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Sheep Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 22, 2010

Sheep Zodiac Personality Traits

Born in the sign of art, they are creative and talented. The Sheep born people are known for their gentle and compassionate way. They are understanding about other people’s faults and are able to forgive easily. They cannot take too much discipline or criticism and dislike schedules. They are sincere, righteous and easily taken in by sob stories. Fond of animals and children, the Sheep is close to nature and a natural homebody. They are likely to be mild-mannered, even shy. Peace loving and easy going, they can get along with almost everyone. Being born in the eighth sign, the Sheep symbolizes prosperity and comfort. Eight is regarded as the lucky number in Chinese astrology. Good fortune smiles on these people because of their pure nature and kind heart. People born under this sign are viewed as the most feminine and artistic sign of the zodiac.

Sheep Zodiac Sign

Sheep Zodiac Sign
Sheep Zodiac Sign

The Male Sheep

Imaginative and creative, the male Sheep is very sweet, kind and gentle. Born under the sign of art, he has a highly developed aesthetic sense. He has a keen eye for design and art, and often sought after to give suggestions on interior design and decoration. This fashionable and creative worker also tends to be pessimistic, withdrawn and easily overcome by his emotions. He is possessed by varying moods which makes him difficult to work under pressure. When threatened, he can respond firmly and passionately, even though he detests fighting. Generous with his money and time, the Sheep is bound to meet people who will assist him wherever he goes. This romantic male Sheep is the type who takes notes and remembers the anniversaries and birthdays of loved ones. For those who is in love with mr. Sheep, prepare yourself for a lot of gifts and surprises, as he is generous with the one he loves.

Sheep and Lamb Gifts

The Female Sheep

Very, very feminine, Sheep lady is soft, elegant and kindhearted. She also has fantastic luck, somehow this fortunate damsel will always have things made easier for her. She may act as fragile as bone china and inclined to like dainty things. She may spend hours on her toilette and rarely arrives on time for anything. She would rather sulk (when caught in argument) than come right out and tell you what she is upset about. She might move like a princess and enjoys being a girl. Concerned with personal hygiene, the Sheep lady will be spanking clean although many times her house is such a mess and she doesn’t know where anything is. She likes smart accessories and has flawless taste in choosing clothes. Disorganized and scatter brained, but at the last minute everything will fall perfectly into places and she will confound all her critics.

The Sheep Child

The Sheep child will be a treasure to his parents. A lover of beauty and sensitive artist, he will appreciate poetry, music and all sorts of delicate trimmings that stimulete his fine senses. Soft, warm, submissive and vulnerable, he likes being catered to. Ultradependent, he wont like to do anything for himself. He hates being teased, and if strongly embarrassed or criticised in school, this child may not want to return to school for many days. He will need loads and loads of sympathy when he is feeling down in order to pep him up. Easily influenced or affected, his morbid fears and fertile imagination can actually make him ill. Comfort and food represent security and love to him.


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