give you financial security and, or food, lodging, services, etc., in exchange for sex and companionship.

--Staying in an unhappy marriage, just for the financial security.

--Refusing to stand up for what is right because it would have meant less money for you.

--Not speaking your mind to a friend because of what that friend, aside from friendship, provides for you.

Most prostitutes make their living honestly. They're simply supplying a demand, and since it's illegal, it unfortunately invites the criminal element into the equation. Sex workers, mostly, are direct about how much they charge and what they provide. How many times in legal transactions have you had to endure dishonesty or worse, not getting what you paid for?

Have you always avoiding doing all of the things listed above Congratulations! You're a rare breed. For the rest of us, almost everyone has prostituted themselves at some point (some, every day).

The next time you find yourself looking down on someone for directly exchanging money for sex and, or looking "like a hooker," ask yourself why it disturbs you so much. What is it about what two consenting adults do, that's really none of your concern, that gets to you? Is there something deeper within you, or your past lives, that you could finally embrace that would help you in your spiritual and emotional growth? Or maybe you have a desire to embrace a sexual side of you that you've been repressing out of fear. Either way, there's an opportunity for growth here for you.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • clark farley profile image

      clark farley 6 years ago

      Great Hub...

      (how's the old joke go?) ...Man meets a woman at a 'society charity ball' and says to her, "If I donate 1 million dollars to your charity will you sleep with me"? To which she replies, "Why, yes it is such a good cause".

      He then says, "How about $50.00?"

      "What kind of woman do you think I am?" is her immediate response.

      The man says, "I think we have established that, we're just negotiating your price".