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shortcut to read your horoscope

Updated on June 2, 2009

preface of the author


It is observed that in present age people are facing lot of problems and working hard to solve them. In many cases they successfully come out, but few, even after the hardest efforts, do not come out of the problem. Such people cannot even understand why this is happening to them. Some times it also happens that even with the smallest effort big things may take shape, of which the particular person might not have thought even. This is called fate or luck. Luck or fate is formed out of deeds of past births (lives) as believed in Indian astrology.

We are well aware that even if a common man passes near bye, he leaves an effect on us. We feel effect of bye passing traffic, animals and other things also. If you observe keenly, you will find that such things affect us in all dimensions. A bye-passing object may leave a negative or positive effect on us. These effects may create sometime losses and some times profits. Now if such small object, while bye passing us leaves its effects, naturally the planate, being much bigger, having greater gravity and other powers must be affecting our lives. These effects can be accessed through their location, at the time of particular person’s birth. The chart of planate locations/positions at the time of ones birth is known as ones horoscope.

Since the earth is round we see the sky to be in circumference. The sky is divided into twelve houses each of 30 degrees. Each zodiac and planate is placed seeing their exact location, and at what angle and how they look from the birthplace. The ancient people through their wide experience have laid some rules to read the effects of these positions. The science of reading these effects is Astrology. However the astrological forecasts have not been found always exact and true, but definitely provided guidance in taking important decisions in past. We have learnt that many kings, emperors and commercial giants in the history were used to seek guidance from astrologers for important affairs.

This book is the abridgement of the learning of the author out of many horoscopes read and compared them with the books of different schools of Indian astrology. This can provide guidance to the subject for selecting line of career, life partner, business partner, while making big business deals…etc..

The book contents primary (almost primitive) knowledge about astrology and reading of different positions of the planate. In fact perfect guidance and forecasts only can be made after seeing all combinations. This book can give only a wide angled guideline to the reader. Here you can enjoy the benefit of self-reading and can judge whether deep reading of your horoscope by some expert is required or not!! Further to say, that the volume of the book has been minimized as to save the time and cost of the reader. We hope that the book will be useful to the people who want to read horoscope of their own as well of others.



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    • healwell51 profile image

      healwell51 8 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

      Yes, it is a shortcut as well as precisely providing the opening way to Astrology! There is an insight of knowledge based information!