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The Shaman guide of the spirits, a medicine man and an artist.

Updated on August 12, 2015

Shamanism Art ,science and Religion

Shamanism art, science and spirituality always had close relationships. Shamanism was the total sum of art, science and religion.

By using shamanistic symbols in drawings and paintings, the shaman tried to visualize the unknown world. The spiritual world that was evoked by music, dance and paintings.

Science or pre science was closely connected with art. In the early days of mankind, science,religion and art where part of the same cultural phenomena. Now its called Shamanism.

Traces of shamanism can be found in cave paintings and rituals. And even in modern art. Art was used to visualize concepts as death,

life and the natural world. Religion was born out of the necessity to explain natural causes and find answers. Science too but in a different way.

Art, science and religion were in this way all close related. They all try to seek answers for the unknown. Questions about illness, death, love and the universe we live in.

The best books about shamanism - The art and music of the shaman

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy (Bollingen Series (General))
Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy (Bollingen Series (General))

Shamanism soon became the standard work in it's field. It surveys the practice of Shamanism over two and a half millennia of human history, moving from the Shamanic traditions of Siberia and Central Asia--where Shamanism was first observed--to North and South America, Indonesia, Tibet, China, and beyond.

shamanism and music
shamanism and music

Shamanism and Art

the art of the unspeakable

As an artist I know there are forces at work that are hard to describe. Somtimes when I'm at work I do not know what I;m doing. I float on a river of inspiration. It almost seems to me that I'm not connected with the real world. It seems as if my spirit is drifting and examaning the blank canvas in front of me as if it was an alien substance.

Often I've read about shamanistic experiences where the mind and body are uber concentrated. I'm not talking about drugs. I'm talking about a state of being in which the mind is in a state of tranquility and super concentration.

Yes I know about the books of Carlos Castaneda in which he explains his trips with peyote and other drugs. I started to read one of his books and was bored to death. Well, maybe I'm from a different generation, but I found it rather 70's hippie stuff.

Do not get me wrong though, I was raised up in an artistic environment. But without drugs. Art was a normal thing to me and I learned to make art without using any drugs. To creat art though, you have to bring yourself to a certain state of being. It is a state wherein you are comfortable, relaxed and concentrated at the same time.

As a shaman, I know that the forces you are working with are the same. Shamanistic art is based upon the relationship between nature and your inner self. The better you know yourself and the relation you have with nature and the universe, the better your shamanistic art will be.

Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life
Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life

This inspirational book shows how to develop a personal spiritual practice by blending elements of shamanism with inherited traditions and current religious commitments.


Shamanistic art - a spiritual journey.

Shamanistic art is not made in a ritual. a ritual is an habbit and deadly. It kills art. Every shamanistic act is different. It asks a different approach.

If you prepare everything for a shamanistic art session, you do so in utter concentration. You have to be aware of all your sensations. You have to be able to feel the air, to smell the breeze, to hear the birds and to feel the earth. All your senses are hyper sensitive.

Shamanism art is made in such a state of understanding, to be one with the universe. This is a task hardly impossible to fulfill, but if you only have a bit of the sensation and feel that your connected it will give you a lot of energy and inspiration.

Shamanism Art, Science and Spirituality - The first steps of knowledge.

Shamanism art and science.
Shamanism art and science.

The art and spiritual world of the shaman.

When humans where still roaming the earth as nomads. When we had not build villages and cities yet. The three forces of our civilization where combined. Art, Science and Spirituality. They where combined in the art of Shamanism. The shaman of the tribe was both artist,scientist, doctor, and spiritual leader of the group.

By using natural drugs like mushrooms and herbs they evoke visions. Traveling along spiritual pathways directed by there dreams and revelations they took important decisions. An inauguration or a blessing of place was done by the shaman. He took a trip to the land of the spirits and asked them for advise and guidance. By the wisdom of the shaman, who interpreted the visions, actions where be made.

Today evidence of shamanic rites can be found in cave paintings and rock drawings.

A shamanic rite

A shamanic rite Watercolor, made by Peter Stip, that's me ;-)
A shamanic rite Watercolor, made by Peter Stip, that's me ;-)

Shamanism and the art of cave paintings.

shamanic art and cave art

Today we consider cave paintings as art, As one of the most ancient visual art forms we know of. The cave paintings in Lascaux, France, are about 17.000 years old. Can you imagine ? The are painted with an amazing energy. The artist who painted these cave drawings probably did not consider themselves as artists. They only wanted to express there feelings and tell stories about there experiences.

But that's exactly what it is all about.

The artists/ shamans where the persons who where able to translate the happenings and visions in a visual or oral form. They where the intermediary between the unknown and the known. They translated the strange phenomona of the world into a more understandable language.

Just like the scientists today. They do research, tests and try to find answers. When the answers are found the are made public in a more understandable way.

Chumash Painted Cave- Native American cave painting - California


Native American Shamanism. California.

The cave paintings, such as the one above. Which is a painted cave rock art in the hills above Santa Barbara, California. (Photo by Mark Arnold). Pictures the signs and language spiritual leaders used to tell stories. Often the stories where accompanied with music and vocal story telling. You could compare it with a movie of today. You have images, music and a story teller, who uses the cave paintings as a visual guide to express him/her self more clearly.

In this case, the rock painting of Santa Barbara is quit young. Around a 1000 years. The figures and abstract motives depict an solar eclipse that occurred on November 24, 1677. You can imagine that natural events like these would have had a huge impact on the community.

Shamans or spiritual leaders would have explained those phenomena with there knowledge and insight.

The Chumash rock paintings, such as above, are mostly found in caves in the interior of the Chumash land. They are considered as the most spectacular and interesting rock paintings in the United States.

Where is the Chumash Painted Cave.

A markerHwy 154 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 -
California 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA
get directions

The Chumash Painted Cave. The site is three miles south of the San Marcos Pass: Take Highway 154 out of Santa Barbara and turn right on Painted Caves

Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit: The Origin of Creativity and Belief

Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit: The Origin of Creativity and Belief
Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit: The Origin of Creativity and Belief

The magnificent prehistoric art discovered in caves throughout France and Spain raises many questions about early human culture. What do these superbly rendered paintings of horses, bison, and enigmatic human figures and symbols mean? How can we explain the sudden flourishing of artistic creativity at such a high level? And in what ways does this artwork reflect the underlying belief system, worldview, and life of the people who created it?


God and Spirituality

Do you have to believe in God to be Spiritual ?

See results

-The answer is not important, it is the question that matters.-

Peter Stip.

Art, science and religion

Once art, science and Religion where the same.

They blended in with each other.

Now they are three separate parts in the human culture

Visions and transition - a shamanic journey - shamanic art

Visions and transition - a shamanic journey - shamanic art P{astel - Made by Peter Stip
Visions and transition - a shamanic journey - shamanic art P{astel - Made by Peter Stip

Art Meets Science & Spirituality

Shamanic Greetings - a Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

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